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Ja Rule will give More Details about New Album at Birthday Bash

26 Feb

After six years of waiting, there are only a few months in between Ja Rule’s new album and now. There have been many album title changes and many release dates. Now, Rule says that he is in complete control and he will make sure that he releases Venni Vetti Vecci 2010 before the end of this year.

Obviously, that is the main reason that Ja Rule decided to call the album Venni Vetti Vecci 2010. The album has been in the works since last January. While he has been in the studio for over a year, details about the album have been kept quiet. He plans to release the album with no warning.

With Ja Rule’s birthday at the end of this month, he wants to have an extravagant bash to celebrate him turning 34 years old. To mark this party, he plans to announced the full details of the album. So far, all that is known is that Rule will be working with Irv Gotti and DMX. The label situation has been speculated, but no one knows for sure how this album will be released.

Next week, at his bash, Ja Rule will let the public know everything that they want to know about Venni Vetti Vecci 2010. With this news will also come the album’s release date. An official release date has yet to be released, but Ja announced that the album would come in June. His original Venni Vetti Vecci album was released on June 1.

Ja Rule wants Memphis Bleek for New Album

25 Feb

With Ja Rule on the comeback trail, a lot of his diehard fans want him to reunite with Jay-Z and DMX. He teamed up with those three to form Murder Inc. They were the terrible three, but Rule was also great alongside Memphis Bleek. At one point, they were even going to do an album together.

However, Ja Rule rose to superstardom so fast that this album never came to be. Sensing the money that he could make, the head of Murder Inc., Irv Gotti, had him in the studio at every possible moment. For five years straight, Ja did nothing but drop albums. It was not until he met his match that they gave him a break.

Ja Rule says that this break was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Despite what he said, he was on a roll, even after the 50 Cent feud. Once his music stopped hitting the radio, the people stopped mentioning him. Now, six years have passed since Ja Rule was relevant. He is working hard to get back into the good graces with the fans. For 2010, he plans to release two new albums. He wants to release one early in the year and one late in the year.

For his upcoming album, Venni Vetti Vecci 2010, Ja Rule wants to reunite with DMX. It is said that he has been talking with Jay-Z, but DMX has signed on to be on the album. Plus, he is feuding with Jay-Z and shows no signs of letting go of his animosity. But, Ja Rule never lost contact with Memphis Bleek. But, at the time, Bleek had to focus on establishing himself before he could go out and defend Ja Rule. This was understood by Ja Rule and he has always wanted to reunite with his partner.

Now that he is working independently, Memphis Bleek wants to work with hungry artists like Ja Rule. The guest list for The Process is full, but there is a possibility that Bleek may appear on Venni Vetti Vecci 2010 or Ja Rule’s follow-up album. Either way, Ja Rule does plan to do something with his former partner in rhyme.

Ja Rule wants to Tour with Game

18 Feb

In 2005, one of Ja Rule’s biggest foes was Game. At the time, Game was a member of G-Unit and their primary target was Ja Rule and Murder Inc. While Ja never did have any specific lines for Game, there were plenty of disses from Game aimed at the Rule. Ja Rule never mentioned Game by name, but that did not mean that he did not know who he was. A chance meeting in 2006, after the fallout with 50 Cent led to the two rappers becoming close friends.

The time of their reconciliation coincided with the success of Game’s “One Blood.” For his star-studded remix, Ja Rule was one of the many artists invited to participate. Everyone was gearing up for a major Ja Rule comeback, at the time. While he did not deliver an album in 2006, he began working on one before the end of the year. Soon, he revealed that he had collaborated with the former G-Unit star. Their song, “Sunset,” was one of the most-favored songs by either artist.

Despite the critical acclaim and the newfound friendship, Ja Rule’s album went unreleased. But, a partnership had been created. The friendship between Rule and Game trickled over to Irv Gotti, who was developing a new artist. Since Gotti has been out of the public eye for some time, he was invited by Game to produce a song for his L.A.X. album. Irv agreed to and Game also allowed him to feature Newz, a new Murder Inc. artist, on the track.

