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Dr. Dre may sign Ashanti to Aftermath

23 Feb

For some time, Irv Gotti and Ja Rule have declared peace with Aftermath. Dr. Dre has always been a non-confrontational person, but he was pushed too far by Ja Rule. But, Ja was feeling the pressure from hip hop fans all over to respond to the disses from 50 Cent. Looking back on things, he realizes that he handled them in the wrong manner. Because of this, not only did his career suffer, but also the career of Ashanti.

Behind the scenes, Ashanti began feuding with Irv Gotti, but their issues are only minor. For the past few months, Ja Rule has been working to help them end their feud. Recently, Ja Rule has been ending quite a few feuds. Last fall, Ja Rule did the unthinkable and he ended his longstanding feuds with Eminem and DMX. Even before he had made peace with Eminem, a truce had been offered.

Late in 2006, Ja Rule and Irv Gotti had made peace with Game, and the following year, they officially ended their feud with Dr. Dre. Despite Ashanti being upset with Irv Gotti, she gained a connection with Dre through his relationship with both Irv Gotti and Ja Rule. When she was working on her last album, The Declaration, Gotti said that Dr. Dre would be producing for the album. While he was listed, the collaboration never came to be.

Speculation would point to 50 Cent forcing Dr. Dre off of the project. Now, with 50 Cent off of the Aftermath Entertainment label, Dre was re-signed Game. For the past five years, Game has been one of 50 Cent’s biggest rivals. On top of that, Dr. Dre has been working with Ja Rule on his new album and he has been working with Crooked I, a Murder Inc. artist. Ever since he lost his female R&B act, Truth Hurts, Dr. Dre has wanted a replacement.

Ashanti right now is hotter than Truth Hurts ever was and she is trying to get off of Murder Inc., but she owes the label one more album. Dr. Dre is no stranger to joint venture deals, so it is possible that Ashanti ends up signing a joint venture between Aftermath and Murder Inc.

Dr. Dre wants Game to find truce with Knoc-Turn’ Al

23 Feb

It has become quite clear that Dr. Dre does not like friction. He especially does not like it coming from his own camp. In the past, Dre has proved that he can fire some shots, but he would rather talk things out. When Game and 50 Cent began their feud, five years ago, Dr. Dre did his best to end it behind closed doors. Some things just cannot be resolved behind closed doors, so Dre turned a blind eye to the situation.

While he does not receive the proper credit for it, Dr. Dre has attempted to put the Los Angeles hip hop scene back on top. After he established Aftermath Entertainment, he began working with local Los Angeles rapper, Xzibit. At the time, X had a deal with Sony, but Dr. Dre produced an album for him. If the album had turned out the way that Dr. Dre had hoped, he would have gotten X out of his deal with Sony and onto his label.

After the experiment with Xzibit went sour, Dr. Dre was introduced to Knoc-Turn’ Al by his good friend, Snoop Dogg. Knoc was from Long Beach and he wanted to sign to Snoop’s label, but Snoop did not have a solid deal at the time. Because of this, he passed him on to Dr. Dre, who loved the way that he sounded. In many ways, he reminded Dre of Snoop Dogg. In 2002, they began working together, but Knoc-Turn’ Al did not catch on either.

During the same time that he was working with Knoc-Turn’ Al, Dr. Dre had signed Compton native, Game to Aftermath. Once cut his ties with Knoc, Dr. Dre was preparing to focus all of his attention towards Game. But, Eminem presented him with 50 Cent before they had a chance to begin working together. 50 Cent was hot, so they used his flames to build Game’s career, which led to a feud between the two rappers.

Their feud led to Game leaving the label, but he returned a few months ago. With his album right around the corner, Game did his usual diss routine aimed at 50 Cent. However, this time, there was someone to defend 50. This came in the form of Knoc-Turn’ Al, who said that Game owes his success to the G-Unit general. Game denied this and said that Knoc was upset because he refused to record with him.

Since that time, the two rappers have been going back and forth with each other with no end in sight. Dr. Dre still remains friends with Knoc, even though they no longer work together. He is also very close to Game and he has pleaded with both rappers to end their feud. But, both rappers have a lot of pride, so Dr. Dre’s wishes may go unanswered.

