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Snoop Dogg is looking to revive West Coast hip hop with New Role

20 Dec

Late last year, Snoop Dogg left Interscope Records, entirely. He had been with the label for five years, where he enjoyed some of the greatest success of his career. Through Death Row, he had started his career at Interscope. Still with the label were the founder, Jimmy Iovine, and his former partner, Dr. Dre. Because of that, Snoop Dogg was family at the label.

However, throughout his career, Snoop Dogg has been a rolling stone. Early in his career, he realized that he could not always count on his record label. That was the reason that he launched his own label, Dogg Pound Records. In 1998, he would move himself and his label away from Dogg Pound Records for a deal with Master P’s No Limit Records.

At the time, No Limit was distributed by Priority Records. For years, Priority had been an independent label that distributed music from many independent West Coast artists. Had it not been for this label, Eazy-E would have never been able to watch his Ruthless Records rise to such heights. When Death Row was removed from Warner Music Group, they came to this label.

Recording for the label had been a longtime dream of Snoop’s. In 2001, his deal with No Limit expired. Despite his strong relationship with Master P, Snoop Dogg had spent his time under him learning how to become a better executive. His first move was deciding to remove himself from under the No Limit name and sign straight to Priority Records.

The result was Snoop Dogg rising from an average rap star and into icon status. Many thought that he would remain under Priority for the long term. However, on his 2002 album, Paid tha Cost to be Tha Boss, he began working with Pharrell. It turns out that their working relationship was so strong that Pharrell convinced Snoop Dogg to sign with his Star Trak Entertainment.

At the time, Star Trak was distributed by Priority Records, however, soon the label switched to Interscope Records for distribution. Because of the fact that Snoop Dogg had signed directly to his label, he was also forced to move to Interscope. This was not a sad move for Snoop because he was allowed to work under the same label as Dr. Dre, again.

For four years, Snoop Dogg recorded music for Geffen/Interscope. He released hit singles and produced decent album sales. It was during his time under Star Trak that he released his first number one hit single of his career. His 2004 single, “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” became his first single to ever top the Billboard Hot 100.

However, over time, Snoop Dogg grew bored of his deal with the label. Watching Jay-Z work out a multi-million dollar deal with Live Nation, Snoop soon worked out a deal with MTV that allowed his music to be recorded on a new version of Doggystyle Records that would be distributed by MTV. For unknown reasons, this deal never happened, but Snoop Dogg remained off of Interscope Records.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Snoop Dogg had taken an executive role at Priority Records. It turns out that Snoop will serve as an Executive Vice President for the label. It is now his responsibility to get new artists signed to the label. While Snoop said that he is only looking for what is hot, he said that he hopes to use his position to revive the West Coast.

Pointing out the history that Priority has with such controversial groups as NWA, Snoop Dogg says that he wants to duplicate that success. Snoop Dogg wants to give many of the independent artists on the Los Angeles hip hop scene a chance now that he has an executive role at Priority Records. Unlike with Interscope, Snoop also has the power to determine when the music will be released.

Snoop Dogg speaks on T.I. and Lil Wayne’s Jail Time

14 Dec

Still celebrating the release of his historic tenth studio album, Malice n Wonderland, Snoop Dogg took some time off to discuss the recent sentences of T.I. and Lil Wayne. Just last year, T.I. was on top of the rap world, boasting two chart-topping singles. This year was supposed to be a repeat.

Instead, he was sentenced to one year of prison time. In that time, Tip has been unable to create new music. At the rate that he was going with the music coming from his crew, T.I. could really have a hold on the music scene right about now. But, his decisions a few years ago have cost him that opportunity.

Like, T.I., Lil Wayne is also in the middle of a big run. Next week, the New Orleans rapper is planning on releasing a new album. However, after the release of that album, Wayne, too will have to take a break from the music to serve time in prison. At the rate that these rappers are going, they will not have the chance to reach an historic tenth album.

