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Is Irv Gotti quietly rebuilding Murder Inc.?

30 Sep

Irv GottiIn 2006, it was reported that Irv Gotti had reached a three year deal with Universal Records. This deal was supposed to bring about a return to that “platinum sound” that Gotti had created during his time at Def Jam. He had it all planned out, a new album from Lloyd, then Ja Rule, then Ashanti.

Things started off great, Lloyd released a hit single, “You,” followed by his platinum-selling, Street Love album. He created a new energy at the label and Ja Rule began making his rounds in 2007. It felt like Ja Rule had finally reclaimed his spot, he was out late in the summer promoting a new single with an album set for a fall release.

Ja Rule released two singles, “Uh Ohhh!” and “Body.” The songs were not bad, but they never became hits. As a result, Rule’s project was pushed to the side for a new Ashanti album and a new Lloyd album. For a year after, the label made no buzz aside from the mixtape scene.

In 2009, Ja Rule reemerged from the shadows promoting a new album to be released sometime in 2009. It is now clear that is not happening, but him coming out led to Newz making rounds, along with Irv Gotti.

Gotti first came out to reveal that he was dropping Ashanti from Murder Inc. Then Lloyd said that he was off of the label, Irv came out to say that Lloyd was still on the label. Blok Gang/Murder Inc. rapper, Newz revealed that the entire label was still intact. Finally, Lloyd actually left the label earlier this month.

There were once rumors of Ja Rule also leaving the label, but he is still with the label, as is Ashanti. Ja said that she will probably remain with the label as soon as she and Irv Gotti forgive each other. For those keeping count, the deal with Murder Inc. and Universal is now up, it has been three years.

Initially, there were rumors of Irv Gotti moving Murder Inc. to Atlantic Records to become the CEO in 2005. That deal never materialized, but it may happen now. Kevin Liles recently left the label, as has Sean Combs, a likely candidate for replacement. The next candidate in line as a replacement was T.I., but he is imprisoned.

Meanwhile, Irv Gotti remains a force within the industry. He has deep connections and he has relationships with a lot of artists that find themselves without labels. Artists that are currently without deals include Eve, DMX, and many other acts.

Throughout the summer of 2009, Irv Gotti hinted act the possibility of Murder Inc. entering a distribution deal with Atlantic Records. The label is currently searching for an executive with a great track record in the industry to take over as president and CEO. Now that Sean Combs is gone, who would be better than Irv Gotti?

He created a roster of talent with Murder Inc. and with Atlantic Records behind him, he could rebuild that roster. Ja Rule still has talent, as does Ashanti and they still have chemistry. Getting those two back in the studio may mend all fences that were previously broken. He has existing relationships with people at Atlantic/Warner, so a deal is possible.

Once the label secures distribution, they can begin to make music once again. Irv Gotti has relationships with Eve and DMX, as mentioned, but he is also close to Nas, The Game, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, and other veterans in rap. He could easily convince them to sign with his label by granting them imprints.

This time around, Irv Gotti said that he has something special up his sleeve. He has been working with Ja Rule, who says that he is working on a special album and Ashanti has also began working on new music. Before the end of the year, the label will make an announcement and 2010 may be the year that Murder Inc. becomes a label again.

With Bad Boy Records on the way out, it would make sense for Atlantic to help Irv Gotti rebuild Murder Inc.

Will Rick Ross finish off 50 Cent?

30 Sep

Rick RossIt is easy to call the Rick Ross/50 Cent feud the funniest in hip hop history. The two rappers have turned each other into jokes with Rick Ross’ constant teasing of 50 Cent and the cartoons that 50 used to get at Ross.

At times, it almost felt like the two rappers had this planned. But, when 50 Cent brought out Rick Ross’ baby’s mother, Tia Kemp, things became personal. Then, many people expected things to turn violent, or for Ross to at least release a very lethal diss track. He did not, he continued to taunt 50 Cent while he took his ex out shopping.

Now, Tia Kemp is covering Smooth barely dressed and bent over. It does not take a rocket scientist to guess who is under her. None other than 50 Cent is the man under her with a camera in his hands. It is understandable that Rick Ross no longer has a relationship with Kemp, but she is the mother of his child. He deserves some respect.

During the Jay-Z and Nas feud, Jay-Z tried to bring his relationship with Nas’ baby’s mother into the feud. Nas quickly shot that down with “Ether.” 50 Cent has taken things further than Ross had ever imagined, he has taken a picture with Officer Ricky’s ex and it is on the cover of a magazine.

Will Rick Ross come back with something hard and finish 50 Cent off?

Diddy is slowly Taking Bad Boy Records to Interscope

30 Sep

Sean CombsSean Combs has finally given some in-depth details about his new deal with Interscope Records. Initial rumors had Combs releasing his next album, Last Train to Paris, on the label. Later, rumors stated that he, along with the entire Bad Boy label would move. Then, it was said that he had left Bad Boy Records.

