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Jadakiss helps revive FUBU

26 Feb

In the late 1990s, FUBU rose to become one of the top brands in urban wear. The attire that the brand featured was worn by all of the top black entertainers. However, it did draw criticism for being marketed solely to blacks. It was then that the creators of the brand let it be known that it was for everyone. But, FUBU was the first black-owned clothing line made for black people.

FUBU continued its strong run into the mid-2000s before falling off. By 2004, the brand had been beaten out by competitors, such as Phat Farm and even Southpole. Before long, FUBU was no longer featured in commercials or carried in stores. It has been almost ten years since anyone has even mentioned FUBU.

The owners of the clothing company hope that Jadakiss can change their fortunes. The hip hop star already has a deal with Coogi, a rival of FUBU. But, his endorsement with Samsung, the parent company of FUBU goes right in line with his next venture. Jadakiss will soon be using his hardcore appeal to attract fans to a revived FUBU brand.

Commercials featuring Jadakiss should soon be hitting television screens.

Nicki Minaj joins Jadakiss on Fabolous’ mixtape

23 Feb

The mystery surrounding Fabolous’ forever delayed mixtape, There Is No Competition, Pt. 2: The Funeral Service, has become a bigger joke than his Twitter activity. The mixtape has been pushed back almost as much as the average album. Before the planned Christmas release of the mixtape, Fab bragged about how easy it is to release a mixtape. Little did he know that it never pays to brag?

Initially due on Christmas, Fabolous could not get up with DJ Drama, who was taking time off to be with his family. This was understood by Fab and his fans, so he received a pass. Later, the release for the mixtape was set for New Year’s. But, that release date also came and went, leading some to believe that the mixtape would never come. Early this month, Fabolous promised that his mixtape was still on the way.

But, with March right around the corner, the mixtape is still on the way. Fabolous did have a good excuse this time, though. Because of the fact that Jadakiss heard some of the mixtape, he wanted to be a part of it. The two rappers have been friends for some time, so it was not that big of a deal for Fabolous to push the mixtape back to featured Jadakiss on it. Now, Nicki Minaj wants to be on the mixtape.

Since Fabolous has already pushed the mixtape back for Jadakiss, he might as well give a guest spot to Nicki Minaj. She is expected to become one of hip hop’s fixtures in the next few months and into next year. Nicki Minaj will have a verse or two on Fabolous’ new mixtape.

Jadakiss jumps on Fabolous’ new mixtape

23 Feb

Fabolous has had so many delays with his mixtape, There Is No Competition 2: The Funeral Service. First, the mixtape was supposed to be delivered on Christmas Eve, but DJ Drama chose to take some time off to be with his family. Fabolous then promised that the mixtape would be delivered on New Year’s Day. But, New Year’s also came and went without the release of the mixtape.

For almost a month, there was no word on why Fabolous had pushed the mixtape back, but he returned two weeks ago to discuss the project. When he spoke on it, during the week of February 14, he said that it would be here before what is now last Friday. Now, that release date has also passed by without a mixtape release from Fabolous. The last time he spoke on the mixtape, he said that there would be no more delays on it.

Just like the last two times that he pushed the mixtape back; Fabolous said that he has a good excuse for doing so. Also, just like the last two times that he pushed the mixtape back; Fabolous does have a good excuse for doing so. Many people already know that he and Jadakiss are good friends. Before Fabolous made it big, he and Jadakiss knew each other. Until he ended up establishing himself, Jadakiss looked out for Fabolous.

Now that Fabolous has a better position than Jadakiss in the game, he tries to look out for him. A few days ago, Fab was playing the mixtape back for Jadakiss. For the most part, Jada enjoyed what he was hearing. But, there was one song in particular that Jadakiss loved. He loved it so much that he decided to record a verse for it, himself.

Fabolous pushed the mixtape back so that he could feature a collaboration with Jadakiss. Now, there is not a set release date for the mixtape, but Fabolous hopes to get it out there before the summer hits.

Jadakiss readies up for “Top 5 Dead or Alive”

3 Feb

When Jadakiss returned with his third album, Kiss of Death, he expected to return the following year with his fourth album. This was the plan, but a feud with 50 Cent led to many push-backs of his fourth project. In order to finally release his album, Jada had to sign with Roc-A-Fella, which was already going through a crisis.

