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Ice Cube may wind up on Priority Records

28 Feb

Recently, Ice Cube announced that he would briefly return to the rap game with a new album. Ever since his six-year hiatus, due to his demanding schedule, Cube has tried to release an album every other year. Starting in 2006, Cube does release a new album every year.

With 2010 here, Ice Cube wanted to release a new album for many reasons. First, he releases an album every other year. Because he missed out on last year, he felt that he should get an album out this year. Also, with 2010 being the start of a new decade, Cube decided to go ahead and put an album out.

Recently, Ice Cube began working on his new album, I Am The West. He signed a one-album deal with Interscope Records to put his last album out, but they did very little to help promote the album. Now that Snoop Dogg is the head of Priority Records, a lot of rappers, especially those from the West Coast have signed to the label. Given his relationship with Snoop, it would not be a stretch to think that Ice Cube may do the same.

On top of everything else, Ice Cube began his recording career with the label in the late 1980s, when he was on Ruthless Records. Even after he left the label, he created his Lench Mob label as a sub-label of Priority. When he went on hiatus, Ice Cube left the label and suspended the operations of his own record label. But, when he returned, Priority Records was placed on hiatus.

Now, for the first time since 1996, Ice Cube is a free agent and Priority Records is able to sign him. With Snoop Dogg at the helm, a deal is likely to happen.

Dr. Dre may sign Ashanti to Aftermath

23 Feb

For some time, Irv Gotti and Ja Rule have declared peace with Aftermath. Dr. Dre has always been a non-confrontational person, but he was pushed too far by Ja Rule. But, Ja was feeling the pressure from hip hop fans all over to respond to the disses from 50 Cent. Looking back on things, he realizes that he handled them in the wrong manner. Because of this, not only did his career suffer, but also the career of Ashanti.

Behind the scenes, Ashanti began feuding with Irv Gotti, but their issues are only minor. For the past few months, Ja Rule has been working to help them end their feud. Recently, Ja Rule has been ending quite a few feuds. Last fall, Ja Rule did the unthinkable and he ended his longstanding feuds with Eminem and DMX. Even before he had made peace with Eminem, a truce had been offered.

Late in 2006, Ja Rule and Irv Gotti had made peace with Game, and the following year, they officially ended their feud with Dr. Dre. Despite Ashanti being upset with Irv Gotti, she gained a connection with Dre through his relationship with both Irv Gotti and Ja Rule. When she was working on her last album, The Declaration, Gotti said that Dr. Dre would be producing for the album. While he was listed, the collaboration never came to be.

Speculation would point to 50 Cent forcing Dr. Dre off of the project. Now, with 50 Cent off of the Aftermath Entertainment label, Dre was re-signed Game. For the past five years, Game has been one of 50 Cent’s biggest rivals. On top of that, Dr. Dre has been working with Ja Rule on his new album and he has been working with Crooked I, a Murder Inc. artist. Ever since he lost his female R&B act, Truth Hurts, Dr. Dre has wanted a replacement.

Ashanti right now is hotter than Truth Hurts ever was and she is trying to get off of Murder Inc., but she owes the label one more album. Dr. Dre is no stranger to joint venture deals, so it is possible that Ashanti ends up signing a joint venture between Aftermath and Murder Inc.

Mims may sign with Ruff Ryders

17 Feb

When he first made his debut with “This Is Why I’m Hot,” Mims often boasted about his deal with Capitol Records. Every time he spoke of his deal with the label, he also talked about his strong relationship with the executives. Because he came and delivered them a hit, the label was all for him. But, they mishandled his next project, 2009’s Guilt. After his album flopped, there were rumors of Mims being upset with Capitol Records.

Even as early as June 2009, there were rumors of Mims demanding a buyout from Capitol so that he could move on to another label. Late in the summer of 2009, Mims announced that he was working on his third album. He had even said that the title would be I Am The Best. Apparently, he worked things out with Capitol Records, for the time being, because he said that he had his people behind him, once again. The album was supposed to be delivered late last year.

Obviously, the album never came to be. Mims has often complained about a lack of promotion from Capitol Records. He said that if he had been signed to another label that they would probably do more to promote him. At one point, Mims said that he would sign with an independent label once he was done at Capitol. Recently, Ruff Ryders began distributing independent artists.

They offer package deals for artists and their labels.’ The first artist to work with Ruff Ryders’ independent branch was Drag-On. He had been signed to the regular label for his entire career. If he ends up doing well and his label also has success, Mims may become the next artist to try out a deal with Ruff Ryders.

