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Snoop Dogg releases Compilation Album

25 Feb

Last fall, Snoop Dogg was given the reigns of Priority Records. He has been the creative chairman of the label for only five months, but he has changed things. In his short time with the label, he has them buzzing with his album, Malice n Wonderland, and he is signing new artists to the label, left and right.

As this year moves along, Snoop Dogg wants to go ahead and release new albums from the now-loaded roster of the label. But, before he gets into all of that, Snoop will release a compilation album that consists of old classics from past Priority albums. He has titled this new release West Coast Blueprint and the album features records from Ice Cube, Eazy-E, and other old school West Coast rappers.

In addition to the classic tracks, it also features two new tracks from Snoop Dogg. Following the release of West Coast Blueprint will be his next album, a sequel to Malice n Wonderland titled More Malice.

Warren G was played by Dre and Snoop?

2 Feb

When hip hop fans speak of dynamic duos in hip hop, they end up mentioning Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Right after Dr. Dre left Ruthless Records, he created Death Row Records and the first artist signed to the label was Snoop Dogg. Most people would think that was all to the story, but they forget exactly how they met.

The bond between Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg came to be because of Warren G. Warren G is the stepbrother of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg was his longtime friend. Dating back to the Ruthless days, Dre knew of Snoop Dogg. He also knew that Snoop and Warren G wanted to rap, but he did not think that they had great skills. But, one day, he heard Snoop rapping and decided to sign him to his Death Row label.

Quickly, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg formed a duo and they created many hits together. The plan was for Snoop Dogg to first be signed to the label, followed by Warren G. However, as Dre became closer to Snoop, Warren G was beginning to be left out. They were supposed to come back for him, but they never did. It was not as if the friendship ended, it was just that they left Warren G hanging.

Realizing that he had only himself to rely on, Warren G broke out on his own and built his buzz. When it came time for him to choose a record label, Warren surprised everyone when he signed to Def Jam. Dr. Dre just knew that he would end up on Death Row. Even after Snoop Dogg left the label for his own venture and Dr. Dre did the same, Warren G stayed on his own. He has worked with both artists since the Death Row days and during them, but he keeps his distance.

Recently, Warren G spoke on why he never did sign with Death Row. He felt that Dr. Dre’s top priority at the time was Snoop Dogg. Warren G would have rather gone to a label that was willing to give him the proper attention. In a way, he did feel played by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, but he still treats them as family. He has always been one third of 213 with Nate Dogg and Snoop. The group signed to Priority Records and Warren G is currently talking with Snoop about a deal of his own with the label.

At the end of the day, Warren G realizes that the best person for him to trust is himself and that no good comes from being bitter about the past.

Snoop Dogg is breathing life into West Coast hip hop

25 Jan

From the early to mid-1990s, the West Coast dominated the music scene. But, after the surprising demise of Death Row Records, the genre began to fall off. For over five years, the only consistent artist from the West was Snoop Dogg. Years later, Game would rise to become another consistent act, but the East and the South have much more than the two artists featured out West.

There have been times in the past where Snoop Dogg has spoken on the state of his area of hip hop. Given his time in the game and his success, many look at Snoop Dogg as the unofficial leader of the West. As close as he is to Dr. Dre, he criticized him when he chose to begin pushing 50 Cent as opposed to introducing Game, as planned. He said that people like his close friend are in a position to help the West Coast, but they choose not to.

Snoop Dogg, as the head of his own label, signed many West Coast artists to his Doggystyle imprint. However, Doggystyle was a label under Geffen Records, which is a label that is under the big label of Interscope Records. Not having the pull of Dr. Dre, whose Aftermath label was directly under Interscope, there was not much that Snoop could do to get their music out there.

By 2009, the West Coast hip hop scene was still comprised of Snoop Dogg, Game, and Dr. Dre holding off on Detox. Right at the beginning of the fall season, big news came, though. The label that was responsible for the early gangsta rap era of Ruthless Records and NWA, Priority Records was being re-launched. Making a name for itself in distributing independent West Coast hip hop labels, they signed Snoop Dogg on to run the label.

