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Raekwon supports 50 Cent’s This Is 50 Fest

29 Nov

It came as a shock to many when 50 Cent revealed his This Is 50 Fest. The idea of the concert was to take all of the New York-based artists and have them perform in front of a large crowd. For the event, 50 Cent was able to get Papoose, Maino, members of the Wu-Tang Clan, members of Dipset, and The L.O.X.

Not so long ago, 50 Cent was bragging about how he did not need anyone besides his G-Unit crew. It was during that time that he was feuding with Jadakiss and Cam’ron. He had gone as far as to brag about ending the careers of Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, and Cam’ron. All four of those rappers are New York-based and all are known for their hits.

Fabolous, another New York act was surprised when he discovered that 50 Cent was trying to unite a divided New York hip hop scene. Fab acknowledged that just a few years ago, it had been 50 Cent that ended the run of Ja Rule and had taken on Fat Joe and Jadakiss. In Fabolous’ mind, it was 50’s fault that the New York scene was divided as it is.

The comments that Fabolous made were used by the hip hop writers to try and start a feud between him and 50 Cent. Only minutes after the comments were circulating the internet, 50 had already come back, hinting towards releasing a diss in Fabolous’ direction. The next day, Fabolous made it clear that he was not trying to diss 50 Cent.

Behind closed doors, the two rappers had talked and 50 Cent revealed that there were no issues between him and Fabolous. 50 said that he would have felt the same way if he had been an outsider looking in at all of his feuds with other New York artists. As fast as 50 Cent is talking about uniting New York, he is steadily dissing Jay-Z.

Despite the contradiction of himself, Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan supports 50 Cent’s efforts to unite New York rappers. He said that some may be questioning 50’s intentions, but some of the veteran rappers have to step up and do something. Many have criticized 50 Cent for what he did, but no one else has offered to do anything like this in the past.

Raekwon did bring up some strong points, but the fact remains, 50 Cent is determined to bring down Jay-Z.