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50 Cent is willing to sign Knoc-Turn’ Al to G-Unit

26 Feb

All of the support that 50 Cent used to have has slowly gone out of the window. When he first came into the game, he was able to turn everyone against Ja Rule. That was an incredible feat because Ja was ruling the game. After he took out that beast and his entire crew, 50 Cent felt unstoppable. But, he crumbled from his own weight and he has had some feuds that he just could not win, like his current feud with Game.

When he declared war against Game, 50 Cent hoped that everyone would turn on him. Instead, he saw his support team of Eminem and Dr. Dre turn blind eyes, while he was accepted more by the hip hop community. Game has been able to use 50 Cent’s enemies to his advantage. Last year, Game was able to get Ja Rule and Fat Joe to join him on the remix of Rick Ross’ “Mafia Music.” 50 Cent usually gets his way, but not with Game.

Knoc-Turn’ Al feels as if he should have been in Game’s position. He said that no matter how he felt about 50 Cent that he could have stayed with him. For the most part, Knoc feels that Game is unappreciative of the opportunity that 50 Cent provided for him. Knoc is also upset that he lost his spot with Dr. Dre because of Game. His single, “The Knoc,” only received minor radio play and it did nothing to boost his profile. But, when Game came out, he blew with 50 Cent fame.

That, more than any other reason, is probably why Knoc-Turn’ Al decided to set the record straight about Game. The statement that he made led to Game issuing a challenge to Knoc. So far, he has accepted the feud, but he has not recorded a diss record. But, if he chooses to do so, 50 Cent wants to let Knoc-Turn’ Al know that he is willing to help. Although 50 Cent no longer has the support of Interscope Records, he still has plans of reviving his crew this year.

While Knoc-Turn’ Al never quite caught on, he was never given a true chance. Now that he is finally off of Interscope, 50 Cent feels like superman. 50 Cent is willing to take the time and sign the established Knoc-Turn’ Al to G-Unit West to get that movement going again. Despite things looking bad, 50 Cent does envision G-Unit taking the world by storm once again.

50 Cent sued over Sex Tape

25 Feb

50 Cent has managed to make headlines again. Just as it appeared that all talk of the rap mogul had died down, the talk has only restarted. However, this time, it has nothing to do with his label situation. Instead, this is a bit of bad news for the G-Unit general. His feud with Rick Ross refuses to go away and a lawsuit is the result of their friction.

The lawsuit is not coming from Rick Ross’ camp, instead, from a random woman. Last year, during the height of 50 Cent’s feud with Rick Ross, 50 did a show called “Pimpin’ Curly.” He used this character to frequently diss his primary rival. At one point, 50 had his character participate in a sex tape that also featured one of Rick Ross’ baby mothers.

Of course, the tape was doctored, but it was said to really feature one of Ross’ baby mothers. Apparently, this is not the case as a lady named Lastonia Leviston is suing 50 Cent. She is suing him because 50 Cent has unlawfully distributed her sex tape across the internet. Leviston is said to be suffering from emotional distress. Her face can be identified in the tape, but the face of her partner is blurred out.

Lastonia Leviston has filed the lawsuit, but no one from 50 Cent’s legal team has responded as of yet.

50 Cent is confident in Post-Interscope G-Unit

23 Feb

Eight years ago, 50 Cent re-entered the hip hop arena. In 1999, 50 Cent had a contract with Columbia Records and he was working on his debut album. Within the New York metropolitan area, there was huge buzz surrounding 50 Cent. But, outside of New York, he was nothing more than a no-name. Right before the 2000 release date of his debut album, 50 Cent was shot several times, which nearly ended his life.

While 50 Cent did live, his rap career seemed to be dead. He had to return to the streets, but with his dream still intact. During the new come-up for 50 Cent, he had to contend with Ja Rule, a guy from his old neighborhood taking the game by storm. 50 Cent and Ja Rule never really did know each other, but Ja was working with the people who shot 50. On the other hand, a close friend to 50 Cent had robbed Ja Rule.

