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Jay-Z responds to Beanie Sigel diss

31 Oct

Jay-ZWhile Memphis Bleek is ready to let the Beanie Sigel diss go and move on, Jay-Z does not seem nearly as friendly about the situation. For Jay-Z, it has been a tough year. Right from the start, he has received disses from Game, 50 Cent, DMX, T-Pain, and, now his former protégé, Beanie Sigel.

When asked about the diss record, “I’m Not Your Average Cat,” Jay-Z jokingly responded by saying that Beanie Sigel has a lot to complain about. He pointed out all that he helped Beans with. During his time at the Roc, Jay-Z helped him start his own label, State Property, and his own clothing line.

Jay-Z said that while Beanie Sigel may have a lot to complain about, he does not. He said that Beanie Sigel was driving two Bentleys with his mother in the sticks and selling 800,000 copies. Apparently, that does not add up, Beans had to have been receiving some sort of help from someone. That was Jay’s response to Sigel claiming that he did nothing to help him out.

He said that everything that has happened to Beanie Sigel has been everything that he chose to do. Jay-Z said that Beanie Sigel was successful; it is just how he chose to use his success that determined where he is currently at. Then, he pondered how many other rappers were able to have their own record label and clothing line without ever releasing a platinum album.

Beanie Sigel said that Jay-Z never properly pushed his artists. However, after pointing all of that out, Jay asked if that was not pushing an artist, exactly what was. Obviously, Beanie Sigel is not the only person hurt by this situation.

Soulja Boy speaks on Kanye West collaboration

31 Oct

Soulja BoyFor a few months, now Soulja Boy has been working with Kanye West. The teen rapper says that their relationship began during the time that he was feuding with Ice T. Soulja Boy said that Kanye stepped in and asked the veteran rapper to leave him alone. Since that time, the two have been connected.

He said that from there, he and Kanye West began going to the studio and recording tracks together. Just last month, Soulja Boy revealed that he had produced some tracks for Kanye’s upcoming album. He revealed that he and Kanye had been in the studio together just two weeks ago. When talking about West, Soulja Boy says that he is the most talented person he has ever worked with.

In addition to his work with Kanye West, Soulja Boy also spilled the beans about something coming out with him, Kanye, and Drake being involved. Soulja Boy described Kanye West’s work ethic as crazy, his work ethic as crazy, and the work ethic of Drake being crazy. He said that their collaboration is going to be “stoopid.”

Memphis Bleek talks Beanie Sigel diss

31 Oct

Memphis BleekBeanie Sigel’s recent song, “I’m Not Your Average Cat,” has began to make its rounds. Released yesterday, the song takes some obvious shots at Jay-Z. However, there is a part of the song that also goes at another prominent member of the Roc, Memphis Bleek. In times past, it would have been easy to see Bleek preparing for war.

Memphis Bleek did sing a different tune, however, after hearing about his diss from Beans. He did admit that the song took him by surprise, but he went on to say that Sigel has been through a lot in recent years. Instead of sounding off on him and sending out all of the F-Us, Memphis Bleek said that he is not going to respond to the diss.

Instead, Memphis Bleek said that he was going to call Beanie up and they were going to talk this out. He said that he and Beans have been family for too long for it to be thrown away over frivolous beef. While Beanie Sigel may be a bit upset, Memphis Bleek is not and he is ready to put things to an end.

Baby sends more Jay-Z disses

31 Oct

BabyBaby was one of the many hip hop figures that were upset with MTV and their hottest MCs in the game list. However, his reasons were a little different than the rest. Some felt that Eminem deserved inclusion over Gucci Mane. From the standpoint of Baby, there was no problem with that.

The main problem that Baby had with the list was the fact that Lil Wayne was not number one. The list awards the top emcees for the entire year. Last year, Wayne dominated the game, but this year, he has not released much music. Jay-Z, on the other hand has re-taken the game with his new music led by The Blueprint 3.

When he first made his displeasure with the list known, Baby made it clear that he was not dissing Jay-Z. He just said that he felt that Lil Wayne was hotter than Jay-Z. Later, he would come back to say that Lil Wayne could out-sell Jay-Z and that Wayne was a better emcee than Jay-Z.

If that was not enough, Baby is back, once again, to make it clear that he does not feel that Jay-Z was deserving of that number one spot. This time, he is saying that his crew makes more money than Jay-Z and that people are not really feeling Hov like that. It is unclear if he knows that Jay is worth well over $300 million and that he owns multiple ventures.

As great as Baby has been over the years, he is coming dangerously close to sounding ignorant. He has made his point, he feels that Lil Wayne should have been number one; it is time for him to let it go. The most important thing for him should be making sure that Lil Wayne even releases an album this year.

Beanie Sigel – “I’m Not Your Average Cat” (Jay-Z diss)

30 Oct

Beanie SigelSeemingly out of nowhere, Beanie Sigel has dissed Jay-Z. He said that his issue with Jay stems from certain lines on his album, The Blueprint 3. This comes barely a month after Beans praised Jay’s album and said that it was better than American Gangster.

This diss record from Beanie Sigel has come from left field, but a week ago, Beans held a performance in Philadelphia where he said some things that appeared to diss Jay-Z. However, he did manage to clear that up, a bit. It turned out that a rapper that performed before him had said that he runs Philadelphia. Then, Beans responded saying that he runs this town tonight.

Beanie Sigel asks, before the beginning of the song, “how does it feel to be exposed.” That question was aimed at his former boss, Jay-Z. As the song goes on, Beanie Sigel said that he will expose things about Jigga that will make Beyonce look at him differently.

As the song goes on, Beanie Sigel disses not only Jay-Z, but Memphis Bleek, too. After the song hit the radio, Beans has described it as not a diss record, but a real record. He said that his reason for going at Jay-Z on this emotional record is because of the slick things that he said on “Already Home.”

There is a line on Jay-Z’s “Already Home” where he mentions that he heated up the Roc, so get hot already. Being around Jay for most of his career, Beanie Sigel understood exactly what Jay meant and he was offended, the final result was this. Only hours after the release of the track, hip hop figures, such as Fabolous, Just Blaze, and Lil’ Cease have spoken on the situation.

Mims readies third album, “I Am The Best”

30 Oct


Since the release of his sophomore album, Guilt, Mims has been fairly quiet. However, he has began to make his rounds in promotion of his third album. Recently, Mims talked about his first album in comparison to his second album.

Mims cited the commercial failure of Guilt on the fact that the fans wanted the next “This Is Why I’m Hot” to be featured on the album. That did not happen, instead, Mims delivered “Move (If You Wanna).” That track was a minor hit, but it did nothing to help the album sell nearly as many copies as his debut.

Rumors began circulating after the release of Mims’ second album that he wanted to leave Capitol Records. It was said that he offered the label $900,000 to be released from his contract, but they ended up turning it down. However, when he began talking about this new album, Mims said that it will be released on Capitol Records.

When he was asked about a title, Mims said that it is tentatively titled, I Am The Best. As far as collaborations, currently, he does not have any, but Mims said that he is open to working with anyone that wants to work with him. He said that he would love to do something with 50 Cent, Ne-Yo, or someone else on that level.

Mims also said that he would love to work with some big-name producers, but he has decided to work with some up-and-coming producers. Even after his last album failed to deliver a lot of sales, he is going to use the same formula once again. Once again, Mims said that he has the full support of Capitol Records.

While there has not been a release date given, Mims will release his third studio album, I Am The Best on American King Music and Capitol Records.

50 Cent disses Game, Young Buck, and B.G. on “So Disrespectful”

30 Oct

50 Cent IIUntil here recently, some were saying that 50 Cent is trying to change. Over this past summer, 50 has reached out to some of his former enemies, such as Cam’ron. He also proved that his truce with The L.O.X. is no hoax. Almost everywhere that Jadakiss is, 50 happens to be around.

50 Cent said that it was easy for him to end his feuds with Cam’ron and Jadakiss because they never had a real feud, unlike his issue with Ja Rule. But, up until the release of Fat Joe’s album, J.O.S.E., Pt. II, it appeared that 50 Cent was turning over a new leaf. Since that has been revealed, 50 has gone too far to stop now.

During the summer of 2009, Game reached out to G-Unit, as did Young Buck. At the time, 50 Cent was playing nice, so some actually thought that he may find peace with the game and release Young Buck from G-Unit Records. Instead, he ignored their apologies and pleas. What he did was diss his former sidekicks on his song, “Strong Enough.”

Many thought that 50 Cent going at Game and Young Buck once was hard enough. But, now that his entire album has leaked, there is another track that goes at Game and Young Buck ten times harder and sends some light jabs at B.G. and Jay-Z. The track is “So Disrespectful.” On the song, 50 goes directly at Game and he said that Young Buck does more drugs than B.G.

It is unclear what brought about the B.G. diss, but he is likely to respond to this diss very soon. Also, it is only a matter of time before Jay-Z finally has enough of these antics from 50 Cent.

Rick Ross set to release album with Birdman

30 Oct

Rick RossLate last year, news of a collaboration album between Rick Ross and Birdman was announced. But, with Ross’ feud with 50 Cent taking unexpected heights and his emergence as the flagship artist of Def Jam, things became a little cloudy. Also, Birdman began working on a solo album and he has been hard at work with Cash Money Records.

With all of this going on, one would think that this album has definitely been pushed back. For this entire year, both rappers have been very busy and they have been headed in entirely different directions. Also, there have been no leaks from the album and no news on the album. Last year, the title was revealed to be The H.

In a recent interview with, Birdman informed the site that the album has been completed. He did not go into great detail about the album’s content, collaborators, or producers. Despite that, he did speak highly of Rick Ross. There is no set release date for The H.

Timbaland’s Album gets pushed Back

30 Oct

TimbalandInitially planned for release on November 23, 2009, Timbaland’s long-awaited Shock Value 2 has been pushed back. The album was supposed to have gone head-to-head with releases from Birdman, Rihanna, and 50 Cent. Perhaps to avoid being buried by the competition, Timbo has decided to let his album wait a bit longer.

Not long after the release of 2007’s Shock Value, Timbaland revealed plans of going right back in to release Shock Value 2. With no work started on the album, he promised it for a 2008 release. However, once 2008 began, Timbo had to handle projects from Keri Hilson, Beyonce, Timbaland, and Jay-Z.

Now that those releases are out of the way, Timbaland has had a real chance to go in and work on this album. As of late, Tim’s creative juices have been flowing at an extremely high rate. That is evidenced by listening to the tracks that he cut for The Blueprint 3. Those were said to have been the worst beats that he had made.

Timbaland is now set to release Shock Value 2 on December 8, 2009 through Mosely Music Group and Interscope Records. Now, he will be going head-to-head with Game and his The R.E.D. Album.

Lil Wayne to release “We Are Young Money” on December 15

30 Oct

Lil Wayne IILil Wayne has finally begun to sort things out. Unlike previously reported, Rebirth will not be released alongside the Young Money album as a double album. Also, Tha Carter IV will not be released on December 15; it has been pushed back until 2010. In light of Wayne’s upcoming prison stint, he is getting his music straight.

Still, Lil Wayne will be releasing two albums on the same day. Instead of Rebirth being a double album, it will be going directly against the Young Money compilation album. With the release date getting closer, the label has revealed the official title of the album, We Are Young Money.

That album will be released on December 15, facing off against Lil Wayne’s other album, Rebirth. There have been multiple changes, but this seems to be the last change with Wayne’s albums before they will be released with December 15 bringing his first two albums.