50 Cent is taking G-Unit indie?

7 Feb

Ever since he was discovered by Eminem, 50 Cent and G-Unit have been a part of Interscope Records. During his time with the label, 50 Cent has brought record numbers to the label. Not only was he able to do so with his own releases, but also with the releases of artists that he signed to his own label, G-Unit Records. The early days of G-Unit/Interscope brought a lot of hits, but the recent years have not. This has led to a dispute between 50 Cent and Jimmy Iovine.

After Interscope Records mishandled 50 Cent’s 2007 album, Curtis, 50 Cent made it clear that he was going to leave the label after the release of his fourth album. Most likely trying to derail him, Interscope also mishandled his next album, Before I Self Destruct. While this album ended up being the lowest-selling album in 50 Cent’s career, it was met with mildly positive reviews. On top of that, the album was his final release with Interscope Records.

Not only is 50 Cent done with Interscope Records, but most of the artists signed to his G-Unit imprint are off of Interscope. For years, 50 Cent teased many independent artists, but they are not forced to a label the way that it turned out that 50 was. He may have been teasing them not so long ago, but when it comes to finding another label deal, independent may not be such a bad idea. Also able to leave Interscope is Eminem and it is said that he may move to an indie label.

The most notable artist to move their entire label from a major label distribution to distribution with an independent label was Memphis Bleek. Maybe 50 Cent will wait to see how well Bleek’s gamble turns out to see if he needs to do the same thing. However, after being bullied around by the label that once called him king, 50 Cent may have plans of moving to an independent label to distribute his beloved G-Unit Records.

Dr. Dre may receive a Promotion from Jimmy Iovine?

6 Feb

For almost twenty years, Dr. Dre has been with Interscope Records. Ironically enough, the label has been in existence ever since 1991. While it is not well-known, Dr. Dre was the first artist signed to Interscope Records. The label was the distributor of Death Row and when Dre had his falling out with Death Row, he created Aftermath as a sub-label of Interscope Records.

No other artist has brought as much success to one label the way that Dr. Dre has to Interscope Records. Because of that, Dr. Dre has the respect of Jimmy Iovine. Anything that Dre wants to do, Iovine allows him to do. But, when Interscope Records was merged into Geffen Records and A&M Records, Iovine was made the chairman of the big label, along with still being in charge of the original Interscope Records.

Most, if not all, of the hip hop hits on Interscope Records are because of Dr. Dre. After watching his success with Interscope, other artists began signing with the label. In his time on Interscope, he was responsible for creating the biggest hits in Tupac’s career. On top of that, he introduced the world to Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 Cent, Game, Nate Dogg, Daz Dillinger, and Kurupt. His other work led to the birth of G-Unit Records and Shady Records.

In the past, Jimmy Iovine has rewarded Dr. Dre for his work for Interscope Records. After bringing much success to Interscope through Death Row Records, Iovine granted him his next label, Aftermath Entertainment. Now, he has brought more success with his latest label and his twentieth anniversary with the label is coming soon. This will coincide with his upcoming third studio album, Detox.

Since Jimmy Iovine needs to focus more on running the parent label, is it possible that he may give Dr. Dre the reigns of Interscope Records?

50 Cent may diss Lil Wayne again

6 Feb

Once it became clear that Lil Wayne was the biggest rap act in the game, 50 Cent took a disliking to him. The fans that once cheered for him were now cheering for Wayne. No matter how hard 50 Cent tried, he could not win them back over. During the summer of 2007, 50 was confident and he dissed Lil Wayne. At the time, Wayne was promoting his gangsta image, so a response was expected.

But, with his Tha Carter III album on the way, Lil Wayne ignored the disses from 50 Cent and went on with his career. 50 Cent did not like this one bit, but he realized that he was going to have to jump on the Weezy bandwagon for a little while. 50 Cent did so and he even shook hands with Lil Wayne after calling him gay. He also did so knowing that Lil Wayne is a close friend to Ja Rule.

Before the end of 2008, 50 Cent began praising Lil Wayne. However, as the year was coming to a close, a record leaked from Wayne that challenged 50 Cent. It was titled “Louisianimal” and it took jabs at 50 Cent and his Vitamin Water deal. The content of the song proved that it was not a recently-recorded track. By listening to the song and Wayne’s rap patterns, it is obvious that the song was recorded in 2007.

There were some who assumed that 50 Cent would not respond because of when the song was recorded. But, because of his pride, 50 asked why Lil Wayne recorded the song. He felt that someone from Wayne’s crew leaked the song and he wanted answers. When no answers came, he began dissing Lil Wayne. No matter how hard he went at Wayne, he refused to respond to him. The only response that came was on a Pimp C tribute song where he vowed to never respond to 50 Cent.

When 2009 rolled around, 50 Cent was challenged by Rick Ross. Because he was expecting an easy victory over Ross, 50 was still baiting Lil Wayne. Once he realized that he was not going to receive a response from Wayne, 50 Cent focused his full attention on Rick Ross. But, he still wants to go at Lil Wayne. The current streak Lil Wayne is on is almost unbelievable. He has released two new albums in two months of each other.

Now that he is done with Rick Ross, 50 Cent is in need of a new battle. Lil Wayne has nothing to lose right now. Once he is out of prison, his buzz will be cooled off a bit and he may be angry enough to take 50 Cent’s bait. With Lil Wayne headed to prison, obviously, 50 Cent is going to say something. Every time that something happens with any rapper that 50 dislikes, he is always the first one to make a comment and a diss record.

Just to kick Lil Wayne while he is down, 50 Cent may diss him again.

Damon Dash ends longstanding feud with Memphis Bleek; possible Partnership?

3 Feb

Recently, Damon Dash had returned to the news. Obviously, his best days were when he was with Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella Records. In his latest conversations with the media, Dash finds himself speaking about his time with the label. The last talk that he had with the media detailed exactly why he and Jay-Z are no longer partners.

While Damon Dash has done a lot of talking, his most recent outing had him showing. For the first time since 2004, he and Memphis Bleek were in the same room. It was said that out of all of the rivalries going on between the members of the Roc, the feud between Bleek and Dame was probably the fiercest one. Memphis Bleek and Damon Dash got into a heated argument only days before the breakup.

This heated argument took place six years ago. In the time since their argument, the Roc-A-Fella label is no longer in operation. The final two artists on the label are in a position to leave and even Jay-Z has moved on. No longer is Memphis Bleek in the background at the Roc, he has moved and found a new home for his Get Low imprint. After ten years with Def Jam, Bleek decided to move to an independent label for distribution.

Only a few days ago, Damon Dash and Memphis Bleek were in the same room for the first time since the fall of 2004. The last time these two met in person, things were completely different. Now, Bleek has moved on and he had even said that he could possibly end his feud with Dash, because he is now primarily focused on getting his new music out. Memphis Bleek has long declared hip hop beef irrelevant and unnecessary.

Now that Damon Dash and Memphis Bleek are cool with each other, it is possible that the two could begin working together. Since Roc-A-Fella Records is barely in existence, almost everyone can admit that the best years of the label were when Dame was in charge. No longer will Memphis Bleek have Jay-Z watching his operation, so he will need some sort of help. Being both the flagship artist and the CEO who develops artists is quite difficult.

Memphis Bleek may decide to bring Damon Dash into the Get Low family so that he can help him sign and develop artists, along with helping him to finally take over the game.

Ja Rule teams up with Dr. Dre for New Album?

3 Feb

Nearly eight years ago, Ja Rule’s feud with 50 Cent went public. Only months after it became clear that the king of hip hop was being challenged, his rival had teamed up with Dr. Dre and Eminem. Instead of reaching out to Dr. Dre and Eminem, Ja Rule decided to go against them, too. He felt that his popularity could outweigh the legendary status of Dr. Dre and the popularity of Eminem.

Looking back on things, he thought wrong. The feuds against Ja Rule were almost too bad to watch. Soon, the feud expanded to include Eminem, DMX, Busta Rhymes, Dr. Dre, Obie Trice, and 50 Cent’s G-Unit crew all against Rule. With all of that against him, Ja Rule’s popularity waned and his album sales dropped, dramatically. One by one, Rule was able to make peace with some of his enemies.

The following year, Ja Rule returned to the top five with his hit single, “Wonderful,” and during this frame of time, he and Dr. Dre ended their feud. Late in 2004, Eminem issued a truce to not only Ja Rule, but the entire Murder Inc. crew. Ja Rule accepted the truce and even admitted that he would be open to working with Dr. Dre and Eminem. Dr. Dre ended up producing the original track, “Me,” off of Ja’s Exodus album.

Now, the only feud that Ja Rule has is that with 50 Cent. In the time since 50 bum rushed the game, he now has his fair share of enemies. This gives Ja Rule the perfect opportunity to reemerge from the shadows. That is exactly what Rule plans to do with his upcoming album. He has been away for six years, but he remains confident about a comeback. For this new album, he has promised a major surprise.

Dating back to 2006, Ja Rule has maintained a close relationship to Game, who happens to be the protégé of Dr. Dre. When Rule was working on The Mirror, he worked closely with Game, who plans to feature Ja on his next album, The R.E.D. Album. Now that Game and Dr. Dre are reunited, there is no way that an artist can be close to Game without being close to Dre. There are rumors of Ja Rule and Dr. Dre spending time in the studio together.

Recently, there have been rumors of 50 Cent and Dr. Dre feuding. 50 Cent has not denied a rift with Dr. Dre, but he said that he would never completely turn on Dre because of his relationship with Eminem. While Dr. Dre projects a tough guy image, he is really a forgiving soul, as is Ja Rule. As it stands, Dr. Dre loves to make hits and Ja Rule is in desperate need of a hit. It sounds like there is no problem with a possible collaboration between the former rivals.

Young Buck may “Get Low” with Memphis Bleek

29 Jan

It is no secret that Young Buck wants to get off of G-Unit Records. He has been fighting to get out of his contract with the label as long as 2007. First, Buck tried going independent with his own label, Cashville Records once that failed; he began feuding with 50 Cent. In the time since their dispute, 50 Cent has frozen Young Buck and has taken on many more artists.

Towards the end of last year, 50 Cent began feuding with Jay-Z to promote his latest album. The feud has led to many thinking that Jay-Z has a major response planned. Beanie Sigel first said that Jay-Z was going to unite with Nas for a diss record. That record never came and some speculated that he may do an “I Declare War”-type posse cut. Among the rumored collaborators was 50 Cent.

Rumors of a 50 Cent/Jay-Z collaboration was ended when 50 Cent would diss Jay-Z once again. In the past, Memphis Bleek has been ridiculed for having Jay-Z fight all of his battles. Jay-Z has also taken heat for never directly dissing his rivals. Instead of name calling, he sends subliminal shots at his foes. For years, people have been waiting for Memphis Bleek to step up and bail his big homie out.

Until last year, no one realized that Memphis Bleek is a great businessman. Realizing how major label artists are struggling, Bleek decided that it would be best for him to switch to an independent record label. While Young Buck is stuck in his contract with G-Unit, he can record albums for independent record labels. He has signed a major label contract, but he did release an album in 2005 for Mass Appeal Entertainment.

Last year, Memphis Bleek reached a joint venture deal with Mass Appeal Entertainment. In the years since Young Buck recorded his album for the label, he has kept the communication lines open. He is looking to send a major shot to 50 Cent. Ever since the New Year came in, Buck has been going at 50 Cent as hard as he possibly can. In light of the 50 Cent jabs at Jay-Z, he and Memphis Bleek are not on the best of terms.

It is possible that the independent label, Mass Appeal, and Memphis Bleek and Young Buck’s disdain with 50 Cent could lead to Bleek signing him to his Get Low Records.

Is Irv Gotti headed to EMI?

4 Jan

During the summer of last year, Irv Gotti revealed that his contract with Universal Motown was over. Because of the fact that the deal, which lasted for three years, only resulted in three albums, which did not sell well, there was no chance of an extension. Before he signed with Universal Motown, Irv Gotti had come close to signing a deal with Capitol Records. Even through all of the issues, Capitol is still interested in having Irv Gotti and his Murder Inc. under their umbrella.

For the past few years, Capitol Records has struggled with hip hop music. The hip hop artists that they have all want to leave the label. This includes Mims and Fat Joe, both artists have strong relationships with Irv Gotti. There have been times when both artists were rumored to be working with Gotti. Fat Joe almost signed with his Murder Inc. in 2006.

Recently, Capitol Records has been trying to develop its urban music roster. They have already enlisted the help of Snoop Dogg. He signed with their Priority imprint as an artist and an executive. With him, he also brought over his Doggystyle Records imprint. Many artists signed to Doggystyle have relationships with Irv Gotti. This includes Kurupt, as he came close to signing with the label.

There have also been rumors of Ja Rule going to Capitol Records for them to distribute his record label, Mpire. He said that wherever he moved his label would be where Murder Inc. moved to. Much like the other artists on the label, he has a strong relationship with Snoop Dogg and he is close to Irv Gotti. If Ja Rule were to be on this label, he would be able to release his new music.

If he were signed to Capitol Records, Irv Gotti would be able to easily have his way. With such acts as Lil Wayne operating under the same umbrella at Universal, Gotti did not have that type of control. Being at Capitol Records would make his label the only prominent label under the Capitol umbrella. Plus, he and Snoop Dogg have worked together in the past, so there would be a little chance for conflict between the two executives.

A strong possibility remains that Irv Gotti may join Snoop Dogg and sign with Capitol EMI.