Rah Digga prepares First Album after Flipmode

25 Feb

Late in 2007, Rah Digga announced that she had left Flipmode Records and the Flipmode Squad, where she had been for her entire career. In 1995, Rah was getting her first foot into the door, while Busta Rhymes was establishing a label deal with Elektra Records. A chance meeting led to Rah Digga signing to both Elektra Records and Busta Rhymes’ Flipmode Records.

Every move that Busta Rhymes made, Rah Digga was right behind him with the rest of the Flipmode clan. In 2000, she released her debut album, Dirty Harriett. The album did not receive much promotion, but it sold moderately well. While she did not catapult into superstardom, she did become a force in the female rap game.

After four years of doing music with Busta Rhymes on his albums, soundtracks, and guest appearances, Rah Digga prepared to release her second album, Everything Is A Story. The album boasted the most-successful single of her career with “Party and Bullsh*t.” Despite the success of the single, the album was pushed back from its 2003 release date and eventually went unreleased.

Even after her album was shelved, Rah Digga stayed with Flipmode Records. However, the final straw was when Busta Rhymes decided to sign with Aftermath Entertainment. Aftermath, itself is a sub-label of Interscope Records. By default, it will come in second to the artists signed directly to Interscope. With Flipmode now being a sub-label of Aftermath, it would be quite difficult for Rah Digga to get an album out.

In 2007, Rah Digga left Flipmode Records and was rumored to have signed with Murder Inc. Records. On the label, she was said to have worked with Vanessa Carlton, Ashley Joi, Ja Rule and Irv Gotti on her second album. These rumors were never confirmed or denied by either party, but three years have passed since that time. Now, apparently off of Murder Inc., Rah Digga is preparing for her second album, The Big Ten.

It will be released later this year, ten years after the release of her last album.

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