There had been times where the two rappers talked, civilly. Once, Ja Rule was at a club and he shouted out an unknown 50 Cent and they hung out. It was not until Rule spotted 50 conversing with the man who robbed him that all hell broke loose. Soon, 50 Cent would discover that Ja’s entire crew was financed and supported by the people who had him shot. This led to the diss records going back and forth.

By 2002, 50 Cent and Ja Rule were bitter enemies. Soon, it was revealed that Ja Rule was involved in a feud with an underground rapper. At the time, hip hop was ruled by Ja, so everyone expected this guy, 50 Cent to go away. Instead, he went to Canada to record his second album, which was properly titled Guess Who’s Back? The album boasted appearances from Nas and disses towards Ja Rule and Murder Inc.

The album eventually was heard by Eminem, who played it for Dr. Dre. In return, they looked the rapper up and signed him to their labels. Until 50 Cent revealed this in 2007, no one knew that he had no intention of running Ja Rule. But, when Rule and Irv Gotti discovered that 50 had teamed up with Eminem and Dr. Dre, they planned to use their popularity to drive them out of the game. Their plan backfired and it would be Murder Inc. that fell off.

50 Cent used his newfound popularity to officially end the career of Ja Rule. Within one year, no one remembered the name Ja Rule. In contrast, the next year saw 50 Cent’s first album certify platinum six times over. As he prepared for his second album, he became involved in multiple feuds. His list was comprised of Nas, Ja Rule, Jadakiss, D-Block, Fat Joe, Terror Squad, and even his own artist, Game. There was a slight backlash for 50, but his next album still sold very well.

However, the disses from each direction began taking a toll on the other artists that he had developed. Lloyd Banks, his second in command, saw his album sales fall off by 50% and the same fate was suffered by Young Buck. 50 Cent had developed a formula after he made it big in the game. The formula was for him to release albums by his artists first, that all had a feature by him on it. That way, 50 Cent’s voice was never out of the public eye. Then, when his album would come, it would sell better.

But, when the albums from his crew did not sell well, 50 Cent did not have the proper buzz, which led to his album only selling 1 million copies. After his album did not sell well, 50 Cent lashed out against Young Buck. Before long, he was kicked out of G-Unit and was directly feuding with 50 Cent. Things did not get better for the crew when 50 Cent decided to go against the ever-popular Lil Wayne. The lack of a response shocked 50 Cent.

Because he was not selling the records that he used to, 50 Cent lost the support of Eminem and Dr. Dre. Despite the constant disses from 50 Cent to Lil Wayne, Eminem began collaborating with him. This enraged 50, but he did not take his issues public, out of respect to the man who helped him become famous. Already upset with Dr. Dre, things got worse when Dre reunited with Game and reconciled with Murder Inc. The Aftermath house is now welcoming Ashanti and even Ja Rule.

Dating back to 2007, 50 Cent has been upset with Interscope Records. He said that when he released his next album, he would leave the label. It did not take long for 50 Cent to live up to that promise. With most of the G-Unit roster off of the label, all that 50 Cent had to do was purchase the G-Unit name from Interscope Records. He has already done this and the main artists on his label are back in the studio.

50 Cent felt that Interscope Records was not giving him the creative freedom that he desired the most. Now that he is off of the label, he is going to record with an independent label. From the way that he sounds, this is not a permanent move. He will be here long enough to release a new album from the G-Unit group and to release albums from Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. If these albums do better than expected, G-Unit may attract a major label.

With Interscope Records off of his back, 50 Cent feels that he and his entire label can properly make a comeback.

Lil Wayne will Never Feud with 50 Cent

22 Feb

Before he had made his climb to become one of the most popular rappers in the game, Lil Wayne was raw. He said what he wanted to say and he did what he wanted to do. The bottom line was that Lil Wayne was a gangster. But, over time, he began to shed that image. His last album to promote him being a true “gangsta” was his Tha Carter II. After a three year hiatus, he all but abandoned that persona.