In the time since their partnership, Game and Ja Rule have united to aid Rick Ross in his high-profile feud with 50 Cent. Despite Game’s open alliance with Ja Rule, he returned to Aftermath and Dr. Dre. Many were expecting Game and 50 Cent to reunite. Instead, Game continued to diss his former boss and he united with Dre to produce for Ashanti’s new album. That same album will also have input from Ja Rule, who Game has invited to work with Dr. Dre.

Now that everything is all honky dory between the Aftermath and Murder Inc. crews, Ja Rule has invited Game to tour with him this summer. He hopes to get Newz and Ashanti involved with the tour, also. Rule reached out to Game yesterday, but no one from Game’s camp has responded to the invitation.

DMX confirms Ja Rule collaboration

17 Feb

People often compared Ja Rule to DMX when he first entered the game. They were a part of the same crew and they both had deep voices. DMX came out in 1998 and Ja Rule followed in 1999, many people felt that Ja was copying X. This is something that Rule has adamantly denied, but something that DMX agrees with. He agreed to such an extent that he feuding with his former friend for nine years because of it.

The 2009 VH1 Hip Hop Honors decided to honor Def Jam Recordings. Despite their feelings for each other, both DMX and Ja Rule had the best time of their respective careers on Def Jam. They both performed some of their hits for the crowd to enjoy. One tradition of the Hip Hop Honors is that they have all of the performers come back on stage to perform one big song at the end. But, that year featured Ja Rule, Rick Ross, Eminem, and DMX.

Days before the award show took place; Ja Rule sarcastically talked about being in the same building with DMX and Eminem. For a short period of time, Ja also had a minor feud with Eminem, but they had ended it a long time before. However, DMX had dissed Ja Rule only months before they met for the show. Surprisingly, the two rappers embraced each other and they ended their feud.

After it was clear that their feud was over, Ja Rule spoke about the two possibly collaborating again. They would reunite on a track created by N.O.R.E., but the fans are hoping that they appear on each other’s albums. Ja Rule has plans of releasing two albums this year and he has said that DMX is welcome to appear on either one of them. There were rumors of DMX working with Ja Rule on his upcoming self-titled album.

With the release date of that album nearing, DMX has confirmed that Ja Rule will be featured on his next album.

Ja Rule set to release First Singles from New Album

9 Feb

In what has been now a six-year hiatus, Ja Rule still has plans of making a comeback. He was supposed to have released The Mirror in 2007 and re-take the game. But, for unknown reasons, the album was never released. The following year, he had another album planned, but it suffered from the same fate as The Mirror. Last summer, he announced plans to take his fans back with a triple disc album.

Over time, Ja Rule has decided against a triple disc album. He promised that he would return with a new album in 2010, but an upcoming court case will prevent him from releasing a triple disc album. Instead, Ja Rule plans to release two albums before the end of this year. Unlike with past albums, Rule will release this album off of his own label, Mpire. The label has an exclusive distribution deal with Murder Inc., so it is as if he never left.

There has been a lot of talk of new music from Ja Rule for some time. He had recorded two albums worth of material, only for it to be leaked to the internet. This time, Ja will be making sure that the people working with him do not leak his music. For the first time in his career, Ja Rule wants to be in control of his own destiny. That means that he would like to release his music on his own terms.

With summer right around the corner, Ja Rule wants to release his first two singles to help heat things up. He plans to release his next album, Venni Vetti Vecci 2010, on June 1, 2010 on his own Mpire label and Murder Inc., which is said to have a deal in place with Atlantic Records.

Lil Wayne to reinvent for “Tha Carter IV”

4 Feb

In only a few days, Lil Wayne will be headed from the executive suite at the offices of Cash Money Records and Young Money Entertainment. He is headed to the New York State Prison System. Back in 2007, he was arrested for guns and drugs after a concert in Harlem. Later in the year, he along with Busta Rhymes, Remy Ma, and Ja Rule were all in the same courtroom on charges. The only rap artist to actually beat their charges that day was Busta Rhymes.