Game picks Dr. Dre-produced First Single

18 Feb

Yesterday, Game put his interactive hat on. His fourth album, The R.E.D. Album, will be released next month and Game asked the fans to choose his next single. The first single from the album was released back in October. But, because Dr. Dre took over the album, all material from the first version of the album, including the original first single, was scrapped from the album. The original producers were removed from the album and replaced by Dr. Dre and Pharrell.

While working on his album, Game has enjoyed great chemistry with both producers. He decided to have the fans pick his next single off of the album. The choice of the next single was between a song produced by Dr. Dre or a song produced Pharrell. Game has always respected and admired Dr. Dre. First off, they are from the same city, Compton, California, and it was the good doctor that first gave Game a chance.

But, Dr. Dre soon became too busy to work with Game on his album. In an effort to make sure that everything turned out alright, Dr. Dre asked Pharrell to come in and help Game out. The request from Dr. Dre was obliged by Pharrell. Dr. Dre had already completed half of the album and he wanted Pharrell to simply complete the other half. When he came in and began working with Game, Game was so excited that he tattooed the logo of Pharrell’s company on his head.

As it currently stands, Game has strong relationships with both Dr. Dre and Pharrell. When it comes down to the lead single from his new album, Game wants to choose between these two producers. While he offered the fans a chance to choose, Game has taken it upon himself to ride with Dr. Dre. The first single off of The R.E.D. Album will be a song produced by Dr. Dre.

Eminem may appear on “The R.E.D. Album”

18 Feb

Last fall, Game made headlines when he decided to push his new album, The R.E.D. Album, back until 2010. After having his last album, L.A.X., pushed back several times until it was moved from an expected 2007 release to a 2008 release, he vowed to release a new album every year on schedule. But, Game had a solid excuse for pushing his album back because his wish of reuniting with Dr. Dre had finally come true.

Right after the release of L.A.X., Game announced that he was not going to retire. Instead, he began working on his fourth album, The R.E.D. Album. He said that this new album would begin the second phase of his career. On this album, he did not announce production from Dr. Dre. By then, he had realized that their relationship was over. Game also said that he would no longer mention 50 Cent in his rhymes, either. In October 2009, Game announced that he had completed the album.

Once he completed the album, he set the release date for December 1, 2009. He even went as far as to deliver the first single, “Krazy” featuring Gucci Mane. It was after this that Snoop Dogg reunited Game with his mentor, Dr. Dre. They came together for Dre’s Detox album. While the reunion was mainly for Detox, Dre decided that he wanted to work with Game on his new album.

Despite the fact that Game was finished with the album, he let Dr. Dre do some editing to the project. In the end, Cool & Dre’s work did not mix well with Dr. Dre’s work, so they were almost completely removed from the album. In return, Dr. Dre was able to land Game collaborations with Pharrell and Justin Timberlake. His collaboration with Pharrell ended up leading to Game having him become an executive producer for the album.

After it was revealed that Game had returned to the Aftermath Entertainment camp, he boasted about possibly reuniting with Eminem. Much like Dr. Dre, Eminem remained silent when 50 Cent began his rampage against Game. However, even when Game returned to the label, Em maintained his distance. But, with rumors of friction between Eminem and 50 Cent and more and more faith placed upon Game, it is possible that they end up working with each other.

Eminem frequently states that he is willing to work with anyone that makes good music. Dr. Dre makes good music and he is working with Game. Throughout his career, Game has been solid and with Dr. Dre in his corner, he is going to become one of the most popular rappers in the music industry. Possibly sensing that Game is about to blow and with a new album on the way, Eminem is likely to jump on the bandwagon to receive his hit.

Game wants Fans to choose Next Single

17 Feb

With the release of his new album right around the corner, Game is trying to be interactive. Last fall, he released two singles from the album. At the time, he was under the assumption that The R.E.D. Album would be released in December. But, Dr. Dre reunited with Game and they began working again.

Because of his busy schedule, Dre had to back out of the project. For the remainder of the album, Pharrell handled things. As a result, both Pharrell and Dr. Dre will be credited as executive producers on The R.E.D. Album. All of the original version of the album was scrapped, meaning that the first two singles, “Krazy” featuring Gucci Mane and “L.A. Girl” featuring Chris Brown, may not even end up being on the album.

For his next single, Game wants the fans to help him out. He has recorded half of his album with Dr. Dre and the other half of his album with Pharrell. With production like that, Game knows that his album will be great. It will not matter what song is released from the album because it is likely to become a hit, regardless. With this in mind, Game wants fans to choose between a song produced by Dr. Dre or a song produced by Pharrell.

