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50 Cent is willing to sign Knoc-Turn’ Al to G-Unit

26 Feb

All of the support that 50 Cent used to have has slowly gone out of the window. When he first came into the game, he was able to turn everyone against Ja Rule. That was an incredible feat because Ja was ruling the game. After he took out that beast and his entire crew, 50 Cent felt unstoppable. But, he crumbled from his own weight and he has had some feuds that he just could not win, like his current feud with Game.

When he declared war against Game, 50 Cent hoped that everyone would turn on him. Instead, he saw his support team of Eminem and Dr. Dre turn blind eyes, while he was accepted more by the hip hop community. Game has been able to use 50 Cent’s enemies to his advantage. Last year, Game was able to get Ja Rule and Fat Joe to join him on the remix of Rick Ross’ “Mafia Music.” 50 Cent usually gets his way, but not with Game.

Knoc-Turn’ Al feels as if he should have been in Game’s position. He said that no matter how he felt about 50 Cent that he could have stayed with him. For the most part, Knoc feels that Game is unappreciative of the opportunity that 50 Cent provided for him. Knoc is also upset that he lost his spot with Dr. Dre because of Game. His single, “The Knoc,” only received minor radio play and it did nothing to boost his profile. But, when Game came out, he blew with 50 Cent fame.

That, more than any other reason, is probably why Knoc-Turn’ Al decided to set the record straight about Game. The statement that he made led to Game issuing a challenge to Knoc. So far, he has accepted the feud, but he has not recorded a diss record. But, if he chooses to do so, 50 Cent wants to let Knoc-Turn’ Al know that he is willing to help. Although 50 Cent no longer has the support of Interscope Records, he still has plans of reviving his crew this year.

While Knoc-Turn’ Al never quite caught on, he was never given a true chance. Now that he is finally off of Interscope, 50 Cent feels like superman. 50 Cent is willing to take the time and sign the established Knoc-Turn’ Al to G-Unit West to get that movement going again. Despite things looking bad, 50 Cent does envision G-Unit taking the world by storm once again.

Game set to battle Knoc-Turn’ Al for “King of L.A.”

17 Feb

With Snoop Dogg declaring himself an executive in this hip hop game, he has put all beef aside as he has proven himself. Soon, artists like Snoop will only be seen on cameo features and the baton will be passed to someone else. The state of West Coast hip hop is pitiful outside of a select few. Game is the only younger artist from the West that is even doing anything to keep the city of Los Angeles relevant.

Game entered the game on the coattails of Dr. Dre. There were plans for him to become the face of Aftermath after the release of Detox. Plans to make Game into the new fixture of the West Coast hip hop scene were put on hold with the emergence of 50 Cent. But, once 50 was established, Dre used that popularity to put Game out for the public to hear. In the time since he first debuted, Game has become the undisputed king of Los Angeles.

The success that Game is currently enjoying was meant for Knoc-Turn’ Al. Early in the 2000s, Dr. Dre would randomly pick an artist from the Los Angeles area to work with. His plan was to produce their first album. If they end up becoming successful, he would sign them to his label. The first artist tested with this was Xzibit. While he did have his moments, he just did not last and Dr. Dre moved on to Knoc-Turn’ Al.

Early in 2002, Dr. Dre produced the hit single, “The Knoc,” which featured a chorus from Missy Elliott. While the song was a hit, Knoc’s label at the time, Elektra was not willing to put out an album by an artist that was not established. All of the steam that Knoc had surrounding him was lost and Dr. Dre moved on. Snoop Dogg did take Knoc under his wing for a little while, but they just did not work well together.

Because of this, Knoc-Turn’ Al returned to the independent circuit, while Game enjoyed the success that was meant for him. Now, Game is preparing for his fourth studio album. Not only is he one of the biggest artists in the game, but he is also engaged in a high-profile feud with 50 Cent. Part of Game’s tremendous success is because people are interested in hearing what he has to say about 50. For a short period of time, Knoc worked with both Game and 50.

With Game sending more and more disses at 50 Cent, Knoc-Turn’ Al came to his defense. He said that 50 Cent taught Game how to write hooks. Knoc would go on to say that Game owes his success to 50. That statement was something that 50 Cent loved, but it made Game’s stomach turn. Due to his pride, Game sent a Twitter diss to Knoc that challenged him. Knoc also has a lot of pride and he accepted.

