Snoop Dogg has hit a Creative Peak

23 Jan

Ten years ago, Snoop Dogg had teamed up with No Limit and he had risen to become a household name. During that period of time, any song released by Snoop Dogg would quickly land into the top ten. For three years of his career, Snoop enjoyed this type of success, but it would not last long. While he did score a solid hit with “Beautiful,” he did not come to dominate radio again until he signed with Geffen Records.

Even when he was scoring his, such as “Drop It Like Its Hot,” his albums were lacking. They were among the longest albums, usually between 18 and 20 tracks, but he seemed as if his heart was no longer into making music. His 2008 album, Ego Trippin’, was meant to be his response to people thinking that he was no longer taking music seriously. All on one track, he showed that he was a great lyricist and was very creative. Still, it appeared that he was lacking something.

Snoop Dogg returned in 2009 with his follow-up album, Malice n Wonderland, and he has put all of that type of talk to rest. Since he moved from the well-known Interscope label to record for the long-forgotten Capitol Records, his album sales have suffered. Most people think that the only single released from the album was his lead single, “Gangsta Luv.” But, he has released two other singles from the album, but they have yet to catch on.

Despite the lack of commercial success, with this album, it was clear that Snoop Dogg put a whole lot into making the best album he possibly could. The final result was a classic album. Like what he says on “2 Minute Warning,” he is pushing 40 years of age and he is still a big deal. Some would like to argue this, but Malice n Wonderland is probably the best album that has ever come from Snoop Dogg. From a creative standpoint, Snoop did not outreach himself like he did with Ego Trippin’.

Snoop Dogg stayed in his lane and was still able to push the creative envelope. It is evident that he has raised his lyrical ability on such tracks as “2 Minute Warning” and on such tracks as “I Wanna Rock.” He proves his point without going too far out there with it. Now, Snoop Dogg is wearing two hats, first and foremost, he is a rap artist. But, he also holds down the role of the creative chairman for Priority Records. Snoop Dogg plans to use this role to revive the West Coast hip hop scene.

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