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Tony Yayo blames Interscope for G-Unit downfall

26 Feb

When they first arrived in the game, no one crew was hotter than G-Unit. Led by 50 Cent, they quickly took over the rap game. Some of their success was credited to the promotion of their distributor, Interscope Records. But, later 50 Cent revealed that Interscope did nothing besides ride the wave like the fans.

In 2006, the miraculous ride for G-Unit was coming to an abrupt end. Albums from Lloyd Banks and Young Buck flopped and 50 Cent’s album did not fare much better, either. Critics point to many reasons for the decline in G-Unit’s popularity, but it all boils down to Interscope Records not putting forth an effort. When Roc-A-Fella was on its run, Def Jam did everything in their power to make sure Jay-Z went platinum each time. But, Interscope did not do that for 50 Cent.

Due to the constant delays of Curtis, 50 Cent openly stated that he would begin searching for a new label home. Following the release of his next album, 50 Cent did just that. G-Unit went from being on top of the game, hitting a peak in the 2004-2005 period, but after Game left, so did the support of Interscope Records. Tony Yayo noticed this, just like the rest of the crew. That is the main reason that he left, over two years ago.

When Tony Yayo released his debut album, Interscope did all that they could to promote it, but when it was time for his next album, they put him on the backburner. In between his album releases, G-Unit went from being on top to being an after thought. But, Yayo feels that if Interscope Records had continued to promote the G-Unit brand that it would still be recognizable. But, the fact that they quit on G-Unit led to G-Unit quitting on them.

50 Cent, the G-Unit group, and G-Unit Records are off of Interscope Records entirely and 50 is searching for distribution with an independent service. The first album to be released when a new deal is established will be the long-awaited sophomore album from Tony Yayo.

Tony Yayo talks New Album

26 Feb

For his sophomore album, Tony Yayo is working independent. As many already know, G-Unit Records is no longer operated under Interscope Records. The only artist still signed to G-Unit/Interscope is Young Buck. With the way things are looking, he may never release another album, so he is as good as retired. Meanwhile, it has been four years since Tony Yayo last released an album.

Initially, Tony Yayo was supposed to release a new album in 2007, but that was around the time that G-Unit had their falling out with Interscope Records. Because he was the lowest-selling artist on the G-Unit label, it was Yayo’s album that ended up being pushed back. While the label was working with Interscope, they expected all of the G-Unit artists to fit into a certain niche. All of which, including Yayo, had different ideas.

Now, he is off of Interscope Records, along with the rest of G-Unit Records. Label CEO, 50 Cent is now picking the pieces back up. He has invited Sha Money XL back into the fold and he said that he is going to land the label a deal with an independent distributor. Regardless of a distribution deal, Tony Yayo wants to begin recording his new album. The recording process has already started and he has some surprises in store.

For collaborations, aside from the expected work with 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo wants to record with Twista, Bun B, and Cormega. He has relationships with all of those artists, but Interscope did not want to see him working with those types of artists. With Interscope off of his back, he now has freedom with collaborations. Tony Yayo has to wait for 50 Cent to go ahead and secure a label deal and then he can set a release date.

Tony Yayo expects to release his untitled album this summer.

Tony Yayo ignores Young Buck disses

1 Feb

The New Year has begun with a bang for G-Unit. First, 50 Cent is coming off of the worst album sales of his career and now Young Buck has been sending a series of disses towards 50. There had been a time when Buck was ready and willing to end the feud with 50 Cent. However, the diss record, “So Disrespectful,” from 50 ended all chances of the feud coming to an end.

Last summer, Young Buck had issued an apology to 50 Cent and G-Unit. Early in the spring of 2008, the feud between 50 Cent and Young Buck hit the fan. For the remainder of the year, Buck aligned himself with Game and Joe Budden, sworn enemies of G-Unit. He had even attempted to reach out with Irv Gotti and Murder Inc., but they were not willing to bury the hatchet with him because he was upset with 50 Cent.

Realizing that feuding with 50 Cent was not going to get him off of G-Unit Records, he maintained a low profile for a little while. He resurfaced last summer and he apologized to the members of G-Unit for his behavior. It did not stop there; Young Buck also said that he would not mind returning to the G-Unit group. His apology went ignored by 50 Cent, but it was accepted by Tony Yayo.

However, the diss from 50 Cent has been a game-changer. Not only has Young Buck issued an all-out war with 50 Cent, but he is also close to feuding with Juvenile and B.G. But, if Tony Yayo has anything to do with it, things will not get that far. He said that he is done listening to the back and forth with Young Buck. In the mind of Tony Yayo, there is now not any difference between Young Buck and Game. Both rappers have become known for going back and forth.

Any and all disses from Young Buck to G-Unit will be ignored by Tony Yayo.

50 Cent speaks on Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks

15 Dec

There is a transition taking place at G-Unit Records. Contractually, the label is still distributed by Interscope Records, but none of the artists are signed to G-Unit through Interscope. After the release of his Greatest Hits album, 50 Cent will no longer be on the label, either.

Two years ago, albums were supposed to be released from Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. However, the decline in popularity in the music coming from 50 Cent and G-Unit caused their albums to be pushed back by Interscope. Tired of waiting, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks left Interscope Records.

It has been a year since the rappers left Interscope Records. Despite their deals being over with the big label, they are still signed to G-Unit. 50 Cent is currently thinking about moving the G-Unit label to a new distribution deal. With new albums coming from Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks, next year, 50 is searching for the right company to distribute these albums.

Most likely, the company that releases the new albums from Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks will end up being the company that 50 Cent moves the G-Unit imprint to. Next year, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo will be releasing their yet-to-be titled albums on G-Unit Records.

Tony Yayo says G-Unit is still Going Strong despite Rumors

8 Sep

Tony YayoRap duo, M.O.P. joined G-Unit a few years ago. Despite joining the label right after its peak, in 2005, they did not have the success of other G-Unit Records’ acts.

Since leaving the label earlier this year, the group’s leader, Billy Danze, credited their lack of promotion to the situation of the label. He said that the problem with both G-Unit and Roc-A-Fella was that they signed there when both labels were going broke.

As one of G-Unit Records’ inaugural members, Tony Yayo has come out to refute these comments. He said that he still owns multiple cars, maintains two houses, and still has his money. Yayo also said that 50 Cent’s fortune is still in-tact.

Yayo also went on to say that the group had the most mainstream attention in their careers with the label. While a part of G-Unit Records, M.O.P. made appearances on both BET and MTV. Those are both appearances that they could not have made on their own according to Tony Yayo.

While Tony Yayo insists that the label is not falling apart, in the last two years, G-Unit has parted ways with Olivia, M.O.P., and Young Buck was demanding his release from the label over a year ago over money issues. Now, there are rumors of Lloyd Banks soon parting ways with G-Unit.