Aside from having Snoop Dogg as an executive, they also signed him on to become one of the new artists on the label. Priority Records agreed to release all new albums from both Snoop and his Doggystyle Records from this point on. After the release of Snoop Dogg’s most-recent album, Malice n Wonderland, the focus shifted to adding more acts to the label. Already using his role effectively, Snoop Dogg has signed quite a few acts.

In only four months time, he has signed 213, Cypress Hill, and Mac Dre 100. He is also rumored to be prepared to sign Warren G. When Snoop Dogg first spoke of his new role at the acclaimed label, he said that he was going to use his position to rebuild West Coast hip hop. Not only can he sign new artists with his role as Creative Chairman of Priority Records, but Snoop Dogg also decides when an album is going to be released.

The artists from the West Coast do not have a problem getting signed to a major label. The problem comes in trying to get their albums released. This is why more and more artists from the West Coast began signing to Koch Records. Now, with Snoop Dogg keeping an ear to the streets, he can sign an artist to either Priority Records or his own Doggystyle Records and an artist can finally see their albums released.

Snoop Dogg has hit a Creative Peak

23 Jan

Ten years ago, Snoop Dogg had teamed up with No Limit and he had risen to become a household name. During that period of time, any song released by Snoop Dogg would quickly land into the top ten. For three years of his career, Snoop enjoyed this type of success, but it would not last long. While he did score a solid hit with “Beautiful,” he did not come to dominate radio again until he signed with Geffen Records.

Even when he was scoring his, such as “Drop It Like Its Hot,” his albums were lacking. They were among the longest albums, usually between 18 and 20 tracks, but he seemed as if his heart was no longer into making music. His 2008 album, Ego Trippin’, was meant to be his response to people thinking that he was no longer taking music seriously. All on one track, he showed that he was a great lyricist and was very creative. Still, it appeared that he was lacking something.

Snoop Dogg returned in 2009 with his follow-up album, Malice n Wonderland, and he has put all of that type of talk to rest. Since he moved from the well-known Interscope label to record for the long-forgotten Capitol Records, his album sales have suffered. Most people think that the only single released from the album was his lead single, “Gangsta Luv.” But, he has released two other singles from the album, but they have yet to catch on.

Despite the lack of commercial success, with this album, it was clear that Snoop Dogg put a whole lot into making the best album he possibly could. The final result was a classic album. Like what he says on “2 Minute Warning,” he is pushing 40 years of age and he is still a big deal. Some would like to argue this, but Malice n Wonderland is probably the best album that has ever come from Snoop Dogg. From a creative standpoint, Snoop did not outreach himself like he did with Ego Trippin’.

Snoop Dogg stayed in his lane and was still able to push the creative envelope. It is evident that he has raised his lyrical ability on such tracks as “2 Minute Warning” and on such tracks as “I Wanna Rock.” He proves his point without going too far out there with it. Now, Snoop Dogg is wearing two hats, first and foremost, he is a rap artist. But, he also holds down the role of the creative chairman for Priority Records. Snoop Dogg plans to use this role to revive the West Coast hip hop scene.

Snoop Dogg to release New Album in March

21 Jan

In five years at Geffen Records, Snoop Dogg had become the top rap artist on the label. Despite his status, his 2008 album, Ego Trippin’, was not promoted by the label. Because of a lack of promotion, the album did not sell very well. Late in 2008, Snoop announced that he was leaving Geffen.

Throughout his career, Snoop Dogg has either recorded for EMI or UMG. The best run that he had in his career came in the late 1990s while he recorded for Priority Records, a subsidiary of EMI. In the fall of 2009, Snoop Dogg was offered the role of Creative Chairman of his former label. While his role is called Creative Chariman, he practically runs the label.

Under the terms of the deal, Snoop Dogg would release all of his future albums on Priority Records. Along with his releases, Doggystyle Records would switch from distribution from Geffen to Priority. The first product from this marriage was Snoop’s tenth album, Malice ‘n’ Wonderland. In the time since the release of the album, it has been hailed as one of the best albums from The Doggfather.

The album has become so popular amongst fans, there has been demand for more music from Snoop Dogg. He has plans of signing more acts to Priority and getting their music out. However, the job of Snoop Dogg is to make money for the label. It does not matter who is releasing music as long as it is selling. As it currently stands, the only marketable artist on the label happens to be Snoop Dogg.

