On the Rise: Nipsey Hussle

25 Feb

For the past six years, Nipsey Hussle has been around. Recently, he appeared on “Upside Down” with Snoop Dogg on Malice n Wonderland. Never in his career has he been given a chance to shine, because of this he plans to take it. Nipsey is now in his seventh year and it is the start to a new decade. With all of the numbers lining up, Nipsey Hussle plans to take the rap game by storm.

His appearance on the Snoop Dogg album has introduced the Crenshaw, California rapper to an entirely different audience. As the head of his own label, Cinematic, Nipsey Hussle plans to release his debut album, South Central State of Mind, before the end of this year. He already has a distribution deal in place with Epic Records. This summer, they plan to go ahead and make a serious push for Nipsey Hussle.

Similar promises have been made for the past few years. However, this time, Nipsey Hussle has a buzz that is undeniable. He has never had this type of buzz surrounding his mic skills. In an effort to capitalize off of his popularity, Epic Records hopes to finally promote their rising star in the proper way.

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