Busta Rhymes and Game plan Big Collaborations

23 Jan

As long as Game has been releasing solo albums, he has maintained a close relationship with his former label mate, Busta Rhymes. Game signed to Aftermath Entertainment in 2002 and the label would sign Busta Rhymes two years later. They were working on their debut albums for the label around the same time. Busta Rhymes had worked on The Big Bang for two years before its actual release.

Game released his critically-acclaimed debut album, The Documentary in 2005. Among the list of collaborators was Busta Rhymes. Their time in the studio allowed them to create a bond that still exists. Even when Game began feuding with 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes maintained a strong relationship with him. On his 2006 follow-up album, he and Busta recorded a song that detailed the current relationship between Game and Dr. Dre. Busta openly pleads to Dre to forgive the rapper.

Some would argue that Busta Rhymes’ appearance on Game’s album led to him being pushed around by Aftermath/Interscope when he began working on his next album. 50 Cent had quickly become the top priority of Jimmy Iovine, the head of Interscope Records and he was not fond of Busta Rhymes still working with Game after he had begun feuding with him. While he never openly confronted Busta Rhymes, he may have done something behind the scenes to mess him up.

When Busta Rhymes did finally release his album, Back on my BS, it did not feature an appearance from Game. Game’s third album was his first album to not feature an appearance from Busta Rhymes. However, at times, both rappers had announced an appearance on each album, but they just did not come together. That did not stop Game from promoting the album from Busta Rhymes as Busta did the same for him.

Now, Game is preparing to release his fourth album, The R.E.D. Album. He has promised listeners the best album that he has ever created. Busta Rhymes, on the other hand, is trying to kill the cancer in hip hop with The Chemo. It will not be the best album from Busta, but it will be one of the best of 2010 and his final album. To compliment each other, Game will appear on the new Busta Rhymes album and Busta Rhymes will appear on the new Game album.

Not only are they planning to show up, they are planning some of their greatest lyrical performances ever. Both albums are currently set for spring release dates. Game will release his album on Star Trak/Interscope, while Busta Rhymes will release his album on Flipmode/Universal.

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