50 Cent has always held a “gangsta” persona. No matter how much money he makes or how long he continues to make music, his songs always deal with handling his business. Before Lil Wayne’s run at the top, the game belonged to 50 Cent. There have been times in the past when it appeared that 50 Cent would end up feuding with Lil Wayne. Five years ago, Wayne released a mixtape record that dissed 50 Cent and Nas, but he later apologized for it.

Former G-Unit member, Young Buck feuded with Lil Wayne from 2001 until late 2007. Buck’s feud with Wayne stemmed from his past affiliation with Cash Money Records. In actuality, Young Buck was a member of Juvenile and his UTP crew. When they had a falling out with Cash Money, Young Buck took on their beef. He refused to let it go, even when it appeared that the issues between the core members had been revolved. In 2006, when the infamous “kiss photo” leaked to the internet, Buck was one of the most vocal critics.

50 Cent jumped into the feud to support Young Buck and took Wayne on directly when he collaborated with Ja Rule. At the time, it appeared as if a response from Lil Wayne was in the works. He may have been working on one, but it never came to be. As a result, 50 Cent decided to play nice with Wayne, but he still became one of his biggest critics. Every move that was made by Lil Wayne in 2008 was criticized by 50 Cent. Right before Thanksgiving, a song leaked called “Louisianimal.”

The song dissed 50 Cent and his Vitaman Water brand. It turned out that the song was recorded in 2007. Lil Wayne had indeed created a response record, but he decided not to release it. With the New Year approaching, 50 Cent spoke of a record that would end Wayne’s career. This record never came because Rick Ross would soon occupy 50’s mind. When Ross gives him a break, from time to time, 50 Cent tries to re-ignite his feud with Lil Wayne.

Each time he tries to do so, 50 Cent is ignored by Lil Wayne. Expect this to continue because Wayne has become a non-confrontational rapper. He does not beef with other rappers. As bad as 50 Cent wants a challenge, he will have to go elsewhere to find one.

Eminem may appear on “The R.E.D. Album”

18 Feb

Last fall, Game made headlines when he decided to push his new album, The R.E.D. Album, back until 2010. After having his last album, L.A.X., pushed back several times until it was moved from an expected 2007 release to a 2008 release, he vowed to release a new album every year on schedule. But, Game had a solid excuse for pushing his album back because his wish of reuniting with Dr. Dre had finally come true.

Right after the release of L.A.X., Game announced that he was not going to retire. Instead, he began working on his fourth album, The R.E.D. Album. He said that this new album would begin the second phase of his career. On this album, he did not announce production from Dr. Dre. By then, he had realized that their relationship was over. Game also said that he would no longer mention 50 Cent in his rhymes, either. In October 2009, Game announced that he had completed the album.

Once he completed the album, he set the release date for December 1, 2009. He even went as far as to deliver the first single, “Krazy” featuring Gucci Mane. It was after this that Snoop Dogg reunited Game with his mentor, Dr. Dre. They came together for Dre’s Detox album. While the reunion was mainly for Detox, Dre decided that he wanted to work with Game on his new album.

Despite the fact that Game was finished with the album, he let Dr. Dre do some editing to the project. In the end, Cool & Dre’s work did not mix well with Dr. Dre’s work, so they were almost completely removed from the album. In return, Dr. Dre was able to land Game collaborations with Pharrell and Justin Timberlake. His collaboration with Pharrell ended up leading to Game having him become an executive producer for the album.

After it was revealed that Game had returned to the Aftermath Entertainment camp, he boasted about possibly reuniting with Eminem. Much like Dr. Dre, Eminem remained silent when 50 Cent began his rampage against Game. However, even when Game returned to the label, Em maintained his distance. But, with rumors of friction between Eminem and 50 Cent and more and more faith placed upon Game, it is possible that they end up working with each other.

