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Raekwon plans to Double Up for 2010

7 Jan

Before the release of last year’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II, it had been six years since there had been a new album from Raekwon. Even when he was releasing music at a consistent rate, Raekwon had never had much of a mainstream name. With the release of his 2009 album, this all changed. Now, Raekwon is one of the better-known names in rap. Some were choosing his comeback over that of Jay-Z’s.

Now that Raekwon is back in the public eye, he does not want to let go of his new-found popularity. Late last year, Raekwon made his comeback and he teamed up with his group-mates, Method Man and Ghostface to record a new album. Coming as a release on Def Jam, Raekwon will be releasing The Wu-Massacre with his group-mates. The album was supposed to have been released last month, but Raekwon had the album pushed back to February 2010.

Aside from the project with Method Man and Ghostface, Raekwon plans to continue his own successful solo career. With a new year here already, Raekwon wants to build on the success that he was having last year with his last album. In an effort to keep his name out there, he has plans of releasing two new albums before the end of 2010. He hopes to begin working on the first one as soon as possible. He will then begin working on the next album.

Raekwon hopes to release one album in the first half of the year and the other album in the second half of the year. Both of these albums will be releases of either EMI Music or Bad Boy, where Raekwon has expressed interest of signing to.

Raekwon speaks on “The Wu-Massacre” and Jay-Z vs. 50 Cent feud

4 Jan

Riding off of the success and the buzz surrounding his huge comeback album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II, Raekwon was one of the biggest hip hop stars of 2009. Towards the end of the year, rumors began to circulate about a possible collaboration album between Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, and Method Man. Out of the Wu-Tang Clan, those three are among the most notable.

By October, buzz for the album was building at an incredible rate. This was all until Raekwon revealed that the album was not happening. He said that it was a wonderful rumor and that he would love for a project between himself and his group-mates to take place. The only thing that was stopping this from happening was the fact that they were both signed to Def Jam, while he records for EMI.

Despite being signed to EMI, Raekwon expressed interest in signing with Bad Boy Records. In response to this, Diddy said that he would love to have Rae over at his new venture with Interscope Records. When Raekwon stated that a collaboration album between himself, Ghostface and Method Man would be virtually impossible because of their label situations, Diddy offered to release their album on his Bad Boy label.

For unknown reasons, the album was suddenly back on with Raekwon on board. GZA, another member of the Wu-Tang Clan, said that he would love to do some production work for the new album. Soon, the album was set for a December 2009 release. To many, this was very short notice and Raekwon fought to get the album pushed-back. He said that the album would end up coming out on February 22, 2010 on Def Jam.

While he began speaking of his upcoming music, The Wu-Massacre, and his future plans, the conversation soon turned to the feud between Jay-Z and 50 Cent. The biggest hip hop releases of last year came from these two rappers. For some time, subliminal disses have been going back and forth between the two artists. Usually, 50 Cent is the one who releases fire first and it appeared that Jay-Z has become tired of these disses. On several tracks on his Before I Self Destruct, 50 Cent takes aim at Jay-Z.

Recorded in 2009, but released only days ago was Jay-Z’s latest single, “On To The Next One,” there are many parts of that song that take aim at 50 Cent. While the song does not call 50 Cent out by name, the actions that he describes are moves that 50 would usually make. In a short period of time, their war of words, which stemmed from an issue that former Roc-A-Fella rapper, Beanie Sigel has with Jay, has become the focal point of hip hop.

Now, when other rappers are making their rounds, they are often asked about the feud between two of rap’s biggest moguls. Some respond that the best always clash at the top, while others choose sides. Ironically, the feud started when 50 Cent was asked about Beanie Sigel’s issues with Jay-Z. He sided with Beanie Sigel, as did Game, who switched sides, and began a feud of his own with Jay.

The latest rapper to be questioned about their feud is Raekwon. He said that their feud is like a feud between brothers. Rae stated that they respect each other’s stories, style, and music. The only problem is the fact that they bump heads a lot. He described their relationship as a love-hate relationship. At different stages of his career, Raekwon has been involved in feuds with both of the rappers. Currently, he has no issues with either star.

Raekwon speaks on 2009’s success and “The Wu Massacre”

1 Jan

After being out of the game for a few years, Raekwon took hip hop by storm this year with the release of his Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Pt. II album. He had gone several years without releasing an album. When he returned, he introduced himself to a hip hop scene that is dominated by the likes of Drake and Lil Wayne. There was some doubt of Rae being able to survive in this climate, he proved them all wrong.

