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Will Mobb Deep reunite with Nas?

13 Nov

Mobb DeepIn the late 1990s, not many alliances in hip hop were as deep as the one between Mobb Deep and Nas. Growing up together in Queens, the three rappers relied on each other early in their careers. When push comes to shove, they had each other. But, when Mobb Deep signed to G-Unit, they had to go against Nas.

50 Cent and Nas have been feuding ever since 2002. Their feud stems from Nas’ association with Irv Gotti and Murder Inc. Records. Because of that, 50 Cent and all of G-Unit Records has a feud with Nas. When Mobb Deep signed to G-Unit, they, too, had a feud with Nas. Now, it was been revealed that they are no longer on G-Unit Records.

Usually when an artist leaves G-Unit Records, they branch out. When Game left the label, he collaborated with Ja Rule, Nas, and Fat Joe. Young Buck expressed interest in working with Game and Ja Rule when he was kicked out of the G-Unit group. Seeing how Nas was a longtime ally, it is easy to imagine Mobb Deep and Nas reuniting.

Plus, 2009 has been full of twists, turns, and reunions. With Nas set to release a new album in 2010, he may call on Havoc and Prodigy.

Kanye West may record an “Old School” album

11 Nov

Kanye WestMany people love to say that Kanye West has been in hiding since his VMA incident with Taylor Swift. Numerous reports have said that West is vacationing overseas. Kanye’s rep has been defended by such acts as Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek.

Members of Kanye West’s GOOD Music imprint, Kid Cudi and Mr Hudson have also defended West. Hudson said that Kanye West has been hard at work on his next album. After last year’s R&B-themed 808s & Heartbreak, Kanye said that he was returning to rap on his next release.

For this new album, West has worked with Jay-Z, Soulja Boy, Mr Hudson, and Kid Cudi. Recently, Hudson spoke on the new music coming from Kanye West. He confirmed that West’s next album would indeed be a rap album. When speaking on the album, Mr Hudson said that his next album may be an old school hip hop album.

As of now, Kanye West’s album has no title, or a set release date. However, the album will be released on GOOD Music, Roc-A-Fella Records, and Def Jam.

Is 50 Cent looking to expand G-Unit Records?

30 Oct

50 Cent IIA few years ago, it appeared that 50 Cent had big plans for his G-Unit Records. At the time, he had the full support and attention of Jimmy Iovine and Interscope Records. Of course, this was all before the release of Curtis.

In the works was a G-Unit West to be headed by Spider Loc and G-Unit South to be headed by Young Buck. The G-Unit South was even ready to sign Lil’ Scrappy, but the flop of 50’s album put all of these plans on hold. It would have taken a lot of Interscope’s money to make all of this work out. Since 50 Cent no longer made big money, the label was not going to spend big money.

It has been two years since the release of 50 Cent’s Curtis. As far as time goes, it has been a while since the album. However, that does not change the hard feelings between 50 Cent and Jimmy Iovine. Everyone insists that there is nothing going on, but 50 seems more distant from even Eminem and Dr. Dre by the day.

On top of all of that, the only G-Unit artist that is still signed to Interscope Records is 50 Cent, himself. All of the artists that are signed to G-Unit Records are no longer working with Interscope and 50 Cent is ready to release his last album in his current deal with the label. A few years ago, rumors began to circulate about other labels being interested in his services.

These rumors are not as abundant as they once were, but there are many labels that are interested in signing 50 Cent and G-Unit Records. One still has to believe that 50 wants to expand his label into all areas of hip hop because there is more money in it for him, the CEO. If he signs with another label after he is done with his current deal, they may fund these projects.

Will Diddy release Yung Joc?

30 Oct

Sean CombsYung Joc has made it clear that he wants to leave Bad Boy Records. Diddy has built a reputation of treating his artists any type of way that he wants to. The bottom line is, if an artist wants to leave Bad Boy, but Diddy wants them to stay, they are staying. Yung Joc is simply the latest Bad Boy star that wants off of Bad Boy.

