Juvenile caught with Marijuana

26 Feb

Fresh off the release of his ninth album, Cocky & Confident, Juvenile is back in the news. However, this time it is not for anything good. Yesterday, he and some members of his camp were caught in possession of Marijuana.

Juvenile and his assistant, Leroy Edwards, were at his home when a neighbor called the police. They smelled strong fumes of Marijuana coming from the rapper’s home. When the police arrived at Juvenile’s home, both he and his assistant met the officers at the door.

The smell of the Marijuana was still strong and it could be smelled on the body of Leroy Edwards. That, alone, gave the police officers probable cause to search the home of Juvenile. The official police report says that “the presence of marijuana was strong.”

During their search, the police officers found a small bad of marijuana in the kitchen drawer. Juvenile would tell the officers that the bag belonged to him. Both he and Leroy Edwards were charged with misdemeanor charges and sent to jail. They did not stay long, as they were able to post bail.

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