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Method Man adds Solo Album to Upcoming Projects

23 Feb

After a few years out of the spotlight, Method Man will be back and back in many different ways. He has a lot of work to do for 2010. First, he, Raekwon, and Ghostface Killah will be uniting for a new album, Wu Massacre. Following this, he will appear with the two rappers on their next solo rappers. Once he is done with that, it will be time to record the next Wu-Tang album.

That is enough to keep a man busy, indeed. Method Man is going a lot for the people within his crew, but he also wants to do some things for himself. He has complained about not having enough time to himself to record an album of his own. In late 2007, there were rumors of Method Man releasing an album in 2008. That album was rumored to be titled Crystal Method. The years have come and gone, but the title has remained the same.

Even though he has his hands full with Wu Massacre and the other projects, Method Man wants to get the ball rolling on his own album. The album may not be titled Crystal Method; instead, it may be called Crystal Meth. Either way, it will be a play on the infamous drug. Even though he has been years since the album was first announced, Method Man has plans of recording and completing the album before the end of this year.

Method Man to teach “Laws of Success”

19 Jan

While his appearance may not show it, Method Man is one of the most successful people in the world. He began as a local level rapper, but he joined the Wu-Tang Clan and ended up becoming the leader of the crew. Aside from his work with the Wu-Tang Clan, he has enjoyed a very successful solo career and an enjoyable film career.

Now, Method Man is planning to give away the tricks to his trade. That is, giving away the tricks for a fee of $44.95. For a limited amount of time, the Staten Island rapper will be teaching the Laws of Success at The Learning Annex in New York. Here, he will tell people how they can take their dreams and make them into a reality.

Outside of his music career, Method Man has starred in his own sitcom, “Method and Red.” The rapper has even been the head of his own record label at various times throughout his career. Never before in his career, though, did he ever think that he would go on to become a professor. Perhaps 2010 is the year of change.

RZA Supports Method Man, Ghostface, and Raekwon Album

21 Oct

RZAOnly weeks after Raekwon said that no album is in the works between three of the Wu’s finest, Method Man, Ghostface, and Raekwon, himself, RZA has come out in support of the possible album. In his opinion, the project has been a long time coming.

When speaking on the album, RZA said that it is a great idea. He said that, years ago, he pushed the three rappers to come together to do a joint album. RZA told of a sub-group of the Wu-Tang Clan that was to be called The Brothers from the Grain. The sub-group would have consisted of Method Man, Ghostface, and Raekwon.

RZA said that he would soon meet up with Method Man in the studio and they were going to put in some work for this album. Still, it seems that Raekwon is not going to do an album with his group-mates. Due to the fact that they are signed to Def Jam and he is not, he feels that it would be too complicated for them to work together for a full album.

If those issues are worked out, an album may end up coming. RZA may do some guest appearances on the album and maybe some production. That is quite possible.

Raekwon denies Collaboration Album with Method Man and Ghostface

12 Oct

RaekwonLast month, rumors hit their peak about a collaboration album between three of the Wu-Tang Clan’s finest. The album was said to be a collaboration between Raekwon, Method Man, and Ghostface. Initially, it was written off as a rumor until Method Man confirmed that the album was indeed happening.

With all of the hype surrounding Raekwon and Ghostface’s sudden interest in recording for Bad Boy Records, there was speculation that the album may even be released on the label’s new venture with Interscope Records. Now, the album happening at all is a little bit less than speculation.

Method Man confirmed that the album was indeed happening, but Raekwon has hit right back, saying that the album is not happening. He said that it would be a great thing if the album did come together, but right now the business is just not right for it. Because of that, he would not be involved with the record.

After that was said, it is highly unlikely that an album between the three of these rappers will be released anytime soon.

Method Man confirms Raekwon/Ghostface Album

26 Sep

Method ManThere have been rumors circulating for months about a collaboration album between Method Man, Ghostface, and Raekwon. The album was supposed to be held under wraps, but the speculation became too much.

Recently, Wu-Tang leader, Method Man confirmed that there is indeed a collaboration album coming together between the three. Method Man said that Raekwon’s album was first, then Ghostface’s will be next, then the collaboration album will drop, and his album will be next.

Raekwon also talked coyly about a possible collaboration album between the two emcees. When he was asked about an album coming out from the three rappers, he responded saying that would be beautiful. He said that before a project can be developed, he wants him and the other rappers to have full-fledged ownership.

It is unclear who owns the rights to the project, or what label this album would be released on. Raekwon and Ghostface have a relationship with Bad Boy Records and both are more than interested in signing with the label.

Method Man to release “Crystal Method” Album in 2010

22 Sep

Method ManThe last time that Method Man released a solo album, the year was 2006, a lot has changed since that time, but the leader of the Wu-Tang Clan has another album in the works. Meth has been working on his fifth album for some time now.

Ever since the Wu-Tang Clan signed with SRC Records in 2007 to release 8 Diagrams, there have been rumors of a new solo album from Method Man. While there was not much information on his following album, the rumored title was Crystal Method.

Of course, Crystal Method is a play on the name of the drug crystal meth and a play on Method Man’s name. The album will be featuring collaborations from Mos Def, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, and other members of the Wu-Tang Clan. It appears that Method Man no longer has problems with Diddy, so he may be one of the album’s producers.

Crystal Method will be released in the first quarter of 2010 on Def Jam.