There is one major difference between Yung Joc’s attempt to leave Bad Boy and attempts from other artists to leave Bad Boy. That is the fact that Diddy is trying to get out of a bad label deal, himself. Over the years, it has become clear that Diddy and Lyor Cohen are not the best of friends. Despite that, Cohen is the boss of Atlantic Records, the label that distributes Bad Boy.

Aside from that, Atlantic Records owns a 50% stake in Bad Boy Records, so essentially, Lyor Cohen owns a 50% stake of Diddy’s label. Last month, Diddy worked out a deal with Atlantic Records for him to purchase the Bad Boy name back. He took the name and signed a distribution deal with Interscope Records.

All new artists signed to Bad Boy Records will be on Bad Boy/Interscope as opposed to Bad Boy/Atlantic. The deal with Atlantic Records is not over, though. Any artists that are signed to Bad Boy through Atlantic will remain on Atlantic. However, if any of these artists are dropped or they end up leaving the label, the deal becomes smaller and smaller until it is completely dissolved.

Diddy is working hard to get acts signed to his Bad Boy label, but he says that he has not forgotten about his Atlantic Records acts. As big of a star as Yung Joc has been for Bad Boy, he is signed to Atlantic Records. Diddy hates getting rid of star rappers, such as Joc, but he has been unhappy with this Bad Boy/Atlantic deal for some time. Getting rid of Joc is one less artist signed to Atlantic Records for him.

Since this is a unique case and Diddy is ready to move on, will he release Yung Joc from his contract at Bad Boy Records?

Will Dr. Dre take sides in Game/50 feud?

29 Oct

Dr. DreDuring the height of the 2005 feud between Game and 50 Cent, Dr. Dre ignored the situation. Ever since the feud first began, he never spoke on the situation directly. When Game left the label, in 2006, Dr. Dre continued to work with 50 Cent.

50 Cent was able to continue rapping on Dr. Dre beats, while Game longed for recognition from his former mentor. Some credit this to Game flying off of the handle the way that he has. Listening to his last two albums reveal his obsession with Dr. Dre.

Last month, Game’s wish came true when he was invited to record with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre for Detox. Together, the three men took a picture that Game posted on the Internet. Some hoped that this would lead to a Game and 50 reunion, while others feared that 50 Cent would diss Dr. Dre.

Earlier this month, 50 Cent spoke on the situation. He said that Dr. Dre was free to work with whom he wanted to. 50 went on to say that he would never diss Dr. Dre out of respect to Eminem. However, that has not stopped him from going in on Game.

It appears that 50 Cent is on his way out at Interscope Records. Meanwhile, Game has returned to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment. Now that 50 Cent is preparing to leave the label, it is becoming clear that he and Dr. Dre may be going through a private feud.

With Game back by his side and 50 Cent on the way out, will Dr. Dre finally take sides in this feud?

Will Fat Joe sign with Young Money?

27 Oct

Fat JoeAt some point in everyone’s career, a person hits a slump. Fat Joe is known for releasing hit singles and getting loads of airplay. With his latest album, this was not the case and his album sold fewer copies than expected. In addition to all of that, Fat Joe had a dispute with his label.

Due to the fact that he only signs short-term deals with the label, Fat Joe is free to leave after the release of any album. Currently, the hottest record label in hip hop is Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment. Any hip hop artist that finds themselves having a label dispute can easily move over there.

A few years ago, Fat Joe was one of the biggest rappers in the game and Lil Wayne was still starving for attention. In 2006, Fat Joe threw Lil Wayne a bone and allowed him to perform the hook on what would become Joe’s hit single, “Make It Rain.” Wayne’s chorus on that verse led to much, much more and soon he rose to become what he is today.

For Fat Joe, the results have been reversed. He has found it harder and harder to find that right single and each album sees him sell fewer copies. Now, Fat Joe finds himself in a dispute with his label, Imperial/EMI, but he is free to leave at any time. Lil Wayne is the CEO of the hottest label in hip hop and he owes a great deal of his success to Fat Joe.

Will Lil Wayne throw Fat Joe a bone and allow him to sign with Young Money?

Is Murder Inc. going to replace Ashanti and Lloyd?