Due to his marketability and the demand for new music, Snoop Dogg has decided to deliver another album this year. In an attempt to capitalize off of his recent classic, this new release will be titled More Malice: Deluxe. Not only will he deliver another album, but also a mini-movie to go along with it. This album will feature five new tracks, five remixes, and two songs from the previous album.

Snoop Dogg has set the release date for March 23, 2010 on Doggystyle Records, Priority Records, and Capitol Records. This release date is also when Game finally releases The R.E.D. Album and when Memphis Bleek will be releasing The Process. Initially, Game was going to release his album on the same day that the first Malice came out. Among the collaborators for the new Malice will be Jamie Foxx.

Snoop Dogg adds Cypress Hill to his Priority list

18 Jan

During the late summer of 2009, Snoop Dogg became a hip hop president. Already having been in charge of his own label for a decade and a half, Snoop was given the reigns to Priority Records. The label had been on a hiatus for nearly ten years. In 2008, EMI revived the label and placed it under the Capitol Records Group. When looking for a person to run the label, they looked no further than Snoop Dogg.

From 1998 until 2003, Snoop Dogg was on the label and he was their highest-selling artist. But, in 2004, he left the label to reunite with Dr. Dre over at Interscope Records. After five years over there, Snoop Dogg was searching for a way out. In 2008, he had announced a new deal to record music on a record label owned by MTV. For unknown reasons, this deal fell apart and when he was offered the deal to return to Priority, Snoop Dogg did not think twice.

Under the deal, Snoop Dogg became the Executive Vice President of Artist Development at the label. This gives him the authority to sign as many acts to the label as he would like to. In addition to that, his Doggystyle imprint was moved from distribution under Koch and Geffen Records to an exclusive distribution deal with Priority Records. All of the artists were transferred over to the label.

The first act signed to the Snoop Dogg-run Priority Records was 213, which he followed by the signing of Mac Dre and now he has signed Cypress Hill to the label. Snoop Dogg stated that he was going to use his new position to revive the West Coast hip hop scene. Now that a rapper is in charge, he feels that they can now begin to do things for themselves. Not only does Snoop sign artists to the label, he also decides who will release their album and when they will do it.

Snoop Dogg has no plans of stopping with this signing; he has more moves in store that will be announced in the future. The first album released under this new label was Snoop’s own tenth studio album, Malice ‘n’ Wonderland.

Snoop Dogg is hard working, signs Mac Shawn 100

11 Jan

It has barely been three months since Snoop Dogg was hired by Priority Records as their executive vice president of artist development. Under the terms of the deal, he was to move his entire Doggystyle Records roster to Priority. He was given full control of his label, retaining ownership, plus having the reigns to the entire Priority roster.

His first act while working for Priority Records was the release of his tenth studio album, Malice ‘n’ Wonderland. While he was out doing the promotion for this album, Snoop Dogg stated that it was now up to him to revive the West Coast. Snoop saw his new role at Priority Records as a chance to begin working at this. Once he put his album out, Snoop Dogg began working to rebuild the historic label.

Last summer, Warren G and Nate Dogg both expressed interest in doing another album with Snoop Dogg as 213. Currently, 213 is not signed to a specific label. Using his title at Priority, the group was signed to the label. They now have plans of releasing a new album before the end of this year. In a matter of only months, Snoop Dogg has Priority Records buzzing again.

Now, to add to his fast start with Priority Records, Snoop Dogg has added the legendary rapper, Mac Shawn 100, to the label. Since being signed to the label, Mac Shawn is already working on his new album, The Bigg Fish, and wants to release a new single in the near future. Among the artists that he wants to work with are Snoop Dogg, Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, and Turf Talk.

The album will be released later this year on Priority Records and Capitol Records under EMI Music.

Soulja Boy breathes life back into Auto-tune with Snoop Dogg

6 Jan

The quality of hip hop music seemed to hit a peak in 2004. Everybody that released music that year came with solid music. But, since that time, the music has been on a slow decline. This was noticed by a lot of hardcore hip hop fans and by veteran rappers. Still, no one said anything until one person shook the game. In 2006, Nas said Hip Hop Is Dead.