Since he is going to prison, Lil Wayne will have to cut his trademark dreads. Dating back to his original Carter album, he has had these dreads. To go along with the new hairstyle, Wayne has also decided to retire his Styrofoam cup. Ever since his days with Fat Joe, making it rain, he has had the cup in his hand. This became his signature style later during the promotional run for his top-selling album, Tha Carter III.

The rapper has just come off of the release of his eighth studio album, Rebirth, and he has no plans of slowing down. Just because he is in prison does not mean that he cannot continue to make music. Lil Wayne does plan to film more videos off of the Rebirth album and to film videos off of his latest Carter album. These new videos may feature the trademark swagger from the Louisiana rapper, but he will exhibit a new style.

Rebirth was released on February 2, 2010, while Tha Carter IV will be released towards the end of this year.

Ja Rule teams up with Dr. Dre for New Album?

3 Feb

Nearly eight years ago, Ja Rule’s feud with 50 Cent went public. Only months after it became clear that the king of hip hop was being challenged, his rival had teamed up with Dr. Dre and Eminem. Instead of reaching out to Dr. Dre and Eminem, Ja Rule decided to go against them, too. He felt that his popularity could outweigh the legendary status of Dr. Dre and the popularity of Eminem.

Looking back on things, he thought wrong. The feuds against Ja Rule were almost too bad to watch. Soon, the feud expanded to include Eminem, DMX, Busta Rhymes, Dr. Dre, Obie Trice, and 50 Cent’s G-Unit crew all against Rule. With all of that against him, Ja Rule’s popularity waned and his album sales dropped, dramatically. One by one, Rule was able to make peace with some of his enemies.

The following year, Ja Rule returned to the top five with his hit single, “Wonderful,” and during this frame of time, he and Dr. Dre ended their feud. Late in 2004, Eminem issued a truce to not only Ja Rule, but the entire Murder Inc. crew. Ja Rule accepted the truce and even admitted that he would be open to working with Dr. Dre and Eminem. Dr. Dre ended up producing the original track, “Me,” off of Ja’s Exodus album.

Now, the only feud that Ja Rule has is that with 50 Cent. In the time since 50 bum rushed the game, he now has his fair share of enemies. This gives Ja Rule the perfect opportunity to reemerge from the shadows. That is exactly what Rule plans to do with his upcoming album. He has been away for six years, but he remains confident about a comeback. For this new album, he has promised a major surprise.

Dating back to 2006, Ja Rule has maintained a close relationship to Game, who happens to be the protégé of Dr. Dre. When Rule was working on The Mirror, he worked closely with Game, who plans to feature Ja on his next album, The R.E.D. Album. Now that Game and Dr. Dre are reunited, there is no way that an artist can be close to Game without being close to Dre. There are rumors of Ja Rule and Dr. Dre spending time in the studio together.

Recently, there have been rumors of 50 Cent and Dr. Dre feuding. 50 Cent has not denied a rift with Dr. Dre, but he said that he would never completely turn on Dre because of his relationship with Eminem. While Dr. Dre projects a tough guy image, he is really a forgiving soul, as is Ja Rule. As it stands, Dr. Dre loves to make hits and Ja Rule is in desperate need of a hit. It sounds like there is no problem with a possible collaboration between the former rivals.

Ja Rule promises More Hits on New Albums

28 Jan

As many already know, Ja Rule is having trouble landing a comeback. He used to be the top hip hop artist, until a feud with 50 Cent wiped him off of the map. Three years ago, he began working on a new album that had built up a significant buzz. For unknown reasons, the album never came out. Now, it has been six years since there has been new music from Ja Rule.

Now, it has become a question about Ja Rule’s hit-making abilities. For years, he dominated the game, and he even scored a few hits after the 50 Cent feud. But, when he tried to come back in 2007, he seemed as if he was trying too hard. Despite this fact, Ja Rule has never lost confidence within himself. He still believes that he can come with a new album that will place him back on top.

Towards the end of last year, Ja Rule informed fans that he was going to do something that had never been done before. He was going to release a triple disc album. Called Venni Vetti Vecci 2010, it was to be a sequel to his 1999 debut album. Now, with his upcoming trial, recording three albums in one will be a bit of a task.

