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Shyne speaks on Prison Time

30 Nov

For eight years, Shyne was in prison, many thought that he had taken the fall for his former boss, Sean Combs. Almost right after Shyne’s prison sentence, a feud broke out between he and Combs. For years, Shyne and his fans blamed Combs for his being behind bars. Now, the rapper has finally assumed responsibility for what happened.

Never before had Shyne spoke directly about being in prison. During most of his time there, he always said that he was ready to get out. He would always talk about the new music he was working on and who he was working with. Then, other rappers would talk about their visits with Shyne while he was in prison.

Back in September, Sean Combs had claimed to have talked to Shyne over the phone. He confirmed that their so-called feud never existed. Combs also said it was possible that the rapper may return to Bad Boy. The next day, Shyne came right back, stating that he and Combs had never talked and that the feud was still on.

Despite the diss, Sean Combs did not respond in a negative manner. When he was deported last month, Combs said that it was a shame. He felt that Shyne deserved to stay in America, especially after serving those eight years in prison. Recently, Shyne spoke on the entire situation and took the blame, again.

Recently, when speaking on the prison time, Shyne said that he got what he deserved. He said that he learned his lesson during his time in prison and that was something that he will never do again. Shyne admitted to shooting a gun in the club, he said that he did it and that it was a terrible mistake.

50 Cent explains photo with Rick Ross’ son

30 Nov

Last week, 50 Cent sparked controversy when he took pictures with the son of his rival, Rick Ross. Many saw that move as very disrespectful and it took things way too far. But, 50 Cent said that nothing is off limits in this feud with Rick Ross. He pointed out the time that Ross had photo-shopped a picture of his son.

Later, 50 Cent did admit that things did seem to get too out of hand, but he reminded the people that he did not start this feud. 50 pointed out that it was Rick Ross that fired the first shot, talking about 50’s baby mama issues. Because of that, 50 questioned why no one was upset at Ross when he made those comments on “Mafia Music.”

As the feud went back and forth, each rapper recorded diss records. Before long, however, 50 Cent was using his social network,, as a tool in the feud. He began posting videos on the site that taunted Rick Ross for his past as a correctional officer. Those videos were a part of a web series called “Officer Ricky.”

50 Cent said that it was during this time that members of Rick Ross’ camp had contacted the mother of 50 Cent’s son about a possible meeting. He said that the only problem was the fact that he found out about it and stopped the meeting from happening. Had the meeting taken place, 50 was sure that Rick Ross would have taken pictures with his son.

So, what he did was an act of self-defense and a tough response.

Dr. Dre may not release “Detox”

30 Nov

When he is inspired to make music for himself that is what Dr. Dre does. An album from Dre called Detox has been expected for almost ten years. It will not be until next year that an album may come from Dr. Dre. He has cited all of these delays on the album as a lack of inspiration. Every time he is expected to come with the album, something gets in the way.

Initially, the album was supposed to be released in 1999. But, he ended up working on the debut album of Eminem and releasing it that year. The next year, he was working on Eminem’s second project. In 2002, he was supposed to have released Detox, but he ended up working on Rakim’s expected third album. The next year, of course, he began working with 50 Cent.

The next few years saw Dr. Dre do more work with Eminem and 50 Cent. By 2005, Dr. Dre was working on projects from 50 Cent and Game. On top of all of that, he had decided to take the time to work with other artists on their albums. With all of that going on, he barely had enough time to work on his project.

In 2006, he was wrapped up with music from Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes. It was then that he announced that the album would come in 2007. However, he had to work on albums from Eminem and 50 Cent that ended up taking longer than expected. This year was supposed to be the year that he released Detox, but Dre is currently working on Game’s new album.

With all of this going on, Dr. Dre said that he is really not interested in working on the Detox album. He said that at the rate things are going, he may not release the album at all.

50 Cent to allow Young Buck to release an album

30 Nov

Last spring, when 50 Cent revealed that Young Buck was no longer a part of the G-Unit group, most people assumed that a feud would follow. Those assumptions proved right when Young Buck began releasing a series of disses aimed at 50 Cent and anyone close to him. Most people thought that 50 Cent would block Buck from releasing any more albums.

When their feud was still fairly new, 50 Cent bragged about his power and he said that Young Buck still has to turn his album into him before it is released. 50 had said that no matter what, he would block any album that Buck tried to create. That was, unless he tried reaching out to him and apologizing. At the time, that seemed unlikely.