Early in his career, Snoop Dogg was also forced to take a break from music to serve time in prison. However, after that time, Snoop Dogg was a changed man. He decided to leave the rough lifestyle to the rough people as he made the transition from a gangsta rapper into a legend. Now that he has reached that status, the hip hop community looks to Snoop for leadership.

Recently, he took the time to speak on both rappers’ situations. He described rappers going to jail like an athlete using steroids, something that is bound to happen at one time or another. Snoop went on to describe rappers that end up in these situations as rappers that have no one to provide them a voice of reason.

Snoop Dogg said that rappers are going to have to learn to be smarter and more discreet about what they are doing.

Album Review: Snoop Dogg’s “Malice n Wonderland”

13 Dec

Many rappers hope to reach this mark, but few ever do. Plenty of emcees call themselves veterans, but they never cross this mark. Snoop Dogg has, he finally reached the tenth album of his career.

This album is special because he returned to EMI Music to release this album. At the peak of his post-Death Row career, Snoop Dogg recorded for EMI. However, he wanted to work with the top producers, so he left for Geffen Records.

Now that it is clear that he can roll with the best, Snoop Dogg is back where he belongs. Late last year, he left Geffen to sign a deal with MTV. Obviously, that deal fell apart as he ended up signing a deal to take an executive position at Priority Records. For a few years that label has been defunct.

Snoop was thrilled to have the opportunity to help revive the label. Not only will he be releasing the first new music, but he will also sign new artists. While he has not gotten to the signing new artists part, Snoop has been able to release new music from the label. The first thing heard from Priority Records in over five years was Snoop Dogg’s own “Gangsta Luv.”

Unlike his other albums, Malice n Wonderland is relatively short. Already, he has released three other singles from the album. Aside from the collaboration with The-Dream on “Gangsta Luv,” Snoop Dogg has recorded with Soulja Boy, Lil Jon, Jazmine Sullivan, Nipsey Hussle, Problem, Kokane, R. Kelly, Brandy, and Pharrell.

This album will be notable for returning Brandy and Lil Jon back to the public eye. Last year, Brandy released an album to critical-acclaim, but that did little to rebuild her fan base. Ever since 2006 and the “Hip Hop Is Dead movement,” Lil Jon has been out of the public eye. He was one of the main ones blamed for the decline of hip hop music.

With Snoop Dogg, these artists and more are back. On the production side, Snoop has worked with Scoop DeVille, Dr. Dre, Terrace Martin, Lil Jon, Teddy Riley, PMG, The-Dream, Tricky Stewart, B-Don, Super Ced, Danja, Timbaland, Jason Martin, Battlecat, Nottz, The Neptunes, and J.R. Rotem.

Track listing:

  1. “Intro”
  2. “I Wanna Rock”
  3. “2 Minute Warning”
  4. “1800” featuring Lil Jon
  5. “Different Languages” featuring Jazmine Sullivan
  6. “Gangsta Luv” featuring The-Dream
  7. “Pronto” featuring Soulja Boy
  8. “That’s tha Homie”
  9. “Upside Down” featuring Nipsey Hussle and Problem
  10. “Secrets” featuring Kokane
  11. “Pimpin Ain’t EZ” featuring R. Kelly
  12. “Luv Drunk” featuring The-Dream
  13. “Special” featuring Brandy and Pharrell
  14. “Outro”
  15. “Bootiez Automatic (iTunes Bonus)

Unlike most other Snoop Dogg albums, Malice n Wonderland is relatively short. Most of his albums take an entire day to listen to, while this one is only long enough for a ride or two across town. Because of this, the album is much easier to listen to and it will not be rushed through by the listeners.

Right out of the gate, Snoop goes in on the hard-hitting “I Wanna Rock.” This song seemingly sets the tone for the rest of the album. He continues with the hardcore music on the next track and his Lil Jon collaboration will be one of the early high points of the album.