Dr. Dre takes on Death Row Records

13 Feb

The seemingly never-ending feud between the legendary Dr. Dre and Death Row Records lives on. Ever since Dr. Dre’s 1996 departure from the label, there have been a number of disputes. A lot of his hatred towards Death Row was because of the founder, Suge Knight. Dr. Dre had a long back-and-forth with Knight that still continues.

In the past, Dr. Dre has sued Knight and the label over royalties and album titles. It has been two years since Suge Knight has been a part of Death Row Records. The first release off of the label was Dr. Dre’s debut album, The Chronic. Hailed as a classic, it sold very well.

The Chronic came out some eighteen years ago and it made someone a lot of money. Apparently, that someone was not Dr. Dre. After Dre departed from the label, he was no longer cut in on profits from The Chronic. At the time, he had royalties on the original album and any other album with “Chronic” in the title of it. But, once he left, he was cut out of the profits. Even though he does not make money off of the profits, any albums that use his recording and the name “Chronic” cannot be made without his consent.

Ever since 2008, Death Row Records has been owned by WIDEawake Entertainment and they have seemingly forgot about the deal that the original owners of the label had in place with Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre hopes that this new lawsuit will be a good enough reminder,

Dr. Dre may receive a Promotion from Jimmy Iovine?

6 Feb

For almost twenty years, Dr. Dre has been with Interscope Records. Ironically enough, the label has been in existence ever since 1991. While it is not well-known, Dr. Dre was the first artist signed to Interscope Records. The label was the distributor of Death Row and when Dre had his falling out with Death Row, he created Aftermath as a sub-label of Interscope Records.

No other artist has brought as much success to one label the way that Dr. Dre has to Interscope Records. Because of that, Dr. Dre has the respect of Jimmy Iovine. Anything that Dre wants to do, Iovine allows him to do. But, when Interscope Records was merged into Geffen Records and A&M Records, Iovine was made the chairman of the big label, along with still being in charge of the original Interscope Records.

Most, if not all, of the hip hop hits on Interscope Records are because of Dr. Dre. After watching his success with Interscope, other artists began signing with the label. In his time on Interscope, he was responsible for creating the biggest hits in Tupac’s career. On top of that, he introduced the world to Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 Cent, Game, Nate Dogg, Daz Dillinger, and Kurupt. His other work led to the birth of G-Unit Records and Shady Records.

In the past, Jimmy Iovine has rewarded Dr. Dre for his work for Interscope Records. After bringing much success to Interscope through Death Row Records, Iovine granted him his next label, Aftermath Entertainment. Now, he has brought more success with his latest label and his twentieth anniversary with the label is coming soon. This will coincide with his upcoming third studio album, Detox.

Since Jimmy Iovine needs to focus more on running the parent label, is it possible that he may give Dr. Dre the reigns of Interscope Records?

Ja Rule teams up with Dr. Dre for New Album?

3 Feb

Nearly eight years ago, Ja Rule’s feud with 50 Cent went public. Only months after it became clear that the king of hip hop was being challenged, his rival had teamed up with Dr. Dre and Eminem. Instead of reaching out to Dr. Dre and Eminem, Ja Rule decided to go against them, too. He felt that his popularity could outweigh the legendary status of Dr. Dre and the popularity of Eminem.

Looking back on things, he thought wrong. The feuds against Ja Rule were almost too bad to watch. Soon, the feud expanded to include Eminem, DMX, Busta Rhymes, Dr. Dre, Obie Trice, and 50 Cent’s G-Unit crew all against Rule. With all of that against him, Ja Rule’s popularity waned and his album sales dropped, dramatically. One by one, Rule was able to make peace with some of his enemies.

The following year, Ja Rule returned to the top five with his hit single, “Wonderful,” and during this frame of time, he and Dr. Dre ended their feud. Late in 2004, Eminem issued a truce to not only Ja Rule, but the entire Murder Inc. crew. Ja Rule accepted the truce and even admitted that he would be open to working with Dr. Dre and Eminem. Dr. Dre ended up producing the original track, “Me,” off of Ja’s Exodus album.

