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Mims may sign with Ruff Ryders

17 Feb

When he first made his debut with “This Is Why I’m Hot,” Mims often boasted about his deal with Capitol Records. Every time he spoke of his deal with the label, he also talked about his strong relationship with the executives. Because he came and delivered them a hit, the label was all for him. But, they mishandled his next project, 2009’s Guilt. After his album flopped, there were rumors of Mims being upset with Capitol Records.

Even as early as June 2009, there were rumors of Mims demanding a buyout from Capitol so that he could move on to another label. Late in the summer of 2009, Mims announced that he was working on his third album. He had even said that the title would be I Am The Best. Apparently, he worked things out with Capitol Records, for the time being, because he said that he had his people behind him, once again. The album was supposed to be delivered late last year.

Obviously, the album never came to be. Mims has often complained about a lack of promotion from Capitol Records. He said that if he had been signed to another label that they would probably do more to promote him. At one point, Mims said that he would sign with an independent label once he was done at Capitol. Recently, Ruff Ryders began distributing independent artists.

They offer package deals for artists and their labels.’ The first artist to work with Ruff Ryders’ independent branch was Drag-On. He had been signed to the regular label for his entire career. If he ends up doing well and his label also has success, Mims may become the next artist to try out a deal with Ruff Ryders.

Swizz Beatz plans to focus on Ruff Ryders’ movement

6 Feb

As it currently stands, the members of the Ruff Ryders are all over the place. This has been the case for some time. Many would assume that the Ruff Ryders were created in the late 1990s, but the truth is that the label began in 1988 as a management company. It was not until they began working with DMX that they became a record label. They helped him sign with Def Jam, while they had a deal with Interscope Records.

During their time with Interscope, the label signed The L.O.X., Eve, and Drag-On. Aside from that, a group was created that consisted of all of the signed artists to the label. That group was named after the label and the company, Ruff Ryders. While the above artists are signed to the label through Interscope, as is the group, there are other artists who are signed to many other deals. Dating back to the 1990s, Swizz Beatz has been in charge of the label.

While most label heads try to land an exclusive distribution deal with one label, Swizz Beatz would rather suit the tastes of all of his artists. Not only does he run the Ruff Ryders label, but he also runs another label, Full Surface. Aside from his executive duties, Swizz Beatz is also one of the top producers in hip hop. Right now, he has a full plate with every one of his associates trying to release an album before the end of this year. His philosophy of suiting every artist has come back to bite him.

Not only does Swizz Beatz work with the artists that are signed to Ruff Ryders and Full Surface, but he also works with artists on their own record labels. With so much on his plate, he has decided to reorganize the company. Right now, he has two artists who do not have a distribution deal in DMX and Eve. As the most-notable names on the label, they need a place to call home, so he is hoping to get them both signed to the same label.

Because of his jammed schedule, Swizz Beatz is in danger of losing The L.O.X., which consists of Jadakiss, Styles P, and Sheek Louch, to Bad Boy Records. As a group, they run a record label of their own with a full stable of artists. They are signed to Ruff Ryders through Interscope and a joint venture deal with Bad Boy. After the release of their next album, The L.O.X. are free to move on to another label. The way it is looking, they may choose Bad Boy.

With all of the work that Swizz Beatz has been putting in with these artists, he deserves a larger portion of the profits. Despite what he deserves, as a producer, he is only receiving a small portion of profits of the projects that he is working on. But, if he served as the producer and the head of these artist’ record label, his profits would increase by a lot more. After he is done working on side projects, such as his work with Memphis Bleek and Jay-Z, Swizz Beatz plans to organize his projects.

After years of running Full Surface much like he runs Ruff Ryders, Swizz Beatz plans to place the label under Ruff Ryders to have it exclusively distributed by Ruff Ryders. All of the artists on Full Surface will eventually be moved over to Ruff Ryders. He will also move his production work under a Ruff Ryders’ umbrella and the Ruff Ryders Indy branch will remain so that they could take on a bigger portion of profits.

Swizz Beatz has plans of offering deals to all of his artists who run their own labels. He hopes to have all of their labels distributed exclusively by Ruff Ryders, and then he will find a solid distribution deal for the label. For years, the label has had a strong relationship with Interscope, but the label has had a running relationship with Def Jam. In addition to the relationships with those labels, Swizz Beatz has maintained a close relationship to both Universal Motown and Columbia Records.

With everything so hectic, Swizz Beatz has plans of organizing the Ruff Ryders into one big label. The question is if everything will fall into place.

Drag-On is pumped about Upcoming Projects

5 Feb

For years, Drag-On was one of the most loyal members of the Ruff Ryders. As other members left for television projects and other labels, he remained. Now, after twelve years of being down with the crew, Drag is doing things for himself. Dating back to November, Drag-On has been working on the follow-up to his 2007 album, Hood Environment.

With this latest project, Drag-On has stepped out to release this album through a venture that he created. Frequently, Drag has stated that he will remain Ruff Ryders regardless, but he is no longer on the label. Following his last album, he created a record label, Hood Environment Entertainment, which has a deal set up with Universal. He still owes one more album to his former crew, which he will deliver in the future.

Because the Ruff Ryders’ crew has been moving in different directions, Swizz Beatz has taken on different projects. The most notable one is the new Jay-Z project. Swizz has been busy, but he will still be working with Drag-On on his latest album. Aside from the work on his own album, he has been working with Swizzy on the new Ruff Ryder album. Currently, there is no title for his own solo album, but he plans to release it in June.