Game has feuded with other rappers before, but this time he is feuding with another rapper that lives in the same city as he does. This makes things personal, as they have the same friends and they have worked with the same artist. While Game has proven himself as a strong battle rapper, this type of battle will be different from any G-Unit feud because it is essentially the battle for the city of Los Angeles.

Knoc-Turn’ Al continues feud with Game

14 Feb

Ever since Knoc-Turn’ Al said that Game owes his success to 50 Cent, it has been on. Immediately after he made those statements, Game issued a challenge to his fellow West Coast rapper. For nearly a month, the two rappers have been going back and forth.

Most recently, Knoc-Turn’ Al has addressed the taunts from Game with him labeling Knoc as a faggot. There is no better way for a rapper to disrespect their enemy than for them to call their rival a faggot. Game has definitely got the attention of Knoc-Turn’ Al. He has decided to officially go in on Game.

Before he went on the radio and dissed Game earlier today, Knoc-Turn’ Al said that his wife told him not to do this. But, he said that he had to “stick to his nuts” on this one. He said that when he listens to his nuts, they tell him that his father was a militant. On the other hand, Knoc said that Game’s father was a beautician. Knoc went on to say that Game really needs to shut his mouth before they really get into something.

Knoc-Turn’ Al did not save all of his aggression for Game’s father, he was not afraid to address Game directly. Taking a page out of 50 Cent’s book, Knoc went in on Game and his stripper past. He questioned Game calling him a faggot when Game used to strip for a living. Knoc went on to say that he had a problem feuding with someone who would like it if he grabbed his ass.

Can Game take Knoc-Turn’ Al out?

6 Feb

There is not too much history between Game and Knoc-Turn’ Al. The position that Game currently holds was created for Knoc. Game is one of the biggest rappers in the world; meanwhile Knoc remains a local-level rapper from Long Beach. Eight years ago, he was supposed to have taken the rap game over, but he did not. Instead, three years later, Game did.

Obviously, this has made Knoc-Turn’ Al jealous. A world that was created for him is being inhabited by another rapper. There was a short period of time when both Game and Knoc were residents in the Aftermath house. Dr. Dre had tried to introduce Knoc-Turn’ Al to the hip hop world in January 2002. He scored a minor hit, but there was not enough interest to create an album to follow.

Willing to give him a second chance, Dr. Dre again helped him out in 2004. Knoc-Turn’ Al was able to release his debut album, but it was not on Aftermath. Had the album been a success, Dre would have gladly signed him, but he failed, twice. To avoid any further losses with Knoc, the focus shifted to Game. He had been on the label since 2002, but the emergence of 50 Cent put everything on hold.

The plan was to cross-promote G-Unit and Game by having them work together. Beautiful music was created, but Game and 50 Cent could not stand each other. It did not take long for the two rappers to begin a bitter feud. The feud always existed behind the scenes, but when 50 Cent took credit for doing most of Game’s album, Game took offense and dissed him. Using his power as the head of G-Unit, 50 Cent kicked him out of the group and off of the label.

After being ousted from G-Unit and later Aftermath, Game established himself outside of his hit-makers and remained a star. In October 2009, Game was reunited with Dr. Dre and they began working with each other on their new albums. Again, they began making beautiful music, which led to disses from 50 Cent. Now, with Game preparing to release his next album, Knoc-Turn’ Al has decided to speak on the feud.

Knoc-Turn’ Al went as far as to say that 50 Cent taught Game how to write hooks. With Game declaring himself the victor of the feud with 50, he does not need this type of press. The comments that Knoc made hurt Game’s pride, so he issued a challenge to Knoc. Unsurprisingly, he accepted it and the feud is on. Game told Knoc-Turn’ Al to record a diss record for him to respond to.

For years, Game has been hailed as the king of the West Coast, but he has never been challenged until now. In his feud with 50 Cent, they have only sent light jabs back and forth. The only exception is Game’s “300 Bars and Runnin,” but their feud has been mainly through interviews. This would be the first true lyrical feud for Game and his first major feud with another artist from the West Coast. Can Game successfully defend his title and take Knoc-Turn’ Al out.