For the ladies, Snoop Dogg slows things down to talk about relationships with Jazmine Sullivan, then he goes right into “Gangsta Luv.” After one more slow song, the music speeds back up, right into his Timbaland-produced track, “That’s tha Homie.” It is something that Snoop has never tried before that came out right.

“Upside Down” and “Problems” are two slip-ups, but his reunion with R. Kelly for “Pimpin Ain’t EZ” almost make up for those slips. Continuing his rhymes of seduction, The Doggfather re-teamed with The-Dream for “Luv Drunk.” Also, for the first time in his career, Snoop Dogg worked with his cousin, Brandy.

Brandy and Pharrell assist Snoop on “Special,” another slow track on the album. It sets things up perfectly for the album’s outro. Out of all of Snoop Dogg’s albums, Malice n Wonderland will stick out. He removes himself from the stagnation that he showed on his last two albums.

With this album, it is clear that he has grown as an artist. On his last two albums, he seemed bored with the game. During the promotion of last year’s Ego Trippin, he admitted to being bored with the music. Over the past year and a half, Snoop Dogg has shown a rededication that is displayed all over this album.

Overall, Malice n Wonderland is a great listen that will not take all day to be heard in its entirety. From Hip Hop Vibe, the album will receive a 7 out of 10 ranking.

The album was released on December 8, 2009 on Doggystyle Records and Priority Records through EMI Music.

Snoop Dogg – Malice n Wonderland (7/10)

Snoop Dogg praises 50 Cent

2 Dec

There are not too many people in hip hop with a business mind as great as that of 50 Cent’s. This has not gone unnoticed by Snoop Dogg. Early in 50’s career, Snoop lent a hand to the rising rapper and provided a verse on “P.I.M.P. (remix).” Not only did 50 Cent make sure that his career was in place, but he also looked after the artists signed to G-Unit Records.

In an interview with DJ Whoo Kid, Snoop Dogg praised the G-Unit general. He said that 50 outgrew everything that was around him. Snoop mentioned how he used the popularity of his music to introduce his artists, and then he appeared on their music. But, before long, they were doing music on their own and it was popular.

Snoop Dogg went on to praise all of the artists on the G-Unit label, past and present. He said that every artist on the label has done their thing. Snoop Dogg even mentioned Spider Loc, a rapper that he has been feuding with for over a year. He would describe 50 Cent as one of the most fair rap businessmen in the game.

Towards the end of the discussion, he compared 50 Cent to other prominent rappers that came with their own labels. Among those rappers he compared to 50 was Master P. He went on to say a lot of the things that P did with his No Limit label are things that 50 emulated for his own G-Unit movement.

Snoop Dogg talks Gang Relations and New Album

26 Nov

It has been long established that Snoop Dogg is gang-affiliated. As long as he has been in the game, he has let it be known that he is a Crip. Despite his gang affiliation, Snoop has been a longtime symbol for peace in hip hop. Many people do not know this, but he was a key factor in ending the feud between Murder Inc. and Shady/Aftermath.

Snoop Dogg is openly a Crip and he constantly displays this in his records, but he is also very good friends with Blood rapper, Game. He says it is simply the fact that he has so much clout in the streets and respect from everyone that he is allowed to do this. Snoop is not the only rapper to ever claim to be in a gang.

For the past few years, more and more rappers and black teens, alike, have been claiming gang affiliations. To all of these people, Snoop Dogg has sent a fair warning, do not come to California. He said that these rappers from other places, claiming to be Crips, have gotten into trouble when they had to face the real Crips and the same for those claiming to be Bloods.

Snoop Dogg said that any rapper that comes out to California has to first call him up so that he can secure things for them. He said that some rappers have come out to L.A. in the past without reaching out to him and they ran into trouble. Snoop said that the respect that these people of the streets have for him makes them not bother anyone that he is cool with.

While anyone coming into L.A. has to reach out to him, he said that there are certain people that he reaches out to before he goes places. He said that if he has plans of coming to New York, he first calls certain people to see if it is cool for him to come. If they say “it’s cool,” he comes, if not, he stays in his place.

