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Warren G headed to Priority Records?

23 Jan

Ever since 2003, Priority Records had been defunct. The active artists on the label were either absorbed into Capitol Records or they were forced to leave entirely. Right before the end of 2009, EMI announced that they were reviving the label. In the past, the label was known for releasing albums from many independent West Coast labels. They had even distributed releases from Interscope Records after Atlantic Records cut ties with them.

With the revival of Priority Records came the need for leadership. Ever since the successful tenure of Jay-Z over Def Jam, many other labels have looked towards artists to lead them. The track record of Snoop Dogg with his Doggystyle label was too much to pass up. After the release of his album, Ego Trippin’, Snoop Dogg made the decision to leave Geffen/Interscope, but he had yet to find himself a home.

Priority Records named him the creative chairman of the label, which gave him to right to operate the label. Under the terms of this deal, Snoop Dogg became an artist for the label and his label became a subsidiary of Priority Records. When he accepted this role with the label, Snoop said that he was going to use his new position to revive the West Coast hip hop scene. After only four months with the label, Snoop Dogg has accomplished a lot.

For starters, he has already released an album under the label and he has signed Mac Dre 100, 213, and Cypress Hill to contracts with Priority Records. He has had a relationship with Warren G for years and they are members of 213, along with Nate Dogg. A few months ago, Snoop decided that their next album would be released on Priority Records and Warren G has expressed interest in signing with a new label. Since he is already a part of 213, a signed Priority act, he may decide to move full time to the label.

Due to his relationship with Snoop Dogg and the signing-spree that he is on, it is highly possible that he may end up signing Warren G to the label.

Snoop Dogg to release New Album in March

21 Jan

In five years at Geffen Records, Snoop Dogg had become the top rap artist on the label. Despite his status, his 2008 album, Ego Trippin’, was not promoted by the label. Because of a lack of promotion, the album did not sell very well. Late in 2008, Snoop announced that he was leaving Geffen.

Throughout his career, Snoop Dogg has either recorded for EMI or UMG. The best run that he had in his career came in the late 1990s while he recorded for Priority Records, a subsidiary of EMI. In the fall of 2009, Snoop Dogg was offered the role of Creative Chairman of his former label. While his role is called Creative Chariman, he practically runs the label.

Under the terms of the deal, Snoop Dogg would release all of his future albums on Priority Records. Along with his releases, Doggystyle Records would switch from distribution from Geffen to Priority. The first product from this marriage was Snoop’s tenth album, Malice ‘n’ Wonderland. In the time since the release of the album, it has been hailed as one of the best albums from The Doggfather.

The album has become so popular amongst fans, there has been demand for more music from Snoop Dogg. He has plans of signing more acts to Priority and getting their music out. However, the job of Snoop Dogg is to make money for the label. It does not matter who is releasing music as long as it is selling. As it currently stands, the only marketable artist on the label happens to be Snoop Dogg.

Due to his marketability and the demand for new music, Snoop Dogg has decided to deliver another album this year. In an attempt to capitalize off of his recent classic, this new release will be titled More Malice: Deluxe. Not only will he deliver another album, but also a mini-movie to go along with it. This album will feature five new tracks, five remixes, and two songs from the previous album.

Snoop Dogg has set the release date for March 23, 2010 on Doggystyle Records, Priority Records, and Capitol Records. This release date is also when Game finally releases The R.E.D. Album and when Memphis Bleek will be releasing The Process. Initially, Game was going to release his album on the same day that the first Malice came out. Among the collaborators for the new Malice will be Jamie Foxx.

Snoop Dogg adds Cypress Hill to his Priority list

18 Jan

During the late summer of 2009, Snoop Dogg became a hip hop president. Already having been in charge of his own label for a decade and a half, Snoop was given the reigns to Priority Records. The label had been on a hiatus for nearly ten years. In 2008, EMI revived the label and placed it under the Capitol Records Group. When looking for a person to run the label, they looked no further than Snoop Dogg.

From 1998 until 2003, Snoop Dogg was on the label and he was their highest-selling artist. But, in 2004, he left the label to reunite with Dr. Dre over at Interscope Records. After five years over there, Snoop Dogg was searching for a way out. In 2008, he had announced a new deal to record music on a record label owned by MTV. For unknown reasons, this deal fell apart and when he was offered the deal to return to Priority, Snoop Dogg did not think twice.

Under the deal, Snoop Dogg became the Executive Vice President of Artist Development at the label. This gives him the authority to sign as many acts to the label as he would like to. In addition to that, his Doggystyle imprint was moved from distribution under Koch and Geffen Records to an exclusive distribution deal with Priority Records. All of the artists were transferred over to the label.

The first act signed to the Snoop Dogg-run Priority Records was 213, which he followed by the signing of Mac Dre and now he has signed Cypress Hill to the label. Snoop Dogg stated that he was going to use his new position to revive the West Coast hip hop scene. Now that a rapper is in charge, he feels that they can now begin to do things for themselves. Not only does Snoop sign artists to the label, he also decides who will release their album and when they will do it.

Snoop Dogg has no plans of stopping with this signing; he has more moves in store that will be announced in the future. The first album released under this new label was Snoop’s own tenth studio album, Malice ‘n’ Wonderland.