Eminem frequently states that he is willing to work with anyone that makes good music. Dr. Dre makes good music and he is working with Game. Throughout his career, Game has been solid and with Dr. Dre in his corner, he is going to become one of the most popular rappers in the music industry. Possibly sensing that Game is about to blow and with a new album on the way, Eminem is likely to jump on the bandwagon to receive his hit.

50 Cent walks out on Aftermath Entertainment

13 Feb

When he entered the game, 50 Cent was the hottest mixtape rapper out. He would be discovered by Eminem, who was the hottest mainstream rapper out. Em was always safe because he had Dr. Dre in his corner. No longer was Dre hot, he was a legend. Both Em and Dre were impressed with 50 Cent and they signed an awkard deal that placed him on both of their labels and Interscope.

It did not take long for 50 Cent to learn the ropes and create his own label. Right after the release of Get Rich or Die Tryin’, 50 Cent created G-Unit Records. Still, he remained very close to Eminem and Dr. Dre. While he was close to Dre, his loyalty was with Eminem and is still with Eminem. When he was advised to begin working with Game, an Aftermath artist, it was because of Dr. Dre. Because 50 Cent rose so quick, Game was pushed to the backburner.

Animosity between Game and 50 Cent was there from the beginning because Game had been on Aftermath longer than 50 Cent. But, 50 Cent had already released two albums prior to signing with the label and he was marketable. When Dr. Dre gave Game to 50 Cent, Game was willing to forgive 50. The result of their brief friendship was two top ten hits and a multi-platinum album. But, after the release of the album, their private feud became very public.

50 Cent used his popularity and marketability to remove Game from all of the labels, including Interscope Records. But, Game still managed success as an artist in his own right. His two albums released off of Aftermath still were platinum successes. While Game had established himself as a star, 50 Cent and his G-Unit empire was crumbling. First, Lloyd Banks’ album flopped, then the same thing happened with Young Buck, so there was no momentum leading up to the 50 Cent album. It managed to go platinum, but 50 was averaging 5.5 million copies per album.

When 50 Cent’s popularity declined, so did support from Dr. Dre. Because of this, 50 Cent began sending light disses to Dre. He had sent a warning diss to his mentor in 2005 to force him to stay away from Game. 50 Cent is big on loyalty, he does not want any of his crew members working with the enemy. His feud with Young Buck was started because Buck befriended Game and hung out with Jadakiss.

During the summer of 2007, 50 Cent began dissing Lil Wayne and he only let up two or three times. He created a feud with Kanye West to sell albums, but it soon became personal. 50 Cent revealed in 2009 that he does not like either Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, or Kanye West. But, Eminem ended up working with all three of those artists. Even when 50 Cent began dissing Jay-Z, Dr. Dre invited him to record for Detox. This would not have happened in 2005 because 50 Cent sold records in 2005.

But, by 2009, 50 Cent was no exception, the poor economy and a change in taste left him out in the cold. Things became so bad for 50 that Dr. Dre even brought Game back to his Aftermath home. On top of that, Dre has worked with Ashanti, and even Murder Inc. artists, Crooked I and he has plans of working with Ja Rule. All of the other rivals may not mean much, but 50’s feud with Ja Rule is very personal.

With all of the name-droppings of Dr. Dre, 50 Cent revealed that he would never directly diss Dr. Dre because of Eminem. He acknowledged that they were the ones that took a chance on him when no one else would. As ruthless as 50 Cent can be, he said that he would never diss Eminem or Dr. Dre because of what they have done for him. But, that does not mean that he will not be upset with them. Even without Eminem and Dr. Dre, 50 Cent will be marketable and he has already left Shady and Interscope.

With everything going on and Dr. Dre welcoming in Game, Ashanti, and Ja Rule, 50 Cent has decided to leave Aftermath Entertainment.