Even with the huge Jay-Z comeback and the acclaim of his The Blueprint, it would be Raekwon to receive the album of the year award from Time. Despite the acclaim and his return to relevance, his album still did not sell many copies. That has not left him in a down mood because he has been one of the more successful rap acts of the year.

At this point in his career, Raekwon realizes that it does not matter how many copies that an album sells. Instead, it matters more about the impact that an album has on the culture and how it is received by the public. After all, MC Hammer has an album that sold 10 million copies and it was not critically-acclaimed.

Counting his blessings in 2009, Raekwon has plans of being a team player next year. He plans to build his IceWater brand, which now includes CNN. Their new project will be delivered through his label in 2010. Also, the much-speculated album, The Wu Massacre, a collaboration between himself, Ghostface, and Method Man, will be released in 2010.

Depending on the mind state that he is in, Raekwon may also record a new solo album and release it before the end of 2010.

Raekwon talks collaboration album Push Back

2 Dec

Back in September, speculation began about a collaboration album that was supposed to take place between Method Man, Ghostface Killah, and Raekwon. As the weeks went on, hype continued to build. There was even one point where Diddy had offered to sign the rappers to Bad Boy Records in order to release the album.

Anticipation for the album continued to build until Raekwon ended all hope for the album. He said that there was no chance of the album coming. Rae admitted that he would love to record an album with Method Man and Ghostface, but the fact remains that they are on different labels. He said that there would be no problem between Method Man and Ghostface, but he is on another label.

Despite the comments made by Raekwon, fellow Wu-Tang member, RZA said that an album between those three would be classic. He said that he was going to reach out to the three rappers to see if he could produce some tracks for the album. It was after RZA made his statement that hope was renewed about the album coming into actuality.

Initially, the album was slated for release in November. However, as the days got closer, it was revealed that the album had been pushed back. Due to recent label politics, a lot of hip hop albums receive frequent push-backs. A lot of people thought that their Wu Massacre album had suffered that fate.

Raekwon recently spoke on this. He said that the push-back was something that he, Method Man and Ghostface wanted to happen. Rae said that they felt that they did not have enough time to reach their creative peaks in that amount of time. He promised that the album will be better now that it has more time.

While it is still unclear exactly what label will release Wu Massacre, it will be released before the end of 2010.

Raekwon supports 50 Cent’s This Is 50 Fest

29 Nov

It came as a shock to many when 50 Cent revealed his This Is 50 Fest. The idea of the concert was to take all of the New York-based artists and have them perform in front of a large crowd. For the event, 50 Cent was able to get Papoose, Maino, members of the Wu-Tang Clan, members of Dipset, and The L.O.X.

Not so long ago, 50 Cent was bragging about how he did not need anyone besides his G-Unit crew. It was during that time that he was feuding with Jadakiss and Cam’ron. He had gone as far as to brag about ending the careers of Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, and Cam’ron. All four of those rappers are New York-based and all are known for their hits.

Fabolous, another New York act was surprised when he discovered that 50 Cent was trying to unite a divided New York hip hop scene. Fab acknowledged that just a few years ago, it had been 50 Cent that ended the run of Ja Rule and had taken on Fat Joe and Jadakiss. In Fabolous’ mind, it was 50’s fault that the New York scene was divided as it is.

The comments that Fabolous made were used by the hip hop writers to try and start a feud between him and 50 Cent. Only minutes after the comments were circulating the internet, 50 had already come back, hinting towards releasing a diss in Fabolous’ direction. The next day, Fabolous made it clear that he was not trying to diss 50 Cent.

Behind closed doors, the two rappers had talked and 50 Cent revealed that there were no issues between him and Fabolous. 50 said that he would have felt the same way if he had been an outsider looking in at all of his feuds with other New York artists. As fast as 50 Cent is talking about uniting New York, he is steadily dissing Jay-Z.

Despite the contradiction of himself, Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan supports 50 Cent’s efforts to unite New York rappers. He said that some may be questioning 50’s intentions, but some of the veteran rappers have to step up and do something. Many have criticized 50 Cent for what he did, but no one else has offered to do anything like this in the past.

Raekwon did bring up some strong points, but the fact remains, 50 Cent is determined to bring down Jay-Z.

Hip Hop Vibe’s Hottest MCs in the Game: Raekwon

21 Oct

RaekwonThe long-awaited comeback of Raekwon has been pushed back for some time. Well, this year it came and for most, it was well worth the wait. Despite his release of two albums since, Raekwon is probably best-known for his debut album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.

In 2007, Raekwon announced his next album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II. The album, like its predecessor was critically-acclaimed upon its release and has managed to sell fairly well, also. But, for the most part, Rae has not received much airplay. Most of his exposure has come from the internet.

