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Juvenile caught with Marijuana

26 Feb

Fresh off the release of his ninth album, Cocky & Confident, Juvenile is back in the news. However, this time it is not for anything good. Yesterday, he and some members of his camp were caught in possession of Marijuana.

Juvenile and his assistant, Leroy Edwards, were at his home when a neighbor called the police. They smelled strong fumes of Marijuana coming from the rapper’s home. When the police arrived at Juvenile’s home, both he and his assistant met the officers at the door.

The smell of the Marijuana was still strong and it could be smelled on the body of Leroy Edwards. That, alone, gave the police officers probable cause to search the home of Juvenile. The official police report says that “the presence of marijuana was strong.”

During their search, the police officers found a small bad of marijuana in the kitchen drawer. Juvenile would tell the officers that the bag belonged to him. Both he and Leroy Edwards were charged with misdemeanor charges and sent to jail. They did not stay long, as they were able to post bail.

Juvenile to release “Cocky & Confident” next month

23 Nov

At one time, Juvenile was the hottest rapper representing the South. He was coming with hit after hit at a consistent rate. After he left Cash Money Records, he fell off for a while, but his 2003 return saw his music return to prominence. He landed his first number one single during his brief return, but he still left the label again.

In 2006, he returned with his own label, UTP Records and more hit music. But, after the release of his album, Reality Check, Juvenile decided to take some time off. He was supposed to return to the game last year, but the death of his daughter changed his outlook. As a result, he waited another year before returning to the game.

While admitting that he is still hurt by the loss of his daughter, he said that he is moving past the pain. Juvenile described this new album as one that will be positive, not holding onto the loss of his daughter or Hurricane Katrina. Working with plenty of up-and-coming acts, Juve says to expect something different from him this time around.

Juvenile is expected to release Cocky & Confident on December 1, 2009 on UTP Records and Atlantic Records. Currently, it is possible that two Hot Boyz reunion tracks may appear on the album, titled “If I Ain’t a Hot Boy” and “We Be Getting Money (remix).”

Juvenile speaks on Daughter’s Death

12 Nov

JuvenileIt has been a little over a year since Juvenile lost his 11-year-old daughter. What the former Cash Money rapper went through is something that no parent ever wants to experience. While time heals all wounds, Juve said that this is one he will never get over.

When speaking on the situation, Juvenile said that it is nothing that you just get over. In addition to that, he said he is still not comfortable talking about what happened. Of course, the loss of his daughter is something that will be with him for the rest of his life.

The loss of his daughter was horrible, but Juvenile said that the rest of his family is great. He described his mother as “great,” his wife as “great,” and his son as “great.” In one lifetime, Juvenile has gone through more than many people go through in many lives.

Juvenile will be making an appearance on B.G.’s next album and he plans to reunite with B.G. and Lil Wayne for a new Hot Boyz album.

Juvenile talks Cash Money

27 Oct

JuvenileAt one point, Cash Money Records was the hottest record label in the game. The label was led by The Hot Boyz. Juvenile was the star of the group and the star of the label. During their best days, Juvenile was their flagship artist.

By 2001, the label was falling from grace and Juvenile left Cash Money in favor of his own UTP Records. For five years, Cash Money Records found itself in rebuilding mode. In 2007, Lil Wayne unexpectedly became rap’s biggest star.

Because of the emergence of Lil Wayne, Cash Money has become a place that many rappers want to sign to. Through Wayne’s Young Money imprint, Cash Money has returned to the top and rappers from Cash Money past are now talking.

Juvenile stated that he has always maintained a great relationship with Bryan “Birdman” Williams, the CEO of Cash Money. Juve said that he was happy for Lil Wayne and the second generation of Cash Money.

However, when comparing the current roster to the one that he helped make famous, Juvenile said that they have a tough road ahead.

Juvenile is going R&B on New Album

17 Oct

JuvenileIt has been over three years since Juvenile last released an album. In that time, the landscape of hip hop has changed. At the time, the authority in rap was 50 Cent, Kanye West, and Chamillionaire. That has changed and his former sidekick, Lil Wayne, has taken over.

Juvenile is known for releasing hardcore songs, such as “In My Life,” but the rap game has softened up a bit, which is evidenced by the songs that dominate radio. To make it in rap, creativity is needed, but going with the flow can get the flow moving right, too.

For this new album, Cocky & Confident, Juvenile plans to finally reunite with B.G., Lil Wayne, and Turk to bring back the Hot Boyz, but he also wants to work with some of R&B’s finest. Juve plans to feature Bobby V, Pleasure P, and Rico Love.

This is a sort of odd turn of events for Juvenile as he has always made music for hardcore hip hop fans. But, the times are changing and after the lackluster sales of his last album, Juve decided that it was time to change things up.