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Chamillionaire’s “Venom” on deck for March release

29 Jan

There have been rumors of Chamillionaire releasing his third studio album dating back as long as early 2008. Two years later and the remaining fans of Cham are still waiting on a new album from the former rap star. His album has gone through multiple release dates that have spanned for nearly three years. The first official release date for the album was December 2008.

Because of the lack of interest in Chamillionaire and the struggling economy, Universal Records did not release his album. They decided to push the album back until early 2009. When 2009 came, Chamillionaire was pushed back until March. During these months, the economy only became worse and Cham said that the album was not coming out because of the economy.

Only a few months later, the album was rescheduled and Chamillionaire named the album, Venom. Towards the end of last year, new music from the album began leaking to the internet. A video for the song, “Good Morning,” was delivered. During that time, the album was slated for release in December 2009. Still, with minimal interest surrounding the album, it was pushed back until 2010.

It had been announced by various hip hop media outlets that Chamillionaire’s new album again had an indefinite release date. Recently, an announcement was made that stated that Venom will finally be released to stores. The official release date for the album is on March 23, 2010. The album will be his first release with Universal Republic.

Young Buck may “Get Low” with Memphis Bleek

29 Jan

It is no secret that Young Buck wants to get off of G-Unit Records. He has been fighting to get out of his contract with the label as long as 2007. First, Buck tried going independent with his own label, Cashville Records once that failed; he began feuding with 50 Cent. In the time since their dispute, 50 Cent has frozen Young Buck and has taken on many more artists.

Towards the end of last year, 50 Cent began feuding with Jay-Z to promote his latest album. The feud has led to many thinking that Jay-Z has a major response planned. Beanie Sigel first said that Jay-Z was going to unite with Nas for a diss record. That record never came and some speculated that he may do an “I Declare War”-type posse cut. Among the rumored collaborators was 50 Cent.

Rumors of a 50 Cent/Jay-Z collaboration was ended when 50 Cent would diss Jay-Z once again. In the past, Memphis Bleek has been ridiculed for having Jay-Z fight all of his battles. Jay-Z has also taken heat for never directly dissing his rivals. Instead of name calling, he sends subliminal shots at his foes. For years, people have been waiting for Memphis Bleek to step up and bail his big homie out.

Until last year, no one realized that Memphis Bleek is a great businessman. Realizing how major label artists are struggling, Bleek decided that it would be best for him to switch to an independent record label. While Young Buck is stuck in his contract with G-Unit, he can record albums for independent record labels. He has signed a major label contract, but he did release an album in 2005 for Mass Appeal Entertainment.

Last year, Memphis Bleek reached a joint venture deal with Mass Appeal Entertainment. In the years since Young Buck recorded his album for the label, he has kept the communication lines open. He is looking to send a major shot to 50 Cent. Ever since the New Year came in, Buck has been going at 50 Cent as hard as he possibly can. In light of the 50 Cent jabs at Jay-Z, he and Memphis Bleek are not on the best of terms.

It is possible that the independent label, Mass Appeal, and Memphis Bleek and Young Buck’s disdain with 50 Cent could lead to Bleek signing him to his Get Low Records.

Dr. Dre is in No Rush to release “Detox”

29 Jan

Ten years ago, there was talk of a Dr. Dre album to be called Detox. This album was supposed to be the best hip hop album ever created. There have been many classics, but this album was to come from the best hip hop producer. Not only is Dr. Dre considered the best producer, but he is also known for his strong lyrical ability.

With all of those talents, there is no way that he can create a “bad” album. Even his 1997 compilation album was met with positive reviews. The only thing about Dr. Dre is the fact that he spends so much time recording music for other artists. His duties as a producer and an executive hinder him from creating music for himself.

Towards the end of last year, Dr. Dre announced that he was going to take some time off to record Detox. At the time, he had slated the album for release this year. Only weeks after his announcement to work on Detox, he decided that he would wait on completing the album. He said that the album may not be released until 2011.

Frequently, when he makes public appearances, Dr. Dre is asked about the album. He used to always say that he was going to take his time on the album. But, with hip hop being the way that it is and the fans ready to give up on the album, Dr. Dre put things into motion. Still, the same problems present themselves. Dre is set to work on new projects from Game, Ja Rule, Eminem and Ashanti just to kick off the New Year.

That is four, possibly five, albums just to begin the year. Then, add to that the fact that he takes a long time to finish projects and his album may not come out for another three years. Sensing all of this going on at once, Dr. Dre said that he is not in a rush to put Detox out. He has even gone as far as to say that he may not even do the album, period.

Rick Ross will introduce listeners to “Teflon Don” in Days

28 Jan

After turning heads with his last album, Rick Ross has become the incumbent in the rap game. He now has plans of taking over the rap game this year. Everybody has had a nice run and Ross feels that it is time for him to have his. After declaring himself the winner of the 50 Cent feud, he feels that he can do anything. This is part of the reason that he decided to call his album Teflon Don, a nickname of 50 Cent’s.