Of nearly all of the hip hop rumors that flood the internet on a daily basis, Raekwon’s name usually finds a way to come up. He has been rumored to sign with Bad Boy Records, rumored to be working on his next album, and rumored to be working with Method Man and Ghostface on a collaboration album.

While Raekwon’s music is not getting much play, he has managed to stay in the news and he has commented on almost every event taking place in hip hop. Aside from all of that, his album has received just as much acclaim as Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3. In 2009, there have not been many rappers that are as hot as Raekwon.

RZA Supports Method Man, Ghostface, and Raekwon Album

21 Oct

RZAOnly weeks after Raekwon said that no album is in the works between three of the Wu’s finest, Method Man, Ghostface, and Raekwon, himself, RZA has come out in support of the possible album. In his opinion, the project has been a long time coming.

When speaking on the album, RZA said that it is a great idea. He said that, years ago, he pushed the three rappers to come together to do a joint album. RZA told of a sub-group of the Wu-Tang Clan that was to be called The Brothers from the Grain. The sub-group would have consisted of Method Man, Ghostface, and Raekwon.

RZA said that he would soon meet up with Method Man in the studio and they were going to put in some work for this album. Still, it seems that Raekwon is not going to do an album with his group-mates. Due to the fact that they are signed to Def Jam and he is not, he feels that it would be too complicated for them to work together for a full album.

If those issues are worked out, an album may end up coming. RZA may do some guest appearances on the album and maybe some production. That is quite possible.

Raekwon denies Collaboration Album with Method Man and Ghostface

12 Oct

RaekwonLast month, rumors hit their peak about a collaboration album between three of the Wu-Tang Clan’s finest. The album was said to be a collaboration between Raekwon, Method Man, and Ghostface. Initially, it was written off as a rumor until Method Man confirmed that the album was indeed happening.

With all of the hype surrounding Raekwon and Ghostface’s sudden interest in recording for Bad Boy Records, there was speculation that the album may even be released on the label’s new venture with Interscope Records. Now, the album happening at all is a little bit less than speculation.

Method Man confirmed that the album was indeed happening, but Raekwon has hit right back, saying that the album is not happening. He said that it would be a great thing if the album did come together, but right now the business is just not right for it. Because of that, he would not be involved with the record.

After that was said, it is highly unlikely that an album between the three of these rappers will be released anytime soon.

Nas talks “Blueprint 3,” Raekwon, and New Album

28 Sep

NasWith his Damian Marley collaboration album, Distant Relatives, in the works, Nas has been making his rounds. He talked, or ignored talking about his expected collaboration with Jay-Z on The Blueprint 3.

Jay-Z’s current single, “Empire State of Mind” with Alicia Keys, was a tribute to Nas’ “NY State of Mind.” Originally, Nas was credited as the lone guest artist on the song, but his name was replaced by Alicia Keys. When he was asked about this, he said, “next question.”

However, Nas did praise The Blueprint 3. He said that the album, along with Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Pt. II, were his favorite albums. Nas credited those albums to bringing seriousness back to hip hop.

Nas said those albums have provided him with inspiration while he is working on his Distant Relatives album with Damian Marley. He confirmed that the album would be released before the end of 2009. Nas also stated that the album would be released on Def Jam. However, the album is not a part of his contract with the label.

After his release of Distant Relatives, Nas will begin working on his tenth studio album, which will be released in 2010. He also talked briefly on Def Jam, Nas mentioned that he was a candidate to become the label’s next president and has considered it, but wants to continue to focus on his music.

Nas’ 2010 album will be released through Def Jam Recordings and is likely to be the final album in his contract with the label.

Method Man confirms Raekwon/Ghostface Album

26 Sep

Method ManThere have been rumors circulating for months about a collaboration album between Method Man, Ghostface, and Raekwon. The album was supposed to be held under wraps, but the speculation became too much.

Recently, Wu-Tang leader, Method Man confirmed that there is indeed a collaboration album coming together between the three. Method Man said that Raekwon’s album was first, then Ghostface’s will be next, then the collaboration album will drop, and his album will be next.

Raekwon also talked coyly about a possible collaboration album between the two emcees. When he was asked about an album coming out from the three rappers, he responded saying that would be beautiful. He said that before a project can be developed, he wants him and the other rappers to have full-fledged ownership.

It is unclear who owns the rights to the project, or what label this album would be released on. Raekwon and Ghostface have a relationship with Bad Boy Records and both are more than interested in signing with the label.