Kid Cudi avoids Fame

26 Feb

Early last year, Kid Cudi achieved international fame. To many, that is the dream of a lifetime. But, to Kid Cudi, that just is not his dream. He wants to continue to make music, but he wants to still enjoy the simple things out of life. That is one of the prices when achieving fame. Kid Cudi is passionate about his music, but he never wanted to be famous.

While Kid Cudi did not want to become famous, only months before the release of his second album, he is one of the hottest topics in entertainment. Kid Cudi often makes news because he threatens retirement every other day. If it is not that, he has beaten up someone or has been framed for crimes that he did not commit.

Unexpectedly, Kid Cudi has become one of the central figures in rap music. He has been picked by many as the future of hip hop, whether he likes it or not. Despite all of the attention and the hype that Kid Cudi receives, he never wanted any of it. Recently, he talked about his new found fame and he said that he never wanted to be a “larger than life figure.” All that Kid Cudi ever wanted was to make music.

Kid Cudi plans to release his next album later this year on GOOD Music and Universal Records.

One Response to “Kid Cudi avoids Fame”

  1. jeremy June 25, 2010 at 11:57 am #

    liar, trying to sound modest when this artistes want to be viewed as larger than life. reverse psychology works..

    if they never wanted the fame they would not be paying allegiance to satan,and this shows how desperate they will sink for the light camera action and the gliteratti that goes with it.

    this crop of artistes make me want to puke my guts out. whack jobs.

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