Finally, last year, Jadakiss was able to release his fourth album, The Last Kiss. Some assumed that the title meant that Jadakiss was preparing to retire from rap. However, it was the complete opposite. As opposed to retiring, Jada is ending one phase of his career. The title of the album meant that he was not going to have the word kiss in any more of his album titles.

The album would also be the last Jadakiss album to come years after his previous release. While he has spent a great deal of his career criticizing rappers who went commercial, he has always respected their work ethic. Because he has never been a platinum-selling rapper, there has never been pressure for Jadakiss to release an album every year. But, starting with his last album, he plans to release a new album each year.

To come the next calendar year following The Last Kiss will be his fifth studio album, Top 5 Dead or Alive. The title of the album is Jadakiss demanding to be included in the many lists that count down the top rappers in the game. A phrase that is often used is “what’s your top five dead or alive?” Jadakiss is telling the so-called rap experts that if they are counting down the top five rappers, dead or alive, that his name should definitely be mentioned.

For this album, Jadakiss will be returning to Interscope Records and the album will be released later this year.

Jadakiss leaves Roc-A-Fella Records, reunites with Ruff Ryders

26 Nov

In 2007, Jadakiss was convinced to sign with Roc-A-Fella Records to release his new album, at the time, he was still feuding with 50 Cent and he was trying to block his album from being released. At the time, Roc-A-Fella was still a vibrant label with a heavy roster of stars. The label was celebrating releases from Kanye West and Jay-Z.

When the next year arrived, the label geared up for yet another year of releases. The label did receive some releases, just not the way that was expected. Jay-Z dropped himself from Roc-A-Fella and Def Jam. Then, the rest of the label, aside from Jadakiss and Kanye West left. Out of nowhere, the label went from around fifteen artists to two.

By the time Jadakiss released his album, there was no buzz surrounding the album. He moved to Roc-A-Fella for the chance to work with their roster of talent to boost his music. But, once he began making music, they left. Not long after the release of The Last Kiss, Jadakiss reunited with his crew, the Ruff Ryders.

Now, it has been revealed that Jadakiss has left Roc-A-Fella Records to reunite with the Ruff Ryders label. In the near future, a new project will be coming from The L.O.X. and Jadakiss is expected to soon collaborate with DMX and Eve, both of which are working on new albums. Swizz Beatz has described all of the new music coming from the crew as classic.

While his time at the Roc could have been spent better, Jada did spend some time with the old crew. Perhaps, it just wasn’t meant to be. Instead of staying on a sinking label, Jadakiss has decided to go back with what worked and reunite with his old crew. A new Ruff Ryder album is expected sometime in 2010.

Hip Hop Vibe’s Hottest MCs in the Game: Jadakiss

9 Nov

JadakissDon’t call it a comeback. This has been a great year for Jadakiss. After his last album, Kiss of Death, Jadakiss took what became a five-year break from recording music. Just looking at his comeback, Jadakiss deserves inclusion on this list.

With an album on the way, Jadakiss was struggling to find that one single to heat up the streets, he had already given up on winning over the radio. Early in 2009, Jadakiss made it clear that he was back. Returning to the game, Jada had only one question, “Who’s Real.”

Jadakiss proved just how hot he was because he was able to land rising Southern hip hop talent, OJ da Juiceman for a verse on the song. For the video, he featured cameos from The Clipse, Clyde Carson, DJ Webstar, Grafh, and Styles P. In addition to those cameos, he was even able to pull Ja Rule out of hiding, as he also appeared in the video.

His ability to bring all of these artists to the set of his video proves his hotness. On top of all of that, Jada was able to bring DMX out of hiding for the remix. He was able to get X to appear in the video and to record a verse. Single-handedly, Jadakiss was able to reunite the Ruff Ryders.

Since the release of his album, Jadakiss has become a rapper of high demand. Throughout the year, Jadakiss has been making appearances on other albums and he has been doing various shows. His former rival, 50 Cent, even called on him to perform at his This Is 50 Fest. On top of all of that, Jadakiss has been in-talks with Sean Combs to sign with his Bad Boy label.

After a four-year hiatus, Jadakiss was able to return and do what he has done in only a matter of months. Indeed, he is one of the hottest emcees in the game.

Jadakiss speaks on possible Bad Boy deal

28 Oct

JadakissFor some time now, rumors have had The L.O.X. signed to their former label of Bad Boy Records. Recently, the label has become the hip hop hot spot. Every rapper in the game seems to want to be a Bad Boy.