50 Cent is taking G-Unit indie?

7 Feb

Ever since he was discovered by Eminem, 50 Cent and G-Unit have been a part of Interscope Records. During his time with the label, 50 Cent has brought record numbers to the label. Not only was he able to do so with his own releases, but also with the releases of artists that he signed to his own label, G-Unit Records. The early days of G-Unit/Interscope brought a lot of hits, but the recent years have not. This has led to a dispute between 50 Cent and Jimmy Iovine.

After Interscope Records mishandled 50 Cent’s 2007 album, Curtis, 50 Cent made it clear that he was going to leave the label after the release of his fourth album. Most likely trying to derail him, Interscope also mishandled his next album, Before I Self Destruct. While this album ended up being the lowest-selling album in 50 Cent’s career, it was met with mildly positive reviews. On top of that, the album was his final release with Interscope Records.

Not only is 50 Cent done with Interscope Records, but most of the artists signed to his G-Unit imprint are off of Interscope. For years, 50 Cent teased many independent artists, but they are not forced to a label the way that it turned out that 50 was. He may have been teasing them not so long ago, but when it comes to finding another label deal, independent may not be such a bad idea. Also able to leave Interscope is Eminem and it is said that he may move to an indie label.

The most notable artist to move their entire label from a major label distribution to distribution with an independent label was Memphis Bleek. Maybe 50 Cent will wait to see how well Bleek’s gamble turns out to see if he needs to do the same thing. However, after being bullied around by the label that once called him king, 50 Cent may have plans of moving to an independent label to distribute his beloved G-Unit Records.

50 Cent is upset with Eminem

7 Feb

For years, 50 Cent has always felt that everyone that worked with him should not work with any of his rivals. In that same token, 50 Cent felt that anyone who worked with his rivals were against him. When he took his feud with Ja Rule public, there were many other rappers that joined him in taking him out. In the eyes of many fans and to 50 Cent, himself, it appeared as if no one would ever work with Rule again. But, the next year he worked with Fat Joe and Jadakiss.

The union of Ja Rule with Fat Joe and Jadakiss led to 50 Cent dissing all of them. At the time, 50 was the biggest rapper in the game. He felt that whatever he said or did that the rest of the hip hop community was supposed to fall in line. Even when he ended up having trouble against a very upset Fat Joe and Jadakiss, 50 Cent stood by his decision. Following his feuds with them, he began feuding with his own label-mate, Game. He said that he would go after Dr. Dre if he continued to work with him.

One thing that everyone understands is that no one will be on top forever. 50 Cent is just beginning to realize this. For the first time in his career, he struggles to release hit singles. While he is still one of the top rappers in the game, this is clearly the era of Lil Wayne. Dating back to 2007, 50 Cent has disliked Lil Wayne. For starters, he had an issue with Young Buck that stemmed over to him and he ended up collaborating with Ja Rule. During the summer of 2007, a feud broke out between the two rappers.

Despite the ongoing feud with 50 Cent, Lil Wayne reached out more than once to Eminem about possibly recording with him on Tha Carter III. Because he was keeping a low profile, at the time, Eminem never got back with Wayne. However, last year, Eminem came out of hiding and he began working with Drake. Drake just happens to be one of the many artists signed to the label, Young Money, which is run by Lil Wayne. Ever since the summer of 2009, Eminem has been working with Lil Wayne.

The first collaboration between Eminem and Lil Wayne was “Forever.” The song ended up becoming a hit and Em and Wayne have performed the song together on stage many times. There was even an occasion where Eminem and 50 Cent performed “Crack a Bottle” and 50 left the stage to be replaced by Lil Wayne to perform “Forever.” It has become more common to see Eminem with Lil Wayne than it is to see him with 50 Cent. For years, 50 Cent was the only person that Em associated himself with.

50 Cent is the type of person to easily get upset over something like Eminem hanging out with Lil Wayne. It is said that he is highly upset with Eminem for an apparent betrayal. Because of everything that he has done for his career, 50 Cent will not be coming out with a record to diss his one-time ally, Eminem. But, behind the scenes it is said that he and Eminem barely talk. The two rappers are engaged in a behind the scenes feud and they may both be leaving their label, so the chances of them working together again are slim.