Knoc-Turn’ Al hits back at Game

5 Feb

Game has gone from making almost no news to being all over the news. He is still dealing with the allegations of impregnating Tila Tequila and he is barely beyond the rumors of dating his former rival, Ashanti. On top of all of that, he is also dealing with having Ray J diss his ex-girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, and Reggie Bush, on his new single. Now, he has problems from his side of the nation.

Before all of the rumors between Game, Ashanti, and Tila Tequila, he was confronted by a former associate. Many seem to forget that Game was not the first protégé of Dr. Dre from the West Coast, he was the first one to ever become successful. The first Dr. Dre protégé was the man best-known for hosting “Pimp my Ride,” Xzibit. After working with X, Dre moved on to Knoc-Turn’ Al, a Long Beach native.

When promotion had just begun for Knoc-Turn’ Al, Game was signed to Aftermath. Knoc was there at the beginning of Game’s career, so he knows his struggles. By the time Game had reached mainstream fame, Knoc was long gone. Now that Game has risen to become one of the most popular rappers in the game, Knoc cannot help but feel that this should be him. His feud with 50 Cent has become the centerpiece of his career and Knoc released some unknown information.

In response to the allegations by Knoc-Turn’ Al, Game hit back at Knoc, threatening physical violence. Because of his accomplishments and his connections, Game has friends in high places. Aside from his Dr. Dre connection, Game has strong relationships with Warren G, Xzibit, and Snoop Dogg. All of which are West Coast legends. This has not left Knoc-Turn’ Al afraid because he has been here much longer.

Back when Game was still on his grind in Compton, Knoc-Turn’ Al was being groomed for the position that Game would eventually hold. Since he was holding the position that Game is in now, Knoc has already had these connections. For years before Game even signed with Dr. Dre and Aftermath Entertainment, Knoc-Turn’ Al had connections with these same artists. While the relationship Game has with Snoop Dogg is strong, Knoc had been hailed as the second-coming of Snoop.

Because of all of this and the pride of his manhood, Knoc-Turn’ Al has issued a challenge to Game. He said that he is not afraid of Game and he is not taking their feud to Twitter. Knoc said that this is not high school, he, like Game, is a grown man, and he feels that they can go directly at each other and address each other.

Game is ready for war with Knoc-Turn’ Al

28 Jan

Long before Game had ever entered the building of Aftermath Entertainment, Dr. Dre was working with Long Beach act, Knoc-Turn ‘Al. He is probably best-known for his vocals on the 2001 album by Dr. Dre and his single, “The Knoc,” which featured Missy Elliott and Dr. Dre. While he was associated with Dr. Dre, he never signed to the label and soon he ended his affiliation with the label.

While he is no longer a part of the crew, Knoc remained in the mix long enough to see Game be signed to the label. He was also there when 50 Cent signed with the label a few months later. A story that has never been told until he told it a few days ago, Knoc said that 50 Cent actually saved Game’s career. For the past five years, Game has been feuding with 50 Cent, so this is the last thing that he wants the public to hear.

Knoc-Turn’ Al did not come off as trying to diss his fellow Los Angeles rapper, but he said that he was about to be dropped by Dr. Dre. The thing was, Game could not write hooks and Dr. Dre needed hooks for Game’s album. At the time, Game was supposed to release his debut album during the 2002-2003 frame of time. But, the explosion of 50 Cent put things on hold and one thing about 50 Cent is that he is an excellent hook writer.

Since they were both a part of the same crew, 50 Cent wrote hooks for Game. When he finally released his debut album, The Documentary, 50 Cent would give up a lot of material for his own album to benefit Game. That much was known by the public, but not the statement made by Knoc-Turn’ Al. It was only a matter of time before Game would respond to Knoc.

Game feels as if he was called out by Knoc-Turn’ Al and now he wants to get into something with his former associate. The comments by Knoc were probably not intended to be a diss, but with Game preparing to release a new album, he does not need the negative press. Because of this, he has decided to challenge Knoc-Turn’ Al. Game wants him to make things official and release a diss record.

If Knoc-Turn’ Al ends up falling for the bait, Game plans to record a scathing diss record that will completely end the already struggling career of Knoc-Turn’ Al. Like Game, Knoc is preparing to release a new album. Since he has never had the buzz of Game, he probably needed to do something to get his name back out there. This is probably why he made the decision to take on Game. His new album, Knoc’s Ville, is expected for release later this year.