It has been almost four years since the statement and the debate. Despite the death of hip hop being declared in 2006, Soulja Boy was blamed for the decline. However, Soulja Boy did not release his first album until 2007. Plus, he did not become the consistent artist that he currently is until 2008. In the time since he released his debut album, Soulja Boy has been panned by the hip hop critics, but embraced by the young generation.

Frequently, Soulja Boy says that he can be a lyrical rapper. He said that the reason that he does not choose to show his full lyrical ability is because the fans would not accept it. Something must have changed in the teen rapper, though. Usually, his rhymes consist of dancing and material things, but he plans to go personal with his next release. This is evidenced by the album’s title, a play on his own name, The DeAndre Way.

Initially, The DeAndre Way was supposed to be released in 2009, but his work on other music stopped this album from coming as planned. This album was supposed to be a direct response to his long list of critics. Among those critics were Snoop Dogg and Ice T. While his internet feud with Ice T was very notable, he also had a lesser-known feud with Snoop Dogg. Snoop accused the teen rapper of killing hip hop.

Last year, Snoop Dogg amended his comments and reached out to Soulja Boy. The final result of their resolution was a new song. Featured on Snoop’s tenth album, Malice ‘n’ Wonderland, was his first collaboration with Soulja Boy, “Pronto.” It is the latest single from the album and it is gaining significant airplay. However, it is going against the rule initiated by Jay-Z over the summer. He declared auto-tune dead with “D.O.A.”

Blatantly featured on the Soulja Boy part of the song is auto-tune. The sound of the song and the radio play that it is receiving clearly states that the song is going to be a hit. Since auto-tune is featured on the song, when it does become a hit, an auto-tune single will also be receiving more and more airplay. When that happens, other artists will begin to feature it on their music again, which could lead to the rebirth of auto-tune.

Snoop Dogg signs 213 to Priority Records

4 Jan

After they were all successfully released from Death Row Records, Snoop Dogg, Warren G, and Nate Dogg formed their own group, 213 in 1998. For years, the group would make appearances on solo albums from each of the members. They would also appear on music from other artists as 213. But, after Snoop Dogg returned to the mainstream stage in 2004, Warren G and Nate Dogg convinced him that it was time for them to record their debut album.

It would be while Snoop Dogg was riding off of the success of his first number one single, “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” that he would debut his new group. Coming right before the release of his 2004 album, Snoop Dogg released the debut album, The Hard Way. The album came as a release on his own Doggystyle imprint and a release on TVT Records. While the album did not sell many copies, it gained the group a cult following.

When the album was released, Nate Dogg and Warren G were still fairly notable artists. But, in the time since the release of the album, they have fallen to become has-beens. Warren G is working on some new music and Nate Dogg is still fighting to overcome his recent illnesses. In 2009, Warren G expressed interest in reuniting with Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg for another album with 213. Nate Dogg later expressed his interest in doing another album.

Nate Dogg and Warren G were on board for another album, but they realize how busy Snoop Dogg is with his own record label, working on his new album and his job as president at Priority Records. Because of that, they were not sure how long it would take to record new music. Snoop said that he was going to use his position at Priority to put the West Coast back on top. He said that he would be looking for new acts to sign to the label.

Recently, Snoop Dogg also expressed his interest in reviving 213. He ended up reaching out to both Nate Dogg and Warren G. Not only is a new 213 album in the works, but they also have become the first act that Snoop Dogg has signed to Priority Records.

Snoop Dogg ft. Soulja Boy – “Pronto”

30 Dec

Earlier this year, Snoop Dogg apologized for the negative comments that he had made about Soulja Boy. In return, he offered to give advice to the youngster and even begin to work with him. The final result ended up being Snoop Dogg working with the teen rapper on his album, The DeAndre Way. Their creative vibe was so strong that Snoop also invited Soulja Boy to appear on his album.

The product of this collaboration ended up being the fourth single off of Snoop Dogg’s tenth album, Malice ‘n’ Wonderland. “Pronto” has been gaining more and more airplay for the past few weeks. Not that the song has finally charted on the Billboard Hot 100, it has been officially released to radio. With that also comes a music video.