Warren G headed to Priority Records?

23 Jan

Ever since 2003, Priority Records had been defunct. The active artists on the label were either absorbed into Capitol Records or they were forced to leave entirely. Right before the end of 2009, EMI announced that they were reviving the label. In the past, the label was known for releasing albums from many independent West Coast labels. They had even distributed releases from Interscope Records after Atlantic Records cut ties with them.

With the revival of Priority Records came the need for leadership. Ever since the successful tenure of Jay-Z over Def Jam, many other labels have looked towards artists to lead them. The track record of Snoop Dogg with his Doggystyle label was too much to pass up. After the release of his album, Ego Trippin’, Snoop Dogg made the decision to leave Geffen/Interscope, but he had yet to find himself a home.

Priority Records named him the creative chairman of the label, which gave him to right to operate the label. Under the terms of this deal, Snoop Dogg became an artist for the label and his label became a subsidiary of Priority Records. When he accepted this role with the label, Snoop said that he was going to use his new position to revive the West Coast hip hop scene. After only four months with the label, Snoop Dogg has accomplished a lot.

For starters, he has already released an album under the label and he has signed Mac Dre 100, 213, and Cypress Hill to contracts with Priority Records. He has had a relationship with Warren G for years and they are members of 213, along with Nate Dogg. A few months ago, Snoop decided that their next album would be released on Priority Records and Warren G has expressed interest in signing with a new label. Since he is already a part of 213, a signed Priority act, he may decide to move full time to the label.

Due to his relationship with Snoop Dogg and the signing-spree that he is on, it is highly possible that he may end up signing Warren G to the label.

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