There have been rumors of Rule wanting to release two albums next year, one of which will be the sequel to his debut. But, first he wants to re-establish himself as a force within the game. He dominated one time before and he is confident that he still can because he is still relatively young. Ja Rule has plans of releasing an album before the summer of 2010 and he has said that it may be a double album.

The Queens rapper hopes that this album will be the one to introduce the new hip hop fans to his style. If the album ends up doing fairly well, he will probably release another album before the end of the year to compete with the heavy hitters of the game.

Ja Rule also faces Prison Time

23 Jan

Three years ago, Ja Rule was on the comeback trail. He had forged an alliance with Lil Wayne and he felt unstoppable. To support Wayne, he came to his show in New York, which happens to be his hometown. On his tour bus was guns and marijuana. For most of the evening, he and Wayne were together, as they were also shooting the video for “Uh Ohhh!.” But, after the video, each rapper returned their bus, only to be caught by the police and sent to jail for the night.

In November 2007, Ja Rule, along with Remy Ma, Lil Wayne, and Busta Rhymes were all summoned to court. At one time or another, all rappers were in the same room together. The first rapper to go in was Remy Ma and she was given some hard time behind bars. Busta Rhymes would be let off of his charges, while Lil Wayne was given prison time, also. Lil Wayne’s prison time has come when almost every rapper in the game has been forced to go to prison.

Initially, Ja Rule assumed that he was going to be let off of the hook. In 2008, he announced that he would not be in any major trouble. Recently, he returned to court, only to discover that he faces up to four years in prison. With two new albums slated for this year, this jeopardizes a career that has already suffered enough trouble. As many already know, the strictest gun laws in the nation are in New York City.

Plaxico Burress, of the New York Giants learned this the hard way as he served time for shooting himself in a New York nightclub. It appears that Ja Rule will suffer from the same fate as the people mentioned above.

Swizz Beatz prepares for a Busy Year

23 Jan

Up until his work on The Blueprint 3, Swizz Beatz had been relatively quiet for most of last year. That will not be the case for this upcoming year. He has a long list of projects that stem from work with his own crew and work for other artists. Aside from production work on music, alone, it has also become the job of Swizzy to work with the growing Ruff Ryders Entertainment brand.

This year, Swizz Beatz has a lot that he wants to get done. The project that will probably last him for most of the year is the new Jay-Z album. After taking 2008 off to start Roc Nation, Hov wants to release a new album every year, the way that he did during his prime. His last album, 2009’s The Blueprint 3 was hailed as a classic. The song’s that stick out the most on the album happen to be the ones produced by Swizz Beatz. Because of that, Jay wants him to handle most of his upcoming release.

Aside from the work with Jay-Z, there are plenty of acts on his Ruff Ryders label that are planning new albums. After three years of push-backs, Eve left Interscope Records and signed to the newly-established Ruff Ryders Indy to release Lip Lock. While she plans to work with a wide range of producers, she wants Swizz Beatz to be a part of the project more than anyone else. Her album will also be released this year.

DMX last released an album back in 2006. For that album, he worked with a lot of producers, which led to less work from Swizz Beatz. His last album was not one of his best releases and he has returned to the Ruff Ryders label and to working with Swizz Beatz. It is said that they are constantly working together on the new album from X. DMX does not want to waste any more time with pushing the album back, he is ready to release the album in 2010, also.

Along with new releases from The L.O.X. and Ja Rule, Swizz Beatz has also signed on to work with T.I. on his comeback album. Not only is T.I. preparing an album, but Young Jeezy is too and he has enlisted the help of Swizz Beatz. Last year, had it not been for Jay-Z, Swizz Beatz would have fallen off. This year, that is not the plan of Swizz Beatz, he is working with any and everybody. He is not only working on one comeback album, but four comeback albums. He is also working with Jadakiss on his Top 5 Dead or Alive album.

Swizz Beatz will have the busiest year of his career in 2010 and he is very happy about this.