27 Oct

Murder Inc. logoWhat many have expected for some time has finally happened, Ashanti and Lloyd have left Murder Inc. Records. In the past few years, music from Ashanti and Lloyd have kept the label a float. R&B has kept Murder Inc. alive, but there are no more R&B acts left on the label.

While it is official that Lloyd is off of the label, the status of Ashanti is unknown. With Murder Inc. planning to sign a new distribution deal with Atlantic Records before the end of 2010, the label will have money to spend to sign new artists.

Currently, there are many male R&B singers that find themselves as free agents. Such singers as Ray J, Usher, Ne-Yo, and Mario will soon be done with their current label deals. Granted, the label does not have the respect that it once had, but it still has a strong production team.

If Ashanti is truly gone, there are plenty of other female singers that would sing with Ja Rule. Some take that as a joke, but Irv Gotti and Ja Rule are still respected due to their past success. Irv Gotti does have a working relationship with Mary J. Blige and Ja Rule is friends with Keyshia Cole.

When Murder Inc. reaches a deal with Atlantic Records, things will be a lot clearer. Once the deal goes through, more money will be there for Irv Gotti to spend. Plus, Atlantic Records is known for promoting R&B acts, so singers signing to a possible Murder Inc./Atlantic label would be a match made in heaven.

Is Plies leaving Slip-N-Slide Records

25 Oct

PliesWhen Plies first joined Slip-N-Slide Records, in 2006, the label was boasting successful releases from Trick Daddy and Rick Ross. Plies was set up to be next. When Plies first began to heat things up, Trick Daddy left.

Now, Plies is one of the biggest rap acts from the South and Rick Ross has left Slip-N-Slide for his own imprint under Def Jam. It appears that both Trick Daddy and Rick Ross outgrew Slip-N-Slide. Looking at Plies’ success, he has, too.

After all, Plies is more dedicated to his brother, Big Gates, and his label, Big Gates Records. The deal in place with Atlantic Records is really more for Big Gates and Plies than it is for Slip-N-Slide. The label does almost nothing to promote him, their focus is on Trina and every other artist signed to their new deal with EMI.

Most of the promotion of Plies’ new album, Goon Affiliated, has been handled by Big Gates and Atlantic. How much longer will it take for Plies and Big Gates to cut out the middle man that is Slip-N-Slide Records to get closer to the big money?

Did Beanie Sigel diss Jay-Z?

24 Oct

Beanie SigelJadakiss and Beanie Sigel united on stage here recently and the two former rivals turned former label-mates performed some of their hits while on stage together.

While on stage, Beans performed a freestlye entitled “Mack B*tch.” The track later moved on to become “Feel It In The Air.” That song was a collaboration between Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z.

Towards the end of that song, Beanie Sigel appears to diss Jay-Z. He said to the crowd that this was his town. The performance was indeed in his hometown of Philadelphia. But, what he said next was very disturbing. Beans said that he was going to run this town to night. To many, this appeared to be a diss to Jay’s hit single, “Run This Town.”

This comes only one month after Beanie Sigel spoke on his relationship with the former members of Roc-A-Fella. At the time, he said that he still maintained close relationships with Jay-Z and everybody else that he used to work with. Even then, there were rumors of Beanie being upset at Jay, but as rumors, they were ignored.

“Tha Carter IV” pushed back Until 2010?

23 Oct

Lil Wayne IIFor most of the year, Lil Wayne has been waiting to release his experimental album, Rebirth. Despite his recent takeover of the radio, Universal Motown has been timid in releasing this type of album from Lil Wayne.

More than anything, they want Wayne to go ahead and release Tha Carter IV. The label had hoped that he would scrap Rebirth in favor of this album. Initially, Wayne had hoped to release both this year.

Earlier this fall, Lil Wayne announced that he had completed Rebirth and he was now working on Tha Carter IV. Later, he announced his intentions of releasing both albums on the same day, December 15. But, with his recent prison sentence, Wayne will be more wrapped up in that than working on the album.

However, seeing how Rebirth is already complete, that album may actually be released on December 15. The question mark, though, remains Tha Carter IV. It remains a mystery how involved he was with the album, as he was working on the Young Money album, Rebirth, and the Drake projects.

Has Tha Carter IV been pushed back to 2010?