Now, the man behind all of these rumors is finally talking. Diddy said that he has signed a new distribution deal with Interscope Records. His next album will be released on Bad Boy Records and distributed by Interscope. All of the artist currently signed to Bad Boy will remain artists on Atlantic Records, but future artists will be signed to Interscope.

With him moving over to Interscope and all new artists moving over to Interscope, it is safe to say that they will be of bigger priority than the older artists. Bad Boy’s roster currently consists of Cassie, Cheri Dennis, Boyz N da Hood, Black Rob, Donnie Klang, Day26, Dawn Richard, Gorilla Zoe, Janelle Monae, The L.O.X., Ness, Red Café, Mario Winans, and Yung Joc. This is not even mentioning the labels that Bad Boy distributes.

The label is rumored to be interested in signing Mase, Ghostface Killah, Jadakiss, Raekwon, and many other artists. If they are signed, they will be signed to the new Bad Boy Records under Interscope Records. Also, when the contracts are done with the Bad Boy artists under Atlantic and they decide to re-sign, they will become Bad Boy/Interscope artists.

In 2005, Diddy reached a deal with Atlantic/Warner that gave them a 50% stake in Bad Boy Records. He has signed a separate deal with Interscope that is slowly terminating the deal that he made four years ago.

DMX to Fight in “Alabama Pride” MMA Event

29 Sep

DMXStill on the comeback trail, DMX has taken yet another unexpected turn. Now, he has signed on to fight the undefeated mixed martial arts fighter, Eric Martinez.

The fight is set to take place in December of this year. Despite an appearance from the still-big name of DMX, the headlining fight will be between Butterbean and Tank Abbott. The fight will take place December 12 at Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex.

This is not the only unexpected move from DMX this year. Apparently, he is working on a collaboration album with R&B singer, Tyrese. While talking about a possible album with Black Ty, he decided to let Jay-Z, his former partner in rhyme, have it. There were rumors of a feud between the two, DMX’s comments made that obvious.

At the 2009 VH1 Hip Hop Honors, DMX surprisingly ended his decade-long feud with Ja Rule. That news had hip hop buzzing for days, the move was so groundbreaking that other rappers even spoke on the renewed friendship.

All of this is likely coming to build up a DMX comeback as he has finally addressed his Jay-Z issues, reunited with the Ruff Ryders and Ja Rule, now he plans to do mixed martial arts fighting.

Fabolous readies new Reality Show

29 Sep

FabolousAs reported earlier this year by many other hip hop sites, Fabolous is planning to star in his own reality show. As the fall television season recently premiered, Fab’s show is nowhere to be found. This is not because he has not been trying, though.

Fabolous has hit the grind, shopping his reality show to various networks. He insists that his new show will not be a dating show, along the lines of “Flavor of Love” and “For The Love of Ray J.” Fab insists that his new series will be strictly reality.

Aside from being a rapper, Fabolous will soon be a father amongst other things. He feels that his recent activities need to be documented with a television series. The show is likely to do well within urban audiences, so a network like Bravo or VH1 will probably come calling.

Nas inks Open Letter Regarding Derrion Albert’s Death

29 Sep

NasThe brutal death of Chicago teen, Derrion Albert has everyone talking. The hip hop world is not exempt from this. People judge the music and call it whatever, but it is really one of the most concious forms of music.

At the forefront would have to be Nas. For years, he has been known as the street poet. He is also known for being very much so socially concious. The recent death of Derrion Albert has prompted Nas to take action.

Nas has decided to take action the best way that he knows how, which is to write. Instead of writing a rhyme, Nas has penned an open letter regarding the death of the teen. From a blog post, he told of the importance of life and how not to emulate the role that he portrayed in Belly.

While the entire letter was deep, one part really sticks out. When Nas asks the question “What are we really proving?” He asks a sensible question when all that can be seen on television is black people killing black people. This is the type of subjects that Nas’ music deals with.

He said that he was afraid of getting too personal on his next solo album. Maybe the death of Derrion Albert may lead to Nas creating music that tells of the ills of life and the “gangsta” lifestyle, but ways to steer clear of it.

Fat Joe responds to 50 Cent diss “Get off of my d*ck already”

29 Sep

Fat JoeFat Joe has responded to the latest diss that he has received from his longtime rival, 50 Cent. On his website,, 50 had a link to Fat Joe’s album, which he was said to be listening to.

All of a sudden, 50 Cent leaked a fake report of him being rushed to the hospital after hearing Fat Joe’s album, J.O.S.E., Pt. II. Fellow G-Unit rapper, Tony Yayo, also participated in the joke.