Snoop Dogg later went on to talk about his new album, Malice n Wonderland. He said that he is confident that the album will be a classic. Snoop said that he completed the album, already, and he is now waiting to release it. In addition to discussing the new album, he promised it in stores on December 8, 2009 on Doggystyle Records, Priority Records, and Capitol Records.

Album Preview: Snoop Dogg’s “Malice n Wonderland”

24 Nov

It has been sixteen years since Snoop Dogg released his debut album, Doggystyle, on Death Row Records. Since that time, there have been many highs and lows in the career of Snoop Dogg. He moved over to No Limit Records and became rap’s biggest star for a little while.

Those times are definitely in the past because Snoop Dogg has barely been able to make a dent, sales-wise, on his recent releases. He has been able to come out with strong singles, in the past, but he hardly ever tops gold on any of his releases. With this new album, Snoop Dogg hopes to achieve all of this.

His first single, “Gangsta Luv,” featuring The-Dream, is something completely out of Snoop Dogg’s element. Never before had he done a song like this and with such a contrasting style. In many ways, this song was an experiment. Not all experiments turn out to be successful, but this one did. This song also set the stage for the entire album.

  1. “Intro”
  2. “I Wanna Rock”
  3. “2 Minute Warning”
  4. “1800” featuring Lil Jon
  5. “Different Languages” featuring Jazmine Sullivan
  6. “Gangsta Luv” featuring The-Dream
  7. “Pronto” featuring Soulja Boy
  8. “That’s That Homie”
  9. “Upside Down” featuring Problem and Nipsey Hussle
  10. “Secrets” featuring Kokane
  11. “Pimpin Ain’t EZ” featuring R. Kelly
  12. “Luv Drunk” featuring The-Dream
  13. “Special” featuring Brandy and Pharrell
  14. “Outro”

The album has a great lineup of guests and Snoop Dogg seems more and more willing to try new things. In the past, Snoop has been very critical of music from the likes of Soulja Boy. However, new generation hip hop fans feel that Snoop should not knock it until he tries it. Now, Snoop Dogg has tried it and it works out well in “Pronto.”

Like every other Snoop Dogg album, the production is on-point. There is not a moment on the album where the production slips. On such tracks as “Different Languages,” the Doggfather does his best to explain relationship issues. He also brings the vintage Snoop with such tracks as “Upside Down” and “That’s That Homie.”

In an attempt to strike lightning twice, Snoop Dogg has reunited with R. Kelly for a sequel, of sorts, to their 2006 hit, “That’s That Shit,” with “Pimpin Ain’t EZ.” If the album stays the way that it is now, it has the makings to be one of the best in Snoop’s career. Unlike his past releases, this album is rather short and easier to listen to on a quick ride around town.

This new album, Malice n Wonderland, is expected to be released on December 8, 2009 on Doggystyle Records and Priority Records.

Snoop Dogg denies dissing Birdman and Lil Wayne

19 Nov

Last month, a song from Snoop Dogg was released that had him rapping lyrics that seemed to detail the kiss between Birdman and Lil Wayne in 2006. While the lyrics seemed to be aimed directly towards Birdman and Wayne, no names were mentioned. Because of that, Snoop says that he did not diss them.

When he was asked about dissing Wayne and Birdman, Snoop Dogg said that he does not diss people indirectly. He said that if he did not mention their name, he was not talking about them. He went on to discuss his song, “Pimp Slap,” where he went in on Suge Knight. Snoop Dogg said that it is unlike him to beat around the bush, he goes right at people when he has an issue.

Snoop Dogg concluded by saying that there is not a rapper in the game that he has an issue with. He said if there is any rapper that feels offended by something that he has said, please bring it to him. Snoop denied making any diss songs, instead, he said that he makes hit songs.

Has Snoop Dogg become a Hater?

28 Oct

Snoop DoggRecently, Snoop Dogg admitted to something truly horrible, the Doggfather, himself, has admitted to being a hater. Seeing how long Snoop has been out of the public eye, it would be hard to even track his recent activities. But, Snoop has shown some hater-like characteristics.