While no deal has been reached, yet, The L.O.X. would not mind being Bad Boys once again. In 2007, after their feud with 50 Cent, the group left Interscope Records and they began working on their new album.

Just last year, the group officially ended their feud with Sean “Diddy” Combs. For years, The L.O.X. had been at odds with Combs over a contract dispute. That dispute ultimately led to the group leaving Bad Boy to record for Ruff Ryders Entertainment.

Now that some time has gone by, the two parties have been able to forgive and forget. A lot of former Bad Boy acts and former critics are fighting for a place on the label. Sean Combs just happened to offer a spot on the label for The L.O.X.

According to Jadakiss, Diddy offered the group a one-album deal for them to release their next album on Bad Boy/Interscope. It is very likely that the group ends up signing this deal and returning to Bad Boy Records.

Jadakiss prepares New Album

15 Oct

JadakissOnly months after finally releasing his third album, The Last Kiss, Jadakiss is already working on his fourth release. Initially, Jadakiss had planned to begin releasing albums on a yearly basis after his 2004 release, Kiss of Death.

There have been rumors for some time that Jadakiss plans to release a new album before the end of 2010. No dates have been set, but Jada does intend on continuing to work on his new album, along with an album from The L.O.X.

In a recent interview with G-Unit Radio, Jadakiss confirmed all of this, but there have not been any release dates that have been set. Most figure that The L.O.X. will sign with Bad Boy Records this year and their album will come next year.

Some are even speculating that Jadakiss will opt out of his contract with Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam to sign a solo deal with Bad Boy Records. So, a new album from Jadakiss and The L.O.X. should be expected, regardless, before the end of 2010 on either Interscope Records or Def Jam.

Jadakiss is looking to Save the West Coast

11 Oct

JadakissThe West Coast hip hop scene has been struggling for over a decade, now. Aside from Snoop Dogg and The Game, no one from the left coast has made any mainstream moves. It is looking like the East Coast just may give the West a much-needed jump.

Jadakiss has not received much mainstream success, but he is a well-respected rapper. He also runs his own record label, D-Block Records. At this day and age, he like many other rappers, have realized that it is more about business than music.

It was because of this that he decided to expand his D-Block label into more genres of hip hop. Recently, Jada announced the formation of D-Block West. He said that he can be reached online through various sites for any up-and-coming West Coast artists that want to be put on.

While the West Coast does not have much playing on the radio, they have built up quite a buzz on the underground level. Such rappers as Slim da Mobster are keeping the streets hot with their mixtapes, but there are other rappers out there doing their thing, too. Jadakiss wants to give these emcees a chance.

Who knows, D-Block may bring about a return to the G-Funk sound of Death Row, surprisingly one of Jadakiss’ favorite sub-genres of hip hop.

Will Jadakiss leave Roc-A-Fella Records?

11 Oct

JadakissIn 2007, Jadakiss left his longtime record label of Ruff Ryders and D-Block to join Jay-Z over at Roc-A-Fella Records. As soon as the contracts were signed, though, Jay-Z became involved in a deal with Live Nation that created a new label called Roc Nation.

When 2008 rolled around, Jay-Z made it known that he was going to not only leave Def Jam, but also his own label of Roc-A-Fella Records to build Live Nation. Throughout the year of 2008, most of the Roc’s primary artists left.

By 2009, the only acts remaining were Kanye West, Jadakiss, and Jay-Z. Early in the year, Jay brought out his contract with Def Jam, so he left an album early for Roc Nation. Now, Roc-A-Fella Records is a two-man operation.

The only remaining artists are Kanye West and Jadakiss, himself. Kanye West has recorded for Roc-A-Fella and his own imprint label, GOOD Music, for his entire rap career. His GOOD label houses such acts as Common, Kid Cudi, and Consequence. The roster of talent is bigger than that of Roc-A-Fella, so West is expected to leave the label before long.

Before his stint with Roc-A-Fella Records, Jadakiss was the front-man for The L.O.X. and he was the flagship artist for their D-Block Records. Now, The L.O.X. are currently in talks of signing to Bad Boy Records through Interscope. Seeing how Jadakiss was already signed to Interscope before leaving for Def Jam, it is not hard to imagine him returning.

Roc-A-Fella Records is rumored to be shut down before the end of the year, anyways.