While many credit a lyrical improvement from Rick Ross on his last album, he says that this is the album to look out for. He has received a comparison to the late Notorious B.I.G., and he wants to live up to that on his next album. Not only is Rick Ross promising hits on the album, but he is also promising the vast improvement of his lyrical ability. Because of the hype surrounding the album, Rick Ross has a lot to live up to.

Listeners and fans of Rick Ross will receive their first taste of Teflon Don in the next few weeks. The release of the album is still a ways away, but Rick Ross likes to release his first singles early. Already, he has leaked “Mafia Music II,” but he wants to begin releasing the official singles off of the album within the next two to three weeks. The album will follow before the end of the summer.

Maino wants to become an Album a Year rapper

28 Jan

Last summer, Maino broke into the hip hop scene with his debut album, If Tomorrow Comes… He has based his career on that of Jay-Z and T.I. It is no secret how Jay-Z took over the game; he came with a new album every year. Ever since the release of his 2006 album, T.I. has done the same thing. In the search of a new rapper to fill the void of the aging Jay-Z, consistency is the goal.

With the way that the rap game is currently structured, Maino feels that he can probably go into the studio and record a few singles and get them approved by his label. If the records are approved, he can go and take them to iTunes, where the people can buy them. He is confident that his music will continue to be popular, so he is expecting high single sales. With the popularity of singles comes the popularity of albums.

Maino has already recorded a few new songs and he wants to submit them to his label before the end of the month. He is sure that Atlantic Records will approve the new music and he is sure that the fans will love his new music. In the coming weeks, Maino wants to release some new music and he is hoping that some of it will catch on with fans. The aim is for him to get about four or five songs and have them on iTunes.

The songs will be followed later this year by Maino’s second album, The Day After Tomorrow. This will begin his run as a rapper that plans to release a new album each year. The popularity of his last album has Atlantic Records behind him, so he will give it a go. He plans to release this new album during the summer of 2010.

Game is ready for war with Knoc-Turn’ Al

28 Jan

Long before Game had ever entered the building of Aftermath Entertainment, Dr. Dre was working with Long Beach act, Knoc-Turn ‘Al. He is probably best-known for his vocals on the 2001 album by Dr. Dre and his single, “The Knoc,” which featured Missy Elliott and Dr. Dre. While he was associated with Dr. Dre, he never signed to the label and soon he ended his affiliation with the label.

While he is no longer a part of the crew, Knoc remained in the mix long enough to see Game be signed to the label. He was also there when 50 Cent signed with the label a few months later. A story that has never been told until he told it a few days ago, Knoc said that 50 Cent actually saved Game’s career. For the past five years, Game has been feuding with 50 Cent, so this is the last thing that he wants the public to hear.

Knoc-Turn’ Al did not come off as trying to diss his fellow Los Angeles rapper, but he said that he was about to be dropped by Dr. Dre. The thing was, Game could not write hooks and Dr. Dre needed hooks for Game’s album. At the time, Game was supposed to release his debut album during the 2002-2003 frame of time. But, the explosion of 50 Cent put things on hold and one thing about 50 Cent is that he is an excellent hook writer.

Since they were both a part of the same crew, 50 Cent wrote hooks for Game. When he finally released his debut album, The Documentary, 50 Cent would give up a lot of material for his own album to benefit Game. That much was known by the public, but not the statement made by Knoc-Turn’ Al. It was only a matter of time before Game would respond to Knoc.

Game feels as if he was called out by Knoc-Turn’ Al and now he wants to get into something with his former associate. The comments by Knoc were probably not intended to be a diss, but with Game preparing to release a new album, he does not need the negative press. Because of this, he has decided to challenge Knoc-Turn’ Al. Game wants him to make things official and release a diss record.

If Knoc-Turn’ Al ends up falling for the bait, Game plans to record a scathing diss record that will completely end the already struggling career of Knoc-Turn’ Al. Like Game, Knoc is preparing to release a new album. Since he has never had the buzz of Game, he probably needed to do something to get his name back out there. This is probably why he made the decision to take on Game. His new album, Knoc’s Ville, is expected for release later this year.

Prodigy had insight on future Jay-Z vs. Nas feud

28 Jan

Before his ties with G-Unit, Prodigy of Mobb Deep was the closest ally to Nas. He would always call upon Nas to work with him and Nas always called on him. It would be Prodigy’s feud with Jay-Z that ultimately led to Nas deciding to feud with the rapper. But, dating back as long as the second album from Jay-Z, Prodigy could see the possible feud.

When Jay-Z first entered the game, he rapped about the Mafioso lifestyle and his fortune and his album would sell fairly well. Meanwhile, Prodigy, Mobb Deep, and Nas were the ones with the du rags and the throwback jerseys. Coming into his 1997 follow-up, Jay-Z would drop the name of Nas on the song, “Where I’m From.” Most people took it as Jay paying homage to the rapper, but others saw it as a diss.

Nas must have taken it as homage, but Prodigy saw it as a diss. The following year, Jay-Z would capitalize on the “hood rich” image that the Queens rappers created. Then, he began introducing his crew into the game. Out of the entire crew, the personal favorite of Jay-Z was Memphis Bleek. They did two songs that were telling the story of how their friendship came to be and the debut album from Bleek continued the theme.

