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Drake studies Nas for Debut Album

23 Feb

People who often speak of the best rappers in the game speak of Jay-Z and Nas. Both rappers are known for their strong lyrical capabilities. But, at the same time, they appeal to the mainstream audience by telling their tales from the hood. Every new artist in the rap game is measured up to these rappers. On top of their lyrical ability, both rappers are known for their classic debut albums. Many times, Drake has stated that he looks up to both rappers.

Drake has been criticized for not being from the hood, or America for that fact, as long as he has been in the game. The only person that respected him as a rapper was Lil Wayne and no one understood why. However, Drake proved himself with his So Far Gone mixtape. The entire hip hop community went from clowning him because of his “Degrassi” past to praising him for his hunger on “Successful.” There are even some fans who believe that Drake could take over.

With Lil Wayne out of commission for most of 2010, Drake will have to be the spokesman for the Young Money crew this year. His debut album is supposed to be released this summer. If it is anything like his last mixtape, the fans are in store for something great. Apparently Drake is feeling the pressure behind his debut album. Many people thought that his last mixtape was his debut album, but it was just an extremely great mixtape.

In order to keep his place in the rap game, Drake has decided to take notes before he releases his debut album. More than any other rapper, he has been studying the music of Nas before he goes in and records. Drake is hoping that some of Nas’ creativity will rub off on him. Thank Me Later is currently slated for a June 2010 release.

Nas hits back at Kelis

14 Feb

“Kelis said her milkshake bring all the boys to the yard, then Nas went and tatooed the bitch on his arm.” During the height of his feud with Nas, 50 Cent uttered this line in his diss record, “Piggy Bank.” This song was released in 2005. At that time, Nas and Kelis were the hottest couple in hip hop, aside from Jay-Z and Beyonce.

The happy days did not last long. Before the end of 2008, it was revealed that the marriage between Nas and Kelis was on the rocks. There were hopes and rumors of reconciliation, but by 2009, it was clear that they could not reconcile. Nas was said to make $200,000 a month and Kelis wants $75,000 of that for child support.

Through all of the rumors and the discussion about their divorce, Nas has remained silent. Not only has their issue been exposed to the entire world for anyone to see, but it has also become one of the many running jokes. Now, Nas has decided to participate in the joking. All of the pressure from Kelis has taken a toll on his recording process. For nearly two years, he has been in and out of the studio with Damian Marley creating a new album.

Now, official recordings from this album are finally being leaked. The latest leaked recording is “Strong We Will Continue.” There is one line on this track that states it all. Rapped by Nas, it goes “how in the hell am I supposed to stay comfy when I pay child support monthly?” With that line, he goes in on all of the stress that his ex-wife has put him through over the past few years.

Prodigy had insight on future Jay-Z vs. Nas feud

28 Jan

Before his ties with G-Unit, Prodigy of Mobb Deep was the closest ally to Nas. He would always call upon Nas to work with him and Nas always called on him. It would be Prodigy’s feud with Jay-Z that ultimately led to Nas deciding to feud with the rapper. But, dating back as long as the second album from Jay-Z, Prodigy could see the possible feud.

When Jay-Z first entered the game, he rapped about the Mafioso lifestyle and his fortune and his album would sell fairly well. Meanwhile, Prodigy, Mobb Deep, and Nas were the ones with the du rags and the throwback jerseys. Coming into his 1997 follow-up, Jay-Z would drop the name of Nas on the song, “Where I’m From.” Most people took it as Jay paying homage to the rapper, but others saw it as a diss.

Nas must have taken it as homage, but Prodigy saw it as a diss. The following year, Jay-Z would capitalize on the “hood rich” image that the Queens rappers created. Then, he began introducing his crew into the game. Out of the entire crew, the personal favorite of Jay-Z was Memphis Bleek. They did two songs that were telling the story of how their friendship came to be and the debut album from Bleek continued the theme.

Aside from the “passing down the torch” from Jay-Z to Memphis Bleek, his debut album was also noted for sending light jabs to Nas. While all this was going on, Nas was going about the business of his own career. Prodigy was doing the same, but he kept an eye on the situation, which led to him and Jay-Z beginning a subliminal feud. Prodigy wanted to directly confront the entire crew because of their blatant disrespect.

Despite the wishes of Prodigy, Nas was weary of taking Jay-Z on. He decided to play things cool until the situation came to a head in 2001. Following that, the rest was history and Jay-Z would release “The Takeover,” which was followed by Nas’ forever classic response, “Ether.”

Memphis Bleek invites Nas to “The Process”?

24 Dec

Early in his career, Memphis Bleek was feuding with Nas. Their feud stems from the song, “Memphis Bleek Is…” The song has a similar format to Nas’ single from the same period of time, “Nas Is Like.” While Bleek saw himself paying homage to the Illmatic rapper, he saw it as a challenge.

