About Hip Hop Vibe

On the internet, there are too many hip hop websites to count. All of these sites report the news, but most do not report it in a professional way. There are some sites that focus simply on new music and some that only post videos. Even in this day and age, there are people that still love to read the news. That is where Hip Hop Vibe comes in.

The idea of Hip Hop Vibe has been around for some time. The origins of the site date back to 2007, but this actual site did not launch until September 6, 2009. Hip Hop Vibe aims to be more than another hip hop site, the aim of Hip Hop Vibe is to become the top hip hop media outlet. Not only is this daily online hip hop magazine available on the internet, but starting in June 2010, it will also be available as a print magazine.

Even after all of these years, there are many critics of the genre of hip hop. They feel that it will die off in the next few years. But, they fail to realize that hip hop is changing daily. The reason that so many people assume hip hop will die is because all that they see and hear is what the radio allows to be played. None of the other, rising, hip hop stars are given a chance.

Unlike many other hip hop sites, Hip Hop Vibe keeps an ear to the streets. Each week, the magazine features a new rapper in the “On the Rise” section. Most of these other hip hop sites do not feature this. Even the top print magazines no longer do the upcoming artist section. Hip Hop Vibe hopes to revive this. While reporting the news, Hip Hop Vibe also has many features that discuss the “what ifs” of hip hop.

Surprisingly, the top hip hop sites do not offer album previews and reviews of the artists as they release their music. They only give information about when an album is coming, but they never write about the content. Instead, most of these hip hop sites are biased and they admit it. They do not give an artist a chance to show their growth. But, they do manage to write about their most-recent embarrassing moment.

It is time for the hip hop generation to grow up and realize that they need to be professional. All of the other genres of music have more than one professional website and more than one professional magazine that offer a wide range of categories. It is time that hip hop also have this and this is why Hip Hop Vibe is here. Not only do we offer “Album Preview,” “News,” “Rumors,” “Album Review,” “On the Rise,” and “Features,” but starting in February of 2010, the site will also feature a “Weekly Overview.”

Starting in February 2010, “Weekly Overview” will be a simple re-cap of the entire top five posts on Hip Hop Vibe of the week all condensed into one post. We also hope to begin providing an upcoming album list and giving a weekly album sales list. As the year of 2010 progresses, we want to begin providing all of this. Before the end of 2010, Hip Hop Vibe aims to become the top place to get the hip hop news. Not only are we available on the internet, but we are also available on newsstands, beginning in June.

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