Aside from the “passing down the torch” from Jay-Z to Memphis Bleek, his debut album was also noted for sending light jabs to Nas. While all this was going on, Nas was going about the business of his own career. Prodigy was doing the same, but he kept an eye on the situation, which led to him and Jay-Z beginning a subliminal feud. Prodigy wanted to directly confront the entire crew because of their blatant disrespect.

Despite the wishes of Prodigy, Nas was weary of taking Jay-Z on. He decided to play things cool until the situation came to a head in 2001. Following that, the rest was history and Jay-Z would release “The Takeover,” which was followed by Nas’ forever classic response, “Ether.”

Ja Rule promises More Hits on New Albums

28 Jan

As many already know, Ja Rule is having trouble landing a comeback. He used to be the top hip hop artist, until a feud with 50 Cent wiped him off of the map. Three years ago, he began working on a new album that had built up a significant buzz. For unknown reasons, the album never came out. Now, it has been six years since there has been new music from Ja Rule.

Now, it has become a question about Ja Rule’s hit-making abilities. For years, he dominated the game, and he even scored a few hits after the 50 Cent feud. But, when he tried to come back in 2007, he seemed as if he was trying too hard. Despite this fact, Ja Rule has never lost confidence within himself. He still believes that he can come with a new album that will place him back on top.

Towards the end of last year, Ja Rule informed fans that he was going to do something that had never been done before. He was going to release a triple disc album. Called Venni Vetti Vecci 2010, it was to be a sequel to his 1999 debut album. Now, with his upcoming trial, recording three albums in one will be a bit of a task.

There have been rumors of Rule wanting to release two albums next year, one of which will be the sequel to his debut. But, first he wants to re-establish himself as a force within the game. He dominated one time before and he is confident that he still can because he is still relatively young. Ja Rule has plans of releasing an album before the summer of 2010 and he has said that it may be a double album.

The Queens rapper hopes that this album will be the one to introduce the new hip hop fans to his style. If the album ends up doing fairly well, he will probably release another album before the end of the year to compete with the heavy hitters of the game.

Eve will save Female Rappers with New Album

27 Jan

Aside from a few successful female rappers in the early days of hip hop, female rappers were never quite taken seriously. During the 1990s, an influx of lyrical female rappers took over the game. Among those female rappers was Eve. She was probably best-known for her looks and her outfits, but her lyrical prowess soon captivated fans.

When people think of female rappers, they usually think of Lil Kim. But, when Eve was doing her thing, her name was thought of first. Eve was the only female member of the Ruff Ryders and the second artist to hit it big, with the first being DMX. Her appearances on his music and music from the rest of the crew turned heads. She became one of the highest-selling female rap acts of all-time.

Because of her success and her growing brand, Eve soon created her own clothing line and she became the star of her own sitcom. For Eve, this was extra income and it began to take all of her time. The demand of her show, “Eve,” led to her taking a break from the music industry. The show became a hit and lasted three seasons for UPN. Despite the success, the network cancelled the program in 2006.

Now, finding herself without a consistent income, Eve ended up preparing for a comeback in the game. As soon as her series was ended, she began recording new music. Early in 2007, she teamed up with Kelly Rowland for the hit, “Like This.” Early in the spring of the same year, she struck her own hit with “Tambourine.” The song was a hit, but the record label did not expect her to sell.

Initially planned for release in 2007, her album never came and Eve was dropped by Geffen Records. Following being dropped by Geffen, she left Interscope and is rumored to be working out a deal with Ruff Ryders Indy. Her new album is now Lip Lock. It has been eight years since the last album from Eve. At the time, the female rap game was stable, but since she has been gone, the genre has struggled.

More than likely, it will be the new album from Eve to revive the entire female rap game.

Plies will release New Album in March

25 Jan

Out of nowhere, Plies went from being written off as a one hit wonder to preparing to release his fourth album. When it comes to music, Plies wastes no time. He had been struggling to secure a record deal for years. But, when he finally got one, he recorded more music than he could fit onto one album. Even though he had all of this extra music, he never stopped recording new tracks.

The 2008 follow-up to his debut album, The Real Testament, featured some songs recorded while he was recording his debut and some tracks from after the album. Because of the frequent releases, the content of his albums stayed relevant to the times. After such a successful release of his sophomore album, Plies decided to release two albums in 2008. The success of the second album moved right into 2009.

Plies had hoped to release his fourth album, Goon Affiliated, before the end of 2009. But, the air play coming from his previous effort held the album up. Then, when he was finally ready to release the album, the material was no longer relevant. Aside from the music released as singles, the album was not relevant to fall/winter of 2009. He had the album pushed back until 2010 in order to record more tracks.

Initially, the album was supposed to be released in October, but that date passed. Earlier this month, Plies officially released “Medicine” featuring Keri Hilson as his first single. The song has performed fairly well in the time since its release. What Plies is hoping is that the song builds up enough buzz to hold fans over until the release of Goon Affiliated. He had enough music to release the album last year, but the failure of “Becky” on the charts slowed the release.

Plies is currently set to release Goon Affiliated on March 23, 2010 on Big Gates, Slip-N-Slide, and Atlantic Records.