Shyne breaks ground on New Album

25 Feb

Last fall, Shyne was released from prison after serving eight years. Upon his release, he had hoped to return to making music. While he has done that, he was sidetracked when he was deported. Despite being removed from the United States, there are a lot of American record labels that want his services.

After the success of Shyne’s last album, Godfather Buried Alive, from behind bars, hip hop learned just how marketable he could be. The album came as a release on Def Jam. He left Bad Boy during the time when a lot of Diddy’s artists were trying to bolt for Def Jam.

The deal that Shyne had in place with Def Jam was a one-album deal. So, after the release of the album, he had no label. Because he had worked with Irv Gotti for the bulk of that album, people assumed that he would sign there once he was released. But, Shyne has also proved to be good friends with many other artists, including Busta Rhymes and Game. Both of those rappers have labels.

While Busta Rhymes said that he went to Belize in support of Shyne, he owns his own label, Flipmode Records, which has yet to produce a star outside of himself. A bidding war did ensue between many rap labels, but recently it was revealed that Def Jam won out. Many tried to write this off as a rumor, but L.A. Reid confirmed this himself. Now that everything is confirmed, Shyne is ready to work on his next album.

Later this year, Shyne plans to release his first album in six years. The album does not have a title, but he wants to release it late in the year.

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