However, as this year progressed, Young Buck and Game apologized to G-Unit. Tony Yayo accepted the apology of Buck and went on to diss Game. Preparing to begin the promotion of his new album, Before I Self Destruct, 50 Cent dissed Young Buck and Game. He later recorded the track, “So Disrespectful” that sent disses to Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, B.G., Young Buck, and Game.

Later, 50 Cent went on to say that he was willing to release Young Buck from his contract with the G-Unit label. He said that all Buck has to do is get a hot single out and make him back all of the money that he had invested in Young Buck. 50 Cent said this in a jokingly manner, but is now serious. He said that Young Buck just has to make a hot album, then he is free to go.

Young Buck’s camp must be happy with this news, but they have yet to respond. Earlier this year, Young Buck expressed interest in being released from G-Unit Records to return to Juvenile’s UTP Records.

Eminem to appear on “Rebirth”

30 Nov

Last year, Lil Wayne revealed that he wanted to work with Eminem. He said that he had reached out to members of Em’s camp about a collaboration on Tha Carter III. Wayne said that his camp never responded. Because of that, Wayne sent some light disses towards Eminem. Despite the slight disses, the two never directly feuded.

In actuality, Eminem was still working on his new music. He had no time to be working with other artists. Eminem wanted all of his creativity for himself. In 2009, he came out of hiding to release Relapse. After that, Em began working with other artists again. His first collaboration came with Drake, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West on “Forever.”

After the unexpected success of that single, Eminem and Lil Wayne have a mutual respect for each other. After the success of their first collaboration, Eminem jumped at the chance to collaborate with Lil Wayne, once again. While he was too busy and uninterested to work with Lil Wayne for Tha Carter III, Eminem will gladly work with Weezy on Rebirth.

Ja Rule had planned to release a Rock Album in 2003

30 Nov

The rap game had become easy to Ja Rule in 2002. He had come to realize that everything that he touched would turn to gold. One of Rule’s videos featured Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, because of that Whitney’s album sold and Brown returned to the public eye because of their “Thug Lovin’” collaboration. On his 2002 album, The Last Temptation, Rule said he may leave rap.

At the time, he was on top of the rap world. There was nothing more for Ja Rule to prove. His 2002 album is considered the worst in his entire career. There is nothing wrong with the music besides the fact that he did not put much effort into it. He was more focused on doing movies and promoting his brand. But, some of the tracks on the album featured elements of rock music. Had he put more effort into that, he could have been on to something.

The next year, 50 Cent fully emerged and Ja Rule had to shift his focus to killing that buzz. As hard as he tried, his team still lost. But, Rule recently revealed that he was indeed growing tired of hip hop. He blames that on the sound of The Last Temptation, but he said if the 50 Cent feud had never gotten as big as it did, he would have recorded a rock-inspired album and released it in 2003.

But, once he was baited by 50 Cent, he felt the need to come forth with a hardcore album like Blood In My Eye. Had 50 Cent never came onto the scene and ended Ja Rule’s run the way that he had, Rule would have come with the rock album. If this had happened, what would Lil Wayne be doing right now?

Maino is the New Face of New York

30 Nov

Ever since 50 Cent burst onto the scene in 2003, hip hop pundits have been waiting for another rapper to take the crown. In the 1990s, artists such as LL Cool J hit slumps and then Jay-Z came and became the most popular act from New York. Some ten years later, Jay-Z is still New York’s biggest rap act, but he is aging. Outside of Jay, the rest of New York is slumping.

There has not much talk about the decline of New York hip hop until Nas released his 2006 album, Hip Hop Is Dead. Once that album was released, many hip hop magazines began searching for that next “king of New York.” It was assumed that 50 Cent’s time had passed and that Jay-Z and Nas were too old.

Initially, there was a lot of hype surrounding 2006 standouts Saigon and Papoose, they were supposed to take over when they released their albums in 2007. The only problem was the fact that they did not release an album in 2007. Mims, on the other hand, topped the Billboard Hot 100 and released his debut album in 2007. After those flops, some began to hype Mims and others followed Jae Millz.

While all of this was going on, Maino was out trying to release his album on Universal Records. Since he was from New York, he knew Saigon, Papoose, Mims, and Jae Millz. At one time or another, he had the chance to work with all of those rappers. Despite him being one of the most consistent mixtape rappers, there was no hype or attention thrown in Maino’s direction.

During the summer of 2008, he released his single, “Hi Hater.” The song’s catchy vibe and creative theme made it into a hit. During the summer of 2009, Maino’s debut album If Tomorrow Comes…, was released. The album did not sell many copies, but he did score another hit with “All The Above” featuring T-Pain.

