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50 Cent sued over Sex Tape

25 Feb

50 Cent has managed to make headlines again. Just as it appeared that all talk of the rap mogul had died down, the talk has only restarted. However, this time, it has nothing to do with his label situation. Instead, this is a bit of bad news for the G-Unit general. His feud with Rick Ross refuses to go away and a lawsuit is the result of their friction.

The lawsuit is not coming from Rick Ross’ camp, instead, from a random woman. Last year, during the height of 50 Cent’s feud with Rick Ross, 50 did a show called “Pimpin’ Curly.” He used this character to frequently diss his primary rival. At one point, 50 had his character participate in a sex tape that also featured one of Rick Ross’ baby mothers.

Of course, the tape was doctored, but it was said to really feature one of Ross’ baby mothers. Apparently, this is not the case as a lady named Lastonia Leviston is suing 50 Cent. She is suing him because 50 Cent has unlawfully distributed her sex tape across the internet. Leviston is said to be suffering from emotional distress. Her face can be identified in the tape, but the face of her partner is blurred out.

Lastonia Leviston has filed the lawsuit, but no one from 50 Cent’s legal team has responded as of yet.

50 Cent speaks on feuds with Rick Ross and Jay-Z

20 Jan

For the early part of 2009, 50 Cent was trying to bait Lil Wayne into a direct feud with him. He wanted Lil Wayne, but what he ended up getting was Rick Ross. In 2008, 50 Cent had sent some warning shots to Ross, but no one expected the two rappers to begin feuding. Rick Ross is a very close associate to the We The Best movement, which is one of the direct rivals to 50 Cent.

Rick Ross started a feud with 50 Cent and it lasted throughout the year. It began as a lyrical feud, but both rappers ended up pulling pranks on each other. In the end, the back-and-forth with 50 Cent helped Rick Ross sell copies of his Deeper Than Rap album. At the time, 50 Cent was still battling with Interscope Records for an official release date for his album. With no music out, at the time, the feud was going in the direction of Ross.

As the release date of 50 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct neared, the feud with Rick Ross had become old news. Long before he had ever achieved any mainstream attention, 50 Cent had tried to bait Jay-Z into a feud. During the Summer Jam 1999, Jay-Z ended any chances of a feud between the two rappers with one line, “I’m about a dollar, what the f*ck is 50 cents.” In the time since that line, 50 Cent has been trying to undermine Jay-Z.

During his time as president of Def Jam, Jay-Z signed Rick Ross and spent a lot of money promoting his debut album, Port of Miami. Even when Jay stepped down, he did a lot for the next Rick Ross album, Trilla. Now that Jay-Z is gone from Def Jam, entirely, he and Rick Ross remain very close allies. This and Jay-Z’s truce with Fat Joe, along with his shout out to Ja Rule on The Blueprint 3 has served as inspiration for 50 Cent to go at Jay-Z ten years later.

In September, Jay-Z released his eleventh album, The Blueprint 3. The album is a direct shot to the list of Jay-Z haters that piled on in between album releases. After the release of the album, it became a commercial and critical success. But, former Roc-A-Fella rapper, Beanie Sigel, took offense to some of the content. He would respond to this with a diss aimed at Jay-Z. It did not take long for the hip hop community to take notice.

Before long, many hip hop sites were reaching out to other rappers to ask them of their opinion in the feud. 50 Cent was among the first rappers asked and he said that he treats all of the artists on his label much better than Jay-Z treats his. 50 even went on to discuss how he had almost signed Beanie Sigel to G-Unit Records until the move was blocked by Hov. Because of this, he and Beans began releasing many diss records that were aimed at Jay-Z.

Throughout this feud, Jay-Z has yet to respond directly. At the American Music Awards, he accepted his award, then boasted “men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.” This was a shot at 50 Cent, who watched his album flop, while Jay-Z’s was already double platinum. As long as 50 has been firing shots at Jay-Z, Jay has never responded directly. This has led to 50 Cent dubbing him as a punk.

Recently, 50 Cent spoke on his feud with Rick Ross and Jay-Z. When describing Ross, he admitted that both rappers are very competitive. That is the reason why they go at each other the way that they do. Neither rapper is afraid of offending the other. He said that his feud with Ross is great for hip hop. But, with Jay-Z, he never sends direct shots at rappers after he took on Nas. 50 Cent said that with Jay-Z no one is directly offended because he never says anything directly.

Many people predict that if Jay-Z does enter a lyrical war with 50 Cent that Jay-Z will win easily. While 50 Cent won the overall feud with Rick Ross, many people also agree that Ross was able to win the lyrical battle. But, when it came to pranks and other things, 50 Cent was just too much for him. There have been times in the past where he said that he could possibly stop feuding with Rick Ross, but that time has passed.

50 Cent explains photo with Rick Ross’ son

30 Nov

Last week, 50 Cent sparked controversy when he took pictures with the son of his rival, Rick Ross. Many saw that move as very disrespectful and it took things way too far. But, 50 Cent said that nothing is off limits in this feud with Rick Ross. He pointed out the time that Ross had photo-shopped a picture of his son.

Later, 50 Cent did admit that things did seem to get too out of hand, but he reminded the people that he did not start this feud. 50 pointed out that it was Rick Ross that fired the first shot, talking about 50’s baby mama issues. Because of that, 50 questioned why no one was upset at Ross when he made those comments on “Mafia Music.”

As the feud went back and forth, each rapper recorded diss records. Before long, however, 50 Cent was using his social network, ThisIs50.com, as a tool in the feud. He began posting videos on the site that taunted Rick Ross for his past as a correctional officer. Those videos were a part of a web series called “Officer Ricky.”

50 Cent said that it was during this time that members of Rick Ross’ camp had contacted the mother of 50 Cent’s son about a possible meeting. He said that the only problem was the fact that he found out about it and stopped the meeting from happening. Had the meeting taken place, 50 was sure that Rick Ross would have taken pictures with his son.

So, what he did was an act of self-defense and a tough response.

50 Cent plans to continue Rick Ross feud

27 Nov

As soon as the New Year bells rang, Rick Ross ended almost a year of speculation about his feelings towards 50 Cent. He released “Mafia Music,” which directly dissed 50 Cent. At the time, 50 Cent was trying to bait Lil Wayne into a feud. Immediately, his attention shifted to Rick Ross.

However, as the year went on, the diss records stopped being exchanged as frequently. At one point, Rick Ross had even declared himself the winner in the feud between the two. Ross had even thought about dissing Eminem. Once he ruled that out, he reached out to Dr. Dre for a collaboration.

50 Cent, on the other hand, shifted back into his feud with Game and teamed up with Beanie Sigel to go at Jay-Z. In the meantime, Rick Ross began promoting his group, the Triple C’s. Most people thought that the feud between the two rappers was forgotten. Recently, 50 Cent took some pictures with one of Ross’ sons, a definite low-blow.

Since that time, 50 Cent has been criticized for the picture. He said that Rick Ross made things personal, first, and he is only doing what is right. Recently, 50 was asked about his feud with the Miami rapper. In response, 50 said that he had no plans of ending the feud anytime soon. For starters, he said that the feud was great for hip hop.

Unlike other rappers, 50 Cent said that he just cannot ignore rap beef. He said that when a rapper disses him, he is going to respond to it. 50 Cent said that especially when he could go at a rapper and end his career, he is not going to simply ignore him. 50 said that he could end Ross’ career and make a portfolio of the dead bodies to let future challengers know not to come at him if they are not ready.

Apparently, there is no truce in sight between 50 Cent and Rick Ross. As it stands, neither rapper is willing to back down from the other.