50 Cent may diss Lil Wayne again

6 Feb

Once it became clear that Lil Wayne was the biggest rap act in the game, 50 Cent took a disliking to him. The fans that once cheered for him were now cheering for Wayne. No matter how hard 50 Cent tried, he could not win them back over. During the summer of 2007, 50 was confident and he dissed Lil Wayne. At the time, Wayne was promoting his gangsta image, so a response was expected.

But, with his Tha Carter III album on the way, Lil Wayne ignored the disses from 50 Cent and went on with his career. 50 Cent did not like this one bit, but he realized that he was going to have to jump on the Weezy bandwagon for a little while. 50 Cent did so and he even shook hands with Lil Wayne after calling him gay. He also did so knowing that Lil Wayne is a close friend to Ja Rule.

Before the end of 2008, 50 Cent began praising Lil Wayne. However, as the year was coming to a close, a record leaked from Wayne that challenged 50 Cent. It was titled “Louisianimal” and it took jabs at 50 Cent and his Vitamin Water deal. The content of the song proved that it was not a recently-recorded track. By listening to the song and Wayne’s rap patterns, it is obvious that the song was recorded in 2007.

There were some who assumed that 50 Cent would not respond because of when the song was recorded. But, because of his pride, 50 asked why Lil Wayne recorded the song. He felt that someone from Wayne’s crew leaked the song and he wanted answers. When no answers came, he began dissing Lil Wayne. No matter how hard he went at Wayne, he refused to respond to him. The only response that came was on a Pimp C tribute song where he vowed to never respond to 50 Cent.

When 2009 rolled around, 50 Cent was challenged by Rick Ross. Because he was expecting an easy victory over Ross, 50 was still baiting Lil Wayne. Once he realized that he was not going to receive a response from Wayne, 50 Cent focused his full attention on Rick Ross. But, he still wants to go at Lil Wayne. The current streak Lil Wayne is on is almost unbelievable. He has released two new albums in two months of each other.

Now that he is done with Rick Ross, 50 Cent is in need of a new battle. Lil Wayne has nothing to lose right now. Once he is out of prison, his buzz will be cooled off a bit and he may be angry enough to take 50 Cent’s bait. With Lil Wayne headed to prison, obviously, 50 Cent is going to say something. Every time that something happens with any rapper that 50 dislikes, he is always the first one to make a comment and a diss record.

Just to kick Lil Wayne while he is down, 50 Cent may diss him again.

Young Buck tries to bring Eminem into 50 Cent feud

3 Feb

For the first time since the beginning of their feud, both Young Buck and 50 Cent are firing shots at each other. Even other members of G-Unit have been taking shots at Young Buck. When the ball dropped and the New Year came in Buck began his active role in the feud once again. For the past month, Young Buck has been doing his part to take on 50 Cent.

In the past, 50 Cent has said that Young Buck should do something for himself in order to make himself relevant. Perhaps taking the advice of his primary rival, Young Buck has gone on tour and he decided to make a stop in Detroit. This city was instrumental in the early stages of 50 Cent’s career. Detroit is the home city of Eminem, who discovered 50 Cent.

During his performance, Young Buck addressed 50 Cent. He made it clear that he is no longer in the same crew with 50 Cent. Buck described himself as a “real Nigga” and he said that 50 is fake. The Nashville rapper acknowledged that he, along with some of the members in the audience were real. He would go on to describe his current contract with G-Unit Records.

Many people do feel that 50 Cent is wrong for forcing Young Buck to stay in his contract and not allowing him to release an album. Among those who think that he is wrong is Eminem, those were the words of Young Buck. He said that Eminem is starting to turn against 50 Cent. There have been rumors of a behind-the-scenes feud in the Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit camp dating back to 2005.

Whether any of this is true remains to be seen. Young Buck hopes to release his third album later this year.