Now, with 2010 looming closer, Maino has plans of releasing his second studio album. His singles are hits and very soon he may become a platinum rapper. When that happens, he will become the face of hip hop. Currently, with the way that Maino is climbing, with the streets behind him, he is the face of New York hip hop.

Saigon to release Debut Album in 2010

29 Nov

Every year since 2005 was supposed to bring about the release of Saigon’s debut album. Originally, the album was titled The Greatest Story Never Told. The album was said to be a cross of all of the classic albums before it. With this album, New York hip hop was supposed to return to prominence and Saigon was supposed to be the new king.

The album was supposed to solidify the marriage of Saigon, the hottest underground rapper in the game and Just Blaze, the hottest producer in the game. After Def Jam refused to grant Just his own record label, he reached a deal with Atlantic Records to create Fort Knocks Entertainment. The first two artists signed were Saigon, the rapper, and Chicago singer, Dave Young.

What was supposed to happen was Saigon releasing The Greatest Story Never Told. The album was supposed to give birth to the next hip hop dynasty. But, once the release date neared, Atlantic pushed the album back. Before long, 2005 had turned into 2008 and no album ever came. Saigon said that the label only promoted “ringtone” rappers.

Repeatedly, Atlantic Records had promised Just Blaze and Saigon that the album would come “soon” and begged them not to leave the label. Reluctantly, they stayed year after year. But, in May 2008, Just Blaze had enough and he left Atlantic Records. Soon, there were rumors of Saigon signing with Roc Nation. Those rumors proved to be false, but he did promise an album.

Since his debut album never came, Saigon continued to flood the mixtape scene. Now, 2010 is coming and Saigon is promising that his debut album, The Greatest Story Never Told, will be coming, too. He is currently looking for a label that is willing to release his album.

50 Cent blames multiple leaks for low Album Sales

29 Nov

Coming into the 2009 release of Before I Self Destruct, 50 Cent boasted that he may have his highest first week debut in his career. Repeatedly, he promoted this album as the best of each of his albums. Because of that, he felt that the album was going to sell very well. However, a month before the release of the album, it leaked to the internet.

The official internet release of Before I Self Destruct came a week before the album and the album debuted at number one on iTunes. However, when the actual album came, sales were below 160,000. Never in his career had 50 Cent ever sold that few of copies. He had called his last album, Curtis, a flop, but in actuality, it was not. This album, however, is.

After the numbers were made public, 50 Cent’s main rivals, Game and Rick Ross began laughing at him because of his low album sales. Game said that it was karma and it was a sign that 50’s career is almost over. Rick Ross went as far as to say that the low sales of Before I Self Destruct signaled the end of his career. Both rappers suggested that he retire now.

Never one to back down, 50 Cent pointed out the fact that he was facing some stiff competition and the economy is struggling. He then went on to point out the fact that his album was leaked a full month before its actual release. 50 asserted that many people just got the album for free off of the internet. He said that Jay-Z would have suffered the same fate had his stuff leaked a month in advance.

Also, 50 Cent pointed out the fact that the album had faced a year of push-backs and many album leaks in the past. In the end, he feels that his album will be well-received.

Lil Scrappy speaks on Young Buck and 50 Cent

29 Nov

Recently, Young Buck has changed his tone towards 50 Cent and G-Unit. Sensing that Buck is trying to get off of G-Unit Records, 50 Cent has began a series of disses aimed at Young Buck. On his latest album, 50 has a song called “So Disrespectful” that features disses towards Buck, Jay-Z, B.G., Game, and Dr. Dre. With all of this going on, Lil Scrappy has decided to bring forth his opinion.

A few years ago, Lil Scrappy was introduced to 50 Cent by Young Buck. There were hopes of Interscope Records allowing Buck to create G-Unit South. That label would have been headed by Young Buck and he was going to sign Lil Scrappy. Once that idea was shot down, Scrappy still stayed around, doing cameos in G-Unit videos. However, once the feud broke out between Young Buck and 50 Cent, he left.

Refusing to take sides, Lil Scrappy returned to Atlanta and signed to Ludacris’ DTP Records. Currently, he is preparing to take the role of flagship artists away from Luda as he plans to do movies and other things. Reminiscing about the old days, Lil Scrappy gave his opinions about the feud between 50 Cent and Young Buck.

He said that the feud between Young Buck and 50 Cent is like that between brothers. Lil Scrappy said that one day their feud will end, but not anytime soon. However, he hopes that a truce will come. Right now, Buck is trying to leave G-Unit to return to Juvenile’s UTP Records and 50 Cent wants a full return on his investment in Young Buck.

Earlier this year, Young Buck tried to end his feud with 50 Cent, but he ended up going right back and dissing him.