Ja Rule wants Memphis Bleek for New Album

25 Feb

With Ja Rule on the comeback trail, a lot of his diehard fans want him to reunite with Jay-Z and DMX. He teamed up with those three to form Murder Inc. They were the terrible three, but Rule was also great alongside Memphis Bleek. At one point, they were even going to do an album together.

However, Ja Rule rose to superstardom so fast that this album never came to be. Sensing the money that he could make, the head of Murder Inc., Irv Gotti, had him in the studio at every possible moment. For five years straight, Ja did nothing but drop albums. It was not until he met his match that they gave him a break.

Ja Rule says that this break was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Despite what he said, he was on a roll, even after the 50 Cent feud. Once his music stopped hitting the radio, the people stopped mentioning him. Now, six years have passed since Ja Rule was relevant. He is working hard to get back into the good graces with the fans. For 2010, he plans to release two new albums. He wants to release one early in the year and one late in the year.

For his upcoming album, Venni Vetti Vecci 2010, Ja Rule wants to reunite with DMX. It is said that he has been talking with Jay-Z, but DMX has signed on to be on the album. Plus, he is feuding with Jay-Z and shows no signs of letting go of his animosity. But, Ja Rule never lost contact with Memphis Bleek. But, at the time, Bleek had to focus on establishing himself before he could go out and defend Ja Rule. This was understood by Ja Rule and he has always wanted to reunite with his partner.

Now that he is working independently, Memphis Bleek wants to work with hungry artists like Ja Rule. The guest list for The Process is full, but there is a possibility that Bleek may appear on Venni Vetti Vecci 2010 or Ja Rule’s follow-up album. Either way, Ja Rule does plan to do something with his former partner in rhyme.

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