Memphis Bleek denies Damon Dash reconciliation

25 Feb

When footage of Memphis Bleek shaking hands with Damon Dash, his former boss at Roc-A-Fella Records, hit the internet, the hip hop media went crazy. After all of the harsh things said about each other, it appeared that they had put everything behind them. Things are not always as they seem as Bleek stated that the footage was old.

Because Memphis Bleek has been wrapping up his new album, he has not been able to make his rounds. Once he is done with the album, Bleek plans to address a lot of his rumors. But, he did take a break from recording to sit down with Among the things that they talked about was his relationship with Damon Dash.

In 2008, Memphis Bleek was promoting his new album and he was asked about Damon Dash and he had nothing nice to say about him. But, when he was asked about the photo of him and Dash shaking hands, Bleek said the footage was from around 2008. He did not speak on his current relationship with Dame Dash, but he has denied any reconciliation. Also, the partnership that was allued to by Hip Hop Vibe will not be happening.

Currently, Memphis Bleek is pushing his new single, “Still Ill,” off of his fifth studio album, The Process, which will be released on March 23, 2010.

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