Last month, Snoop Dogg revealed that he had dissed Soulja Boy. People love to criticize Soulja Boy because of his style. His music may not appeal to everyone, but he brought something new, which is the essence of hip hop music. So, Snoop’s negative comments about Soulja Boy do give the impression that he is hating.

For the past few years, Lil Wayne has risen to the top of the game. In this same span, Snoop Dogg has been falling off. Looking at how hard Snoop has been working, this can be very frustrating. It is easy to imagine him going at Wayne out of sheer anger.

A song from Snoop Dogg’s latest album, Malice n Wonderland, recently leaked to the Internet. The song called out Lil Wayne and Birdman for their 2006 public kiss. Has Snoop Dogg become a hater?

Snoop Dogg disses Lil Wayne and Birdman

19 Oct

Snoop DoggOnly months after apologizing to Soulja Boy over his negative remarks, Snoop Dogg has a new song that subliminally disses Lil Wayne and Birdman. On the song, he brings up the 2006 kissing incident. On the song, Snoop raps about what a real man does, kissing another man is not it.

It was thought that Snoop Dogg actually had no issues with Lil Wayne and Birdman. At times, they have shouted each other out and it seemed that a collaboration was near. Honestly, it is unclear what brought this diss from Snoop Dogg on.

Birdman has already responded to the diss. More than anything, he is puzzled about the Snoop Dogg diss. The only possible reason for this is the on-going feud between Lil Wayne and 50 Cent, a former associate of Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg confirms Game/Dre Reconciliation

11 Oct

Snoop DoggLong before the album is even set to release, Dr. Dre’s Detox has taken a wild turn of events. Since he first began working on this album, so much has happened in his career.

Among the most notable was his participation in the rise of 50 Cent and G-Unit. He produced most of their records, along with Eminem and helped them take over the rap game.

Not too many people know that The Game was signed to Aftermath Entertainment only months before 50 Cent. However, 50’s story and his feud with Ja Rule was more interesting than the guy from Compton.

Not to leave his protege out, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine had the idea of transferring The Game to G-Unit, making him a member of the group. On paper, the idea was great. Despite their personal relationship, The Game and 50 Cent had great chemistry, musically.

The Game released his debut album in 2005 and the album spawned top five singles and sold five million copies. Along the way, it added to Dr. Dre’s record of success, built 50 Cent’s, and made The Game into a hip hop star. The only problem was the fact that he and 50 Cent were not getting along.

In the end, The Game ended up leaving G-Unit and Aftermath after Dr. Dre sided with 50 Cent. It is something that has had Game messed up ever since. On his two albums recorded without Dre, he pleads for his forgiveness.

By the way that The Game mentions the situation, one would think that it happened only months ago. The truth is, the whole big feud happened over five years ago. It had been that long since Game and Dr. Dre had even been in the same room.

However, last week a photo surfaced on Twitter of Snoop Dogg, The Game, and Dr. Dre. On the message, The Game hinted towards working with Dr. Dre on Detox. Some tried to say that the picture was a fake, but Snoop Dogg confirmed that the picture was real and it was Dre’s idea to take it.

Snoop even explained how the whole reunion came to be. He said that Dr. Dre was working with him and they played some beats that seemed like they would be perfect for The Game. From there, Dre asked Snoop to call him up and ask him to come over.

Expectantly, The Game rushed over and they all began working on music together as if nothing had changed. It felt like it had only been days since the whole situation went down instead of five years. Snoop Dogg confirmed that The Game will be on Detox.

While The Game will be on Detox, it is still unknown if Dr. Dre will be involved with Game’s project, The R.E.D. Album. Snoop Dogg’s next album, Malice n Wonderland, will be released on December 8, The Game’s R.E.D. will be released sometime in December, also, while Detox is currently set for release in 2010.

All of these albums will be released on Interscope Records.