Now, the only feud that Ja Rule has is that with 50 Cent. In the time since 50 bum rushed the game, he now has his fair share of enemies. This gives Ja Rule the perfect opportunity to reemerge from the shadows. That is exactly what Rule plans to do with his upcoming album. He has been away for six years, but he remains confident about a comeback. For this new album, he has promised a major surprise.

Dating back to 2006, Ja Rule has maintained a close relationship to Game, who happens to be the protégé of Dr. Dre. When Rule was working on The Mirror, he worked closely with Game, who plans to feature Ja on his next album, The R.E.D. Album. Now that Game and Dr. Dre are reunited, there is no way that an artist can be close to Game without being close to Dre. There are rumors of Ja Rule and Dr. Dre spending time in the studio together.

Recently, there have been rumors of 50 Cent and Dr. Dre feuding. 50 Cent has not denied a rift with Dr. Dre, but he said that he would never completely turn on Dre because of his relationship with Eminem. While Dr. Dre projects a tough guy image, he is really a forgiving soul, as is Ja Rule. As it stands, Dr. Dre loves to make hits and Ja Rule is in desperate need of a hit. It sounds like there is no problem with a possible collaboration between the former rivals.

Warren G was played by Dre and Snoop?

2 Feb

When hip hop fans speak of dynamic duos in hip hop, they end up mentioning Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Right after Dr. Dre left Ruthless Records, he created Death Row Records and the first artist signed to the label was Snoop Dogg. Most people would think that was all to the story, but they forget exactly how they met.

The bond between Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg came to be because of Warren G. Warren G is the stepbrother of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg was his longtime friend. Dating back to the Ruthless days, Dre knew of Snoop Dogg. He also knew that Snoop and Warren G wanted to rap, but he did not think that they had great skills. But, one day, he heard Snoop rapping and decided to sign him to his Death Row label.

Quickly, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg formed a duo and they created many hits together. The plan was for Snoop Dogg to first be signed to the label, followed by Warren G. However, as Dre became closer to Snoop, Warren G was beginning to be left out. They were supposed to come back for him, but they never did. It was not as if the friendship ended, it was just that they left Warren G hanging.

Realizing that he had only himself to rely on, Warren G broke out on his own and built his buzz. When it came time for him to choose a record label, Warren surprised everyone when he signed to Def Jam. Dr. Dre just knew that he would end up on Death Row. Even after Snoop Dogg left the label for his own venture and Dr. Dre did the same, Warren G stayed on his own. He has worked with both artists since the Death Row days and during them, but he keeps his distance.

Recently, Warren G spoke on why he never did sign with Death Row. He felt that Dr. Dre’s top priority at the time was Snoop Dogg. Warren G would have rather gone to a label that was willing to give him the proper attention. In a way, he did feel played by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, but he still treats them as family. He has always been one third of 213 with Nate Dogg and Snoop. The group signed to Priority Records and Warren G is currently talking with Snoop about a deal of his own with the label.

At the end of the day, Warren G realizes that the best person for him to trust is himself and that no good comes from being bitter about the past.

Dr. Dre is in No Rush to release “Detox”

29 Jan

Ten years ago, there was talk of a Dr. Dre album to be called Detox. This album was supposed to be the best hip hop album ever created. There have been many classics, but this album was to come from the best hip hop producer. Not only is Dr. Dre considered the best producer, but he is also known for his strong lyrical ability.

With all of those talents, there is no way that he can create a “bad” album. Even his 1997 compilation album was met with positive reviews. The only thing about Dr. Dre is the fact that he spends so much time recording music for other artists. His duties as a producer and an executive hinder him from creating music for himself.

Towards the end of last year, Dr. Dre announced that he was going to take some time off to record Detox. At the time, he had slated the album for release this year. Only weeks after his announcement to work on Detox, he decided that he would wait on completing the album. He said that the album may not be released until 2011.

Frequently, when he makes public appearances, Dr. Dre is asked about the album. He used to always say that he was going to take his time on the album. But, with hip hop being the way that it is and the fans ready to give up on the album, Dr. Dre put things into motion. Still, the same problems present themselves. Dre is set to work on new projects from Game, Ja Rule, Eminem and Ashanti just to kick off the New Year.

That is four, possibly five, albums just to begin the year. Then, add to that the fact that he takes a long time to finish projects and his album may not come out for another three years. Sensing all of this going on at once, Dr. Dre said that he is not in a rush to put Detox out. He has even gone as far as to say that he may not even do the album, period.