Fabolous wants Shyne on New Album

25 Feb

With all of the mixtape talk surrounding Fabolous, people seem to have forgotten about the album he plans to release. The new mixtape is supposed to be the preview to his album, Loso’s Way 2. This is the album that Fabolous hopes will end up making him a household name. He said this in the past about other albums, but he wants this one to be special.

With everyone leaving Def Jam, left and right, Fabolous is one of the only remaining New York rappers on the label. Looking to rebuild what the label was created on, Def Jam went out and signed Shyne to a multi-album deal. In the past, Shyne and Fab have worked together on the mixtape scene. When Shyne was released from prison, Fabolous was one of his biggest supporters.

Now that Shyne is out of prison and is on his label, Fabolous hopes to land a high-profile collaboration for Loso’s Way 2. His album sales have dropped significantly since his debut album and he feels that working with Shyne could improve his fortunes. Even though they are on the same label, the chances of them recording together are very slim. Shyne cannot get into the U.S. or the U.K.

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