Lloyd Banks teams up with Juelz Santana

25 Feb

For the past few weeks, Lloyd Banks has been hyping his return to the hip hop game. With all of the controversy surrounding G-Unit, Banks has already told 50 Cent to relax because he is taking control. A few years ago, it appeared that Banks would do this, but his buzz fizzled. 50 Cent revealed that this was mainly due to a lack of promotion from Interscope Records.

Now, Lloyd Banks, along with the rest of the G-Unit crew is off of Interscope. 50 Cent said that the crew will operate with an independent record label for a little while. This is probably to market themselves to another major label because 50 Cent has stated that he would never work for an independent label. But, with Lloyd Banks, he just needs an avenue to put out music, major or independent, he honestly does not care.

Recently, Lloyd Banks said that he had recorded a hot song with someone that people just would not believe. Once he made that statement, speculation began about Game and Young Buck possibly returning to the crew. However, statements from 50 Cent have proved that those days are in the past. While it has been made clear that 50 Cent is done with Game and Young Buck, he has shown interest in working with Dipset.

The feud that he had was only with Cam’ron and Lloyd Banks chose to stay neutral in the feud. But, he still felt that no one would guess that he would work with Juelz Santana because of the past feud. Before the end of this year, Lloyd Banks wants to release his third studio album. He has announced that his secret collaborator is Juelz Santana and that their collaboration is going to be crazy. It can be assumed that their collaboration will be the first single off of Banks’ upcoming album.

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