Mase will not sign with G-Unit

30 Oct

MaseRecently, Diddy released Mase from his contract with Bad Boy Records. Back in 2005, Mase pleaded to Diddy to be released from the label, but he refused to do so. He had wanted to leave the label so that he could sign with G-Unit, realizing that, Diddy blocked the deal. What came next was a feud between Diddy and 50 Cent.

Despite the fact that he could not sign with G-Unit Records, Mase followed 50 Cent everywhere that he went. When the G-Unit artists would go out and do promotional interviews, Mase would take a part in it. When new albums would come out, Mase would be the one with information. When it was time to do mixtapes, Mase recorded his own for G-Unit Radio.

However, in 2007, he ended all communication with G-Unit Records. Then, last year, he ended his feud with Diddy. Only one month ago, Mase was rumored to be in talks with Diddy about signing to his new Bad Boy/Interscope label. While that has yet to happen, Mase was able to convince Diddy to release him from his Bad Boy/Atlantic contract.

50 Cent spoke on the situation and he said that he was happy for Mase. Even though he is happy for Mase, 50 said that right now, Mase is headed in a different direction than G-Unit Records, so he could not sign him. It is rumored that 50 is preparing to move G-Unit away from Interscope and it is rumored that Mase wants to sign with Interscope.

One thing that is for sure is that Mase wants to sign a new deal. Of the labels he may sign with, it may be Def Jam, GOOD Music, Roc Nation, Young Money, Bad Boy, or Murder Inc., but Mase will not be signing with G-Unit Records.

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