Bun B will release “Trill OG” on Universal Records

26 Feb

For the past few years, Bun B has been releasing his music through Asylum Records. He made the move during the period in 2005-2006 when a lot of big-name rappers went independent. At the time, they said that indie was best, but Bun B is the first one to return to a major label.

After five years on the independent circuit, Bun B is joining Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Chamillionaire, and other big names at Universal Records. There is no word about Trill Ent. being included in this move. Bun B says that he will remain on good terms with Asylum and the entire WMG.

Bun B said that he simply outgrew Asylum Records. Now that he is with Universal, he does not have to focus on the promotion and distribution of his next album. Strangely enough, he boasted about the freedom of handling his own promotion and distribution when he first made this deal. Apparently, all of this ended up being too much on Bun B, so he has decided to return to a major-label deal.

The next album from Bun B, Trill OG, will be released on May 25, 2010 on Trill Ent./Universal Records.

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