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Hip Hop Vibe’s Hottest MC in the Game is Jay-Z

20 Dec

This year has been a year of revival for hip hop. Over the years, the game had become watered-down and stagnant. Every rapper was trying to do the same thing. In the midst of all of this, Jay-Z had silently taken a break from rap. This time of year is usually headlined by a new album from Jay-Z. For the first time since his retirement, Jay-Z failed to release an album.

Throughout the year, new music had come from various rappers, but still none of it was Jay-Z. Almost every rapper that released an album this year paid homage to Jay. That, alone, shows how much of a legend that Jay-Z is. Even with no album coming, he was still the talk of the hip hop community.

Right before the release of “Death of Auto-tune,” every song that came out was auto-tune filled. Ghostface Killah even went as far as to say that the Jay-Z single hurt his album sales because most of his tracks were filled with auto-tune tracks. The return of Jay-Z also ended the reign of Ron Browz. His auto-tune tracks dominated early on this year.

However, all Jay-Z did was release one song that did not even crack the top twenty and the entire hip hop community stopped co-signing the auto-tune. When The Blueprint 3 came out, Jay also had the highest-selling hip hop album of 2009. Then, his “Empire State of Mind” single became his first song to top the Billboard Hot 100.

It has been five weeks since “Empire State of Mind” reached number one and that is where it still remains. Not only does Jay-Z have the album of the year from a critical and commercial standpoint, he also has the single of the year. The fact that Eminem had been gone for five years and returned with a platinum album was still overshadowed by Jay-Z.

That is the reason that Jay-Z is the hottest emcee in the game. All he did was release new music, nothing extra, and he was already back and stronger than he had ever been before. Meanwhile his foes are all falling off as these words are written.

Hip Hop Vibe’s Hottest MCs in the Game: Jadakiss

9 Nov

JadakissDon’t call it a comeback. This has been a great year for Jadakiss. After his last album, Kiss of Death, Jadakiss took what became a five-year break from recording music. Just looking at his comeback, Jadakiss deserves inclusion on this list.

With an album on the way, Jadakiss was struggling to find that one single to heat up the streets, he had already given up on winning over the radio. Early in 2009, Jadakiss made it clear that he was back. Returning to the game, Jada had only one question, “Who’s Real.”

Jadakiss proved just how hot he was because he was able to land rising Southern hip hop talent, OJ da Juiceman for a verse on the song. For the video, he featured cameos from The Clipse, Clyde Carson, DJ Webstar, Grafh, and Styles P. In addition to those cameos, he was even able to pull Ja Rule out of hiding, as he also appeared in the video.

His ability to bring all of these artists to the set of his video proves his hotness. On top of all of that, Jada was able to bring DMX out of hiding for the remix. He was able to get X to appear in the video and to record a verse. Single-handedly, Jadakiss was able to reunite the Ruff Ryders.

Since the release of his album, Jadakiss has become a rapper of high demand. Throughout the year, Jadakiss has been making appearances on other albums and he has been doing various shows. His former rival, 50 Cent, even called on him to perform at his This Is 50 Fest. On top of all of that, Jadakiss has been in-talks with Sean Combs to sign with his Bad Boy label.

After a four-year hiatus, Jadakiss was able to return and do what he has done in only a matter of months. Indeed, he is one of the hottest emcees in the game.

Hip Hop Vibe’s Hottest MCs in the Game: 50 Cent

28 Oct

50 Cent II50 Cent has been expected to release his fourth album, Before I Self Destruct, for the entire year of 2009. In January, 50 released “I Get It In” and the single failed to become a hit. It was clear by then that 50 was not about to score a hit with that version of the album.

Instead, 50 Cent returned to the mixtape scene. It was here that 50 scored some major hits. From his barrage of mixtapes released this summer, he scored hits with “OK, You’re Right,” “Flight 187,” and “Baby By Me.” 50 has decided to take some of these best songs and place them onto the album.

There are critics that say that 50 Cent has fallen off. He has proved otherwise with his This Is 50 Fest from earlier this month. 50 was able to get Maino, Cory Gunz, Dipset, and The L.O.X. to all come out and perform for his show.

50 Cent has proved that he has influence over the game by the way that he was able to get these rappers to come and perform for his show. Also, 50 has proved that he can still make great records with his Ne-Yo-assisted “Baby By Me (remix).”

After all of this time, 50 Cent is still definitely one of the hottest emcees in the game.

Hip Hop Vibe’s Hottest MCs in the Game: Fabolous

26 Oct

FabolousAfter missing out on last year, Fabolous got started early in 2009. In February, he released his The-Dream-assisted, “Throw It In the Bag.” For a short period, the song returned Fabolous to the radio waves.

While Fabolous has not received much airplay in 2009, his album has sold fairly well. Upon its release, Loso’s Way, debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 200. He may not be able to take over the radio the way that he once did, but Fabolous can still sell records.

Through Twitter, Fabolous has been able to keep his name alive. With no songs even recorded, Fab helped create the T-Pain/Jay-Z feud and he even had his own beef with T-Pain. Only weeks after that blew over, Fabolous dissed 50 Cent through the site.

Every week, Fabolous’ name finds its way into the headlines. His music may be a little less than hot, but he is not.

Hip Hop Vibe’s Hottest MCs in the Game: Soulja Boy

23 Oct

Soulja BoyNo one began 2009 with as much hype as Soulja Boy. Late last year, he released “Turn My Swag On” and “Kiss Me Thru the Phone.” Both of those songs took a long time to take off and Soulja Boy did appear to be the one hit wonder.

However, when the new year entered, both songs became hits. Soulja Boy spent the first half of 2009 promoting those singles as they peaked at number 19 and 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, respectively.

