Jay-Z waits on New Album

25 Feb

During his heyday, Jay-Z released an album every year. The only time that he took a break was when he retired. But, when he returned, he appeared to be back to the Jay-Z of old. His first two albums out of retirement came on the heels of each other. Fans of Jay-Z expected him to release another album in 2008. But, he did not like his 2008 album, so it was scrapped and pushed back until 2009.

That album ended up being his award winning critically-acclaimed album, The Blueprint 3. In the end, his decision to hold off on the album may have been one of the wisest decisions of his career. But, the creative energy that surrounded him on that album has trickled over to his work even after the album. During the promotion of his last album, Jay boasted that he may end up releasing an album before the end of 2009.

Of course, that was only his bravado because the year was coming to a close when Jay-Z had released The Blueprint 3. But, talk of his 2010 album has not died down. Longtime collaborator, Swizz Beatz spoke on recording with Jay-Z and he said that the next album from Jay will be his best yet. Even Jay had spoke on his recording process with the new album. Many times, sources close to Jay-Z have said that he will be releasing a new album before the end of 2010.

Now, Jay-Z has decided to change things up. With everything going on, he has a full plate. Jay-Z is working on The Blueprint 3 tour and he is still building Roc Nation. He has a few more months left on his tour and after that, he will take some time off to work on his next album. There is no release date or title for this album. Also, Jay-Z does not have a specific timeframe for this album.

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