Before long, Nas and Memphis Bleek were taking subliminal shots at each other. Soon, Bleek would step out of the feud and Jay-Z stepped in. First, he came with “Is That Yo Bitch,” which was rebranded as “Is That Your Chick” and it became a Memphis Bleek single. This, along with many other songs, set up the epic feud between Jay-Z and Nas.

While the feud became more of a Jay-Z and Nas situation, Memphis Bleek’s feelings towards the rapper never changed. Even as Jay-Z and Nas ended their feud, Bleek still harbored ill will towards the rapper. In 2006, Memphis Bleek spoke on his issue with Nas, saying that he looked up to him in many ways and he was surprised that Nas thought that he was disrespecting him.

Last month, it was revealed that Nas and Memphis Bleek had finally ended their feud. Now that their issue is over, it is possible that they may collaborate. Currently, Memphis Bleek is working on his album that he has described as a classic. He said that he has some unexpected tricks up his sleeve. Is one of those tricks a Nas collaboration?

Beanie Sigel says that Jay-Z wants Nas for a diss record

2 Dec

It has been one month since Beanie Sigel first declared war on Jay-Z. Initially, he said that this should not be used as a green light for other rappers to start stuff with his former boss. Only days after he said that, Beanie Sigel teamed up with 50 Cent, who has been going hard at Jay-Z ever since. Among other things, 50 Cent has said that Jay-Z is afraid to respond.

Earlier in his career, Jay-Z had gotten into quite a few hip hop squabbles. None of these feuds, he had ever responded to directly. It has been said that Jay has feuded with Fat Joe, Mobb Deep, Joe Budden, and Ja Rule. On the song, “Money, Cash, Hoes,” Jay indirectly disses Mobb Deep. However, he went at Nas directly and most agree that he lost that feud.

50 Cent pointed this out and he said that Jay-Z has avoided feuding with other rappers ever since. But, most of the artists that Jay-Z has feuded with have also had issues with 50 Cent. Ever since 2003, Nas and 50 Cent have traded barbs. In 2005, things reached its peak when Nas teamed with Fat Joe, Shyne, Jadakiss, Ja Rule, and Desert Storm to go against 50.

Despite all of the things that he has said about Nas, their feud is far from over. Back in 2005, Nas and Jay-Z ended their feud. Since that time, the two rappers have actually become good friends. In 2006, Jay-Z signed Nas to Def Jam and appeared on his album. The following year, Nas appeared on Jay-Z’s album. Their alliance is among the strongest in hip hop.

With Beanie Sigel getting louder and louder about his issues with Jay-Z, it is only a matter of time before he does something. At the same time, Jay has been ignoring three months worth of disses from 50 Cent. Jay is known to ignore things for a while and then come back with some sort of power move. One month into this feud, people have been waiting for him to pull the rabbit out of the hat.

Apparently, Beanie Sigel already knows what is about to happen. He said that Jay-Z has reached out to Nas and they will be coming back at both him and 50 Cent in the near future with a diss record. It is unclear how he knows of this, but it sounds like the type of move that Jay-Z would make. If this is indeed the case, this may end up being a very nasty feud.

Nas to perform on “Empire State of Mind” remix?

27 Nov

When Jay-Z was thinking of the concept of his eleventh album, The Blueprint 3, he wanted to make a song that told about where he was from. At the same time, he wanted to pay homage to that old and new. He decided to create a song about his native New York City. He chose the title, “Empire State of Mind,” as a play on the Nas’ song, “N.Y. State of Mind.”

The initial track listing for The Blueprint 3 had Nas as the single’s featured guest. However, once the real album came, there was no verse from Nas. Instead, the song was more of a rap ballad and Alicia Keys performed that. When he was asked about being on this song, Nas said that he had never been asked by Jay-Z to appear on the single.

That was nearly two months ago, when the biggest buzz that the song had was the interruption from Lil Mama. In the short time since then, the song has risen to become Jay-Z’s first single to top the Billboard Hot 100. Currently, the song is in its second week at the top. Now that Jay-Z has finally conquered the mountain, it is time to remix the song.

On Alicia Keys’ album, there is already an “Empire State of Mind, Part 2” that features a new verse from Jay-Z and more vocals from Alicia Keys. Now, it is time for Jay-Z to do things right and recruit some fellow New York rappers and pay more homage to the city. There are already rumors circulating of Jay recording a remix with Nas and making it into a single.

Nas ends feud with Memphis Bleek

16 Nov

The 2005 truce between Nas and Jay-Z had hip hop buzzing for years to come. Their feud was a glimpse of what happens when the top two rappers in the game clash. What the casual hip hop fan tends to forget is the fact that the feud between Nas and Jay-Z stemmed from Nas’ feud with Memphis Bleek.

