Snoop Dogg talks Gang Relations and New Album

26 Nov

It has been long established that Snoop Dogg is gang-affiliated. As long as he has been in the game, he has let it be known that he is a Crip. Despite his gang affiliation, Snoop has been a longtime symbol for peace in hip hop. Many people do not know this, but he was a key factor in ending the feud between Murder Inc. and Shady/Aftermath.

Snoop Dogg is openly a Crip and he constantly displays this in his records, but he is also very good friends with Blood rapper, Game. He says it is simply the fact that he has so much clout in the streets and respect from everyone that he is allowed to do this. Snoop is not the only rapper to ever claim to be in a gang.

For the past few years, more and more rappers and black teens, alike, have been claiming gang affiliations. To all of these people, Snoop Dogg has sent a fair warning, do not come to California. He said that these rappers from other places, claiming to be Crips, have gotten into trouble when they had to face the real Crips and the same for those claiming to be Bloods.

Snoop Dogg said that any rapper that comes out to California has to first call him up so that he can secure things for them. He said that some rappers have come out to L.A. in the past without reaching out to him and they ran into trouble. Snoop said that the respect that these people of the streets have for him makes them not bother anyone that he is cool with.

While anyone coming into L.A. has to reach out to him, he said that there are certain people that he reaches out to before he goes places. He said that if he has plans of coming to New York, he first calls certain people to see if it is cool for him to come. If they say “it’s cool,” he comes, if not, he stays in his place.

Snoop Dogg later went on to talk about his new album, Malice n Wonderland. He said that he is confident that the album will be a classic. Snoop said that he completed the album, already, and he is now waiting to release it. In addition to discussing the new album, he promised it in stores on December 8, 2009 on Doggystyle Records, Priority Records, and Capitol Records.

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