Today, Fat Joe has broken his silence on the issue. Writing from his Twitter account, Joey Crack said to tell 50 Cent to get off of his d*ck already. He said that 50 was sick because his album was so hot and real music, unlike the stuff that comes out of his camp.

This is not the first time that 50 Cent has done this type of joke on Fat Joe. Last year, when he released The Elephant in the Room, his album sold around the same amount as 50 Cent’s mixtape. As a result, 50 said that Fat Joe was murdered by the SoundScan. He went on to have a funeral for Joe and even cried.

DJ AM’s Death was not a Suicide

29 Sep

DJ AMInitially, the death of the acclaimed DJ AM, birth name Adam Goldstein was ruled a suicide. After further investigation, it has been established that the DJ did not commit suicide.

Instead of a suicide, the reports are now saying that the cause of his death is an “acute intoxication.” He had a mixture of many drugs, which resulted in his death.

One police source said that DJ AM actually wanted to die. He was going unconscious while he was taking the pills. His death has affected the many artists within hip hop.

Recently, Jay-Z spoke on the death of the DJ. While he did not commit what has been ruled a suicide, it looks like foul play was involved.

Joe Budden addresses the Onslaught of Disses

29 Sep

Joe BuddenTo have had some of the biggest hype and support around him when he first entered the game, Joe Budden is possibly the most hated man in hip hop.

One summer has turned Busta Rhymes, a former collaborator into one of his main rivals. Aside from Busta, Budden has also been involved in feuds with Maino, Saigon, and the legendary MC Shan.

Earlier this year, Joe Budden and Saigon engaged in a feud over various reasons. The feud seemed to be resolved by the summer when they both signed to Amalglam Digital. The two rappers went on to collaborate and everything.

Earlier this month, Saigon was asked about his former feud with Joe Budden and the other rappers that are dissing him. Sai said that he felt sorry for Joe, but he brings this type of stuff on himself. He said that Budden started their feud and he really went easy on him. Saigon said that he could have had him killed.

Brooklyn rapper, Maino, also joined the “diss Joe Budden” bandwagon earlier this week. He decided to speak on the rumors of Budden being assaulted by Wu-Tang rapper, Raekwon’s camp. Maino said that he did not handle the situation like a man. As a result, he went on to taunt the rapper.

The legendary, MC Shan also went on to tease Joe Budden about being assaulted by Raekwon’s camp while on Street Diciplez Radio. He said to Joe Budden that he was not anybody so he needs to relax. Saigon also had more comments, saying that he was disappointed because Budden did not defend himself.

Joe Budden has turned a new leaf. After the Saigon feud, he decided that he would not be that rapper anymore. He no longer sees fit to continue mindless feuds. When he was asked about the disses from these rappers, he pretty much said whatever.

According to the New Jersey rapper, there are a lot of other rappers that are dissing him, too. He is choosing to ignore these disses. A lot of what Joe Budden is saying is true, he was also questioned by Sheek Louch and Busta Rhymes also had some choice words for him. Method Man also has issues with the rapper.

Honestly, most of Joe Budden’s feuds stem from his outrageous comments on his JoeBuddenTV. If he would not talk so much trash about other people on that show, he would not be dissed nearly as much as he is. Sheek Louch pointed this out, saying that he would have to meet up with these people one day.

50 Cent disses Fat Joe’s New Album

28 Sep

50 CentThe feud between 50 Cent and Fat Joe continues. This upcoming January will make six years of feuding between the two rappers. The latest to come from the feud is Fat Joe’s latest album, J.O.S.E. 2.

A message posted on said that 50 Cent was at his offices earlier today when he suddenly collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. He had no heart attack, or anything like that, it seems that Fat Joe is the culprit.

No, the feud between the two rappers has not gotten violent, it is Fat Joe’s new album that has put 50 in such critical shape. Tony Yayo messaged via Twitter to keep 50 Cent in prayers while he is being rushed to the hospital.

For a while, now, Fat Joe has been questioning 50 Cent’s street cred. It has been ever since 50’s chain was snatched in Africa that Fat Joe has been taunting him. 50 Cent has responded by taunting Joe’s album sales, even crying at his funeral early last year.

The feud between Fat Joe and 50 Cent stems from Fat Joe’s 2004 collaboration with Ja Rule on the song, “New York.” On the song, Ja Rule calls on his longtime friends, Fat Joe and Jadakiss to provide verses. In the opening verse, Ja sends light disses to both Lloyd Banks and 50 Cent.

As a result, 50 Cent responded to Ja Rule and, surprisingly, at the time Fat Joe and Jadakiss. Together, Fat Joe and Jadakiss teamed up to release an onslaught of 50 Cent disses. Jada ended his feud with 50 last year, but Fat Joe has kept on going with the feud.

At times, their issues die down as Fat Joe has refrained from initiating conflict since his stunt at the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards.