Jadakiss helps revive FUBU

26 Feb

In the late 1990s, FUBU rose to become one of the top brands in urban wear. The attire that the brand featured was worn by all of the top black entertainers. However, it did draw criticism for being marketed solely to blacks. It was then that the creators of the brand let it be known that it was for everyone. But, FUBU was the first black-owned clothing line made for black people.

FUBU continued its strong run into the mid-2000s before falling off. By 2004, the brand had been beaten out by competitors, such as Phat Farm and even Southpole. Before long, FUBU was no longer featured in commercials or carried in stores. It has been almost ten years since anyone has even mentioned FUBU.

The owners of the clothing company hope that Jadakiss can change their fortunes. The hip hop star already has a deal with Coogi, a rival of FUBU. But, his endorsement with Samsung, the parent company of FUBU goes right in line with his next venture. Jadakiss will soon be using his hardcore appeal to attract fans to a revived FUBU brand.

Commercials featuring Jadakiss should soon be hitting television screens.

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