Most importantly, after dropping the one hit wonder label, Soulja Boy is now respected within the hip hop scene. This year, alone, Snoop Dogg has apologized to the young rapper for his previous negative comments and Eminem has revealed that he is a big Soulja Boy fan.

On top of all of that, Soulja Boy has caught the attention of hip hop heavyweights, Kanye West and Jay-Z. For his upcoming album, The DeAndre Way, Soulja Boy is expected to work with both artists. He is even expected to add some of his productions to Kanye West’s album.

Aside from the music, all of the praise that he has received has earned him a spot on this list. Before the end of the year, his album is coming and that may place him a notch or two higher than this.

Hip Hop Vibe’s Hottest MCs in the Game: Raekwon

21 Oct

RaekwonThe long-awaited comeback of Raekwon has been pushed back for some time. Well, this year it came and for most, it was well worth the wait. Despite his release of two albums since, Raekwon is probably best-known for his debut album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.

In 2007, Raekwon announced his next album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II. The album, like its predecessor was critically-acclaimed upon its release and has managed to sell fairly well, also. But, for the most part, Rae has not received much airplay. Most of his exposure has come from the internet.

Of nearly all of the hip hop rumors that flood the internet on a daily basis, Raekwon’s name usually finds a way to come up. He has been rumored to sign with Bad Boy Records, rumored to be working on his next album, and rumored to be working with Method Man and Ghostface on a collaboration album.

While Raekwon’s music is not getting much play, he has managed to stay in the news and he has commented on almost every event taking place in hip hop. Aside from all of that, his album has received just as much acclaim as Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3. In 2009, there have not been many rappers that are as hot as Raekwon.

Hip Hop Vibe’s Hottest MCs in the Game: Mims

20 Oct

MimsAfter coming into the game known as a pop rapper, Mims has made some major noise in 2009. This year, Mims has been trying to show his lyrical prowess. As a result, Mims has gained a bit more respect in this rap game. While his album, Guilt, did not sell many copies, Mims did release a very good album.

This year, Mims has attempted to master the formula used by every successful rapper, making music for the ladies and making music for the streets. His single, “Love Rollercoaster,” featuring LeToya Luckett, showed a completly different dimension of Mims and the song gave Mims a minor hit.

Currently, Mims’ music still has some heads bouncing. Despite the fact that Guilt did not sell many copies, some are trying to say that his album was one of the best released this year. Many would not guess how hard that Mims works. He is in the studio, now, creating a new album.

In actuality, Mims has been in the studio since the release of Guilt, working on what some call a classic album. A single is expected to be released soon from this album, along with a title and release date.

Mims’ constant work and improved lyricism have made him one of the hottest rappers in the game this year. His third album is said to be released sometime in December of 2009.

Hip Hop Vibe’s Hottest MCs in the Game: Plies

19 Oct

PliesSo far, 2009 has been a relatively quiet year for Plies. Usually, his music has taken over before October, but this year has been an odd one for Plies. His single, “Becky,” has began to heat things up.

Taking a page from Ja Rule’s book, Plies released “Want It/Need It” featuring Ashanti late last year. Coming into 2009, the song dominated urban radio. It was one of the more notable songs of the early stages of this year.

The last single released from the album was “Plenty Money.” The song did not receive much airplay, but the fact that it was remixed by a few other rappers only shows his influence on hip hop in 2009. Most of Plies’ radio success has come from an album released last December.

Most other rappers would have trouble achieving the success that Plies has had even if they released an album this year. For the summer, Plies was relatively quiet, but he is heating up the fall season with his single, “Becky.”

“Becky” is the first single off of Plies’ Goon Affiliated, which will be released in November 2009 on Atlantic Records.

Hip Hop Vibe’s Hottest MCs in the Game: OJ da Juiceman

17 Oct

OJ Da JuicemanEarly in 2009, OJ da Juiceman debuted on the Gucci Mane-assisted track, “Make the Trap Say Aye.” The song built OJ’s buzz and he remained one of the hottest rappers during the early months of this year.

This year, OJ da Juiceman has been one of the more popular Southern rappers in the game. He has received more airplay in the year of 2009 than such mainstays as T.I., Ludacris, Young Buck, Chamillionaire, and Young Jeezy.

The ultimate call for OJ da Juiceman came when he was called upon by Jadakiss to record the street single, “Who’s Real.” Getting the chance to work with Jadakiss is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It is rare that he works with an artist that he does not know, but to invite such a rapper to appear on his album solidified OJ’s position on this countdown.

Also, OJ da Juiceman’s debut album was actually released in January of 2008, but behind “Make The Trap Say Aye,” ended up really hitting its stride in 2009. The song was released late in 2008 and helped to heat up the spring of 2009.

Hip Hop Vibe’s Hottest MCs in the Game: Bow Wow

16 Oct

Bow WowBow Wow made his grand return to the hip hop scene this year. He did not take over radio the way he once knew how, but Bow held it down. First, he heated up the mixtape scene and then he released modest hits, such as “Roc the Mic,” to radio.

The biggest hit by Bow Wow this summer was “You Can Get It All,” with Johnta Austin. Aside from his music, Bow made waves with his feud with Soulja Boy that lasted for most of the early parts of this year. His album sold moderately well, keeping his music in rotation.

Now, Bow Wow has signed with Lil Wayne’s Young Money imprint, the hottest label in the game. Automatically, the profile of Bow Wow has been raised and he has decided to forgo retirement and move into the mixtape game like the rest of Young Money.

Bow Wow’s biggest success has come this year since he signed with Young Money and began making mixtape singles. This has, by far, passed his album sales.