While Nas and Jay-Z soon found themselves frequent collaborators, Memphis Bleek was still left out in the cold. In 2006, he was asked about the beef between Jay-Z and Nas. He said there was never any beef because things never became physical. However, Bleek did say that their surprising truce had been months in the making and great for hip hop.

Throughout his career, Memphis Bleek has been great at speaking for Jay-Z. He has rarely spoken for himself. When he talked about the Nas feud, he talked about Jay-Z’s feud with Nas, not his. Once Jay-Z and Nas reached a truce, Memphis Bleek vowed not to diss Nas anymore. Despite that vow, tension still flared.

Once Nas ended his feud with Jay-Z, he took Bleek’s spot as Jay-Z’s sidekick. This left Bleek all alone. In Jay’s 2007 “Roc Boys” video, Jay is by Nas’ side for most of the video, while Bleek is only shown once for a few seconds. In the past, Bleek would have been the one standing beside Jay/

Behind closed doors, the feud between Nas and Memphis Bleek continued. Now, Nas and Bleek both find themselves in leadership roles, no longer needing Jay-Z’s shadow. As a result, their feud is a thing of the past.

Rick Ross supports Nas’ presidential bid

13 Nov

Rick RossIn September, Nas made a surprising announcement. He said that he had been approached about becoming the next president of Def Jam. Throughout his career, Nas has been known more for his lyrical ability as opposed to his business leadership. During his feud with Jay-Z, Nas took shots at him because of his businesses.

For a brief period, Nas was the CEO of his own label, Ill Will Records. But, the label has not been mentioned since he almost signed with Murder Inc. In the past, Nas has stated that he is a rapper, not a CEO. Now, he has said that he may take the role of president at Def Jam.

With more qualified people out there, such as Ice Cube or Irv Gotti, and more qualified rappers right there at Def Jam, it is unlikely that Nas would get any support. Surprisingly, Rick Ross supports Nas in his bid to become president of the label. Looking at how close he is to DJ Khaled, one would think that Ross would be pushing for him to take over.

Rick Ross said that he supports Nas because he wants to see rappers take over the game. For years, rappers have sat back and made money for everybody else. If Nas becomes president of Def Jam, that becomes a major step in changing that reality. In 2003, Jay-Z retired from rap to become president of Def Jam.

Aside from Nas and Rick Ross, no one has spoken on the possibility of Nas taking over at Def Jam. If their speculation is true, an announcement will be made before the end of 2010. Nas is currently working on his Distant Relatives album with Damian Marley and Rick Ross is working on his Teflon Don LP.

Will Mobb Deep reunite with Nas?

13 Nov

Mobb DeepIn the late 1990s, not many alliances in hip hop were as deep as the one between Mobb Deep and Nas. Growing up together in Queens, the three rappers relied on each other early in their careers. When push comes to shove, they had each other. But, when Mobb Deep signed to G-Unit, they had to go against Nas.

50 Cent and Nas have been feuding ever since 2002. Their feud stems from Nas’ association with Irv Gotti and Murder Inc. Records. Because of that, 50 Cent and all of G-Unit Records has a feud with Nas. When Mobb Deep signed to G-Unit, they, too, had a feud with Nas. Now, it was been revealed that they are no longer on G-Unit Records.

Usually when an artist leaves G-Unit Records, they branch out. When Game left the label, he collaborated with Ja Rule, Nas, and Fat Joe. Young Buck expressed interest in working with Game and Ja Rule when he was kicked out of the G-Unit group. Seeing how Nas was a longtime ally, it is easy to imagine Mobb Deep and Nas reuniting.

Plus, 2009 has been full of twists, turns, and reunions. With Nas set to release a new album in 2010, he may call on Havoc and Prodigy.

Nas’ “Illmatic” to become a Book

11 Nov

IllmaticTo many of hip hop’s biggest fans, one of the best albums in the history of the genre is Nas’ 1994 debut album, Illmatic. The album is indeed a classic and by far the greatest album that Nas has ever created. Time and time again, this album has been written about in magazine articles and blog posts, but now Illmatic is preparing to make the big leap.

Never in hip hop has there ever been an entire book devoted to an album. All of that is going to change in the near future. The book will focus on various writers’ opinions of the album. Each writer will write about their perception of the album. The main authors of the book are Michael Eric Dyson and Sohail Daulatzi.

Dyson and Daulatzi are not the only authors of Born To Use Mics. Other writers will include Adilifu Nama, Guthrie P. Ramsey, Jr., James Peterson, Marc Lamont Hill, Mark Anthony Neal, Kyra Gaunt, Eddie S. Gladue, Jr., Imani Perry, and more. The book is expected to hit stores sometime next month.