Birdman speaks on Drake’s success

26 Feb

A few years ago, it would have been thought of as a joke had Cash Money Records signed an artist like Drake. The image that was built behind Birdman and the rest of the crew just did not match up with Drake. But, in 2006, Birdman handed the label over to Lil Wayne and he changed the image. For years, Wayne was viewed as a “gangsta,” but he quickly evolved into a lyricist.

The evolution of Lil Wayne was key in the unique development of Young Money. When he was given the CEO title of Cash Money Records, Wayne also created a label of his own. Before he decided to develop his label, Lil Wayne established himself. He would release Tha Carter III and then he signed a plethora of artists to the label.

The most notable signing came almost one year ago, when Lil Wayne signed former “Degrassi” star, Drake. His mixtape, So Far Gone, was just beginning to generate buzz and people were just starting to see how great he was. Once it was clear that Drake was going to be big, he was also added to the lagging roster of Cash Money Records. In the time since he signed to Cash Money, Drake has become a favorite of Birdman’s.

Birdman credited the quick success of Drake on his swagger. Unlike other newcomers in the game, Drake came in knowing that he was going to be big. Even before the release of his debut album, he was able to record with such powerplayers as Eminem, Jay-Z, and Kanye West. Because of his swagger and his influence, people simply cannot turn Drake down.

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