However, the Ruff Ryders will be releasing their album, Ruff Ryders Evolution: Generation, later this year in July.

Drag-On talks Ruff Ryders and DMX

31 Dec

Ever since the Ruff Ryders first rose to prominence, behind DMX, Eve, and The L.O.X., Drag-On has been right there. Despite the fact that he has been the most loyal member to the Double R camp, as they are fondly called, he as never quite had his chance to shine. Maybe, if he had been, the crew would not have fallen off after DMX and the rest of the crew went on their hiatus. The big comeback year was supposed to be 2007, but issues happened and their comeback is set for 2010.

With a new decade, the camp has branched out in many ways. Drag-On said that he will always be a part of the Ruff Ryders’ movement, but he is branching out into his own. Not only is he a member of the Ruff Ryders, but Drag-On is also the head of his own record label, Hood Environment. No longer is Drag signed to the Ruff Ryders label, instead, he is signed to the distribution branch of the label, Ruff Ryders Indy.

This new spin-off of the original Ruff Ryders Entertainment will distribute his Hood Environment label. The first album under this deal will be Drag-On’s upcoming album, My Life, My Legacy, My Melody. After the release of his album, he will decide when the other artists signed to his label will release their new music. Not only will this album be the first off of his new imprint, but his last on the original Ruff Ryders label. After this, he is signed to a 50/50 venture with the label. He is now more than an artist.

The main reason that Drag-On decided to go ahead and start his own label was because all of the other Ruff Ryders artists were off doing other things. It became lonely with Drag being the only person on the label actually recording music. Because of that, he went back to the streets and started his own crew. But, when Swizz Beatz reached out, the entire crew reached back and they decided that they should record another album for the Ruff Ryders’ crew.

Due to the success that Drag-On has had on the street level, Swizz Beatz wanted to sign him to his other label, Full Surface. They reached a deal, but Drag will first have to release his final album on the Ruff Ryder label. His Hood Environment will be distributed by Ruff Ryders Indy, but all of Drag-On’s releases will come through Swizz Beatz’ Full Surface label.

For the past two months, Drag-On has been hard at work on his new album. He wants to get many of the Ruff Ryders together for this album. More than anything, he wants to work with DMX. But, due to the legal trouble that X is going through and his plethora of lawsuits, Drag understands why the dog has yet to get back with him. However, he did say that DMX is in the studio every chance he gets and he is recording his new album.

Ruff Ryders gear up for a Big 2010

9 Dec

For the past few years, the Ruff Ryders camp has been relatively quiet. This is all going to change at a very fast rate. It has been almost five years of minimal activity and the entire camp is ready for a comeback.

Recently, the company launched a new label, Ruff Ryders Indy. This new label will work with independent artists to release their albums. The first artist signed under this deal is Drag-On.

Drag-On will be releasing his long-awaited third album, My Life, My Legacy, My Melody in March 2010. This release is a 50% joint venture between Ruff Ryders Indy and Drag-On’s own Hood Environment. While he has been an integral part of the Ruff Ryders for some time, this will be his last release with the crew.

Forever, Drag-On says that he will remain on good terms with Swizz Beatz and the rest of the camp, but he has to break out on his own. In 2006, he launched his label, Hood Environment. The label already has a stable of artists signed. Currently, the roster consists of Da Dude and Eyez.B.

The group, Ruff Ryders will be releasing a new album in 2010 entitled Ruff Ryders Evolution: Generation I. The first single from this album was the remix of Jadakiss’ “Who’s Real,” which featured The L.O.X., Eve, Drag-On, and DMX.

Also coming in 2010 will be new releases from The L.O.X. (in conjunction with Bad Boy), DMX, Eve, and Swizz Beatz. The first release under this rededication will be the new Ruff Ryders album.

Jadakiss leaves Roc-A-Fella Records, reunites with Ruff Ryders

26 Nov

In 2007, Jadakiss was convinced to sign with Roc-A-Fella Records to release his new album, at the time, he was still feuding with 50 Cent and he was trying to block his album from being released. At the time, Roc-A-Fella was still a vibrant label with a heavy roster of stars. The label was celebrating releases from Kanye West and Jay-Z.

When the next year arrived, the label geared up for yet another year of releases. The label did receive some releases, just not the way that was expected. Jay-Z dropped himself from Roc-A-Fella and Def Jam. Then, the rest of the label, aside from Jadakiss and Kanye West left. Out of nowhere, the label went from around fifteen artists to two.

By the time Jadakiss released his album, there was no buzz surrounding the album. He moved to Roc-A-Fella for the chance to work with their roster of talent to boost his music. But, once he began making music, they left. Not long after the release of The Last Kiss, Jadakiss reunited with his crew, the Ruff Ryders.

Now, it has been revealed that Jadakiss has left Roc-A-Fella Records to reunite with the Ruff Ryders label. In the near future, a new project will be coming from The L.O.X. and Jadakiss is expected to soon collaborate with DMX and Eve, both of which are working on new albums. Swizz Beatz has described all of the new music coming from the crew as classic.

While his time at the Roc could have been spent better, Jada did spend some time with the old crew. Perhaps, it just wasn’t meant to be. Instead of staying on a sinking label, Jadakiss has decided to go back with what worked and reunite with his old crew. A new Ruff Ryder album is expected sometime in 2010.