Fabolous compares his Mixtape to an Album

25 Feb

Throughout his career, there has been a lot of doubt surrounding Fabolous. The hype that he had at the beginning of his career has fallen off. That much is true, but Fab has made history. He has become the first rapper in mixtape history to have his mixtape pushed back more than five times.

The frequent push-backs of his mixtape have been compared to the push-backs of an album. When he had just begun working on the mixtape, Fabolous bragged that mixtapes are popular because they are not pushed-back like albums often are. The result of his bragging has been his mixtape delayed for two months.

Unlike with albums, Fabolous has a legitimate excuse for each delay of his new mixtape, There Is No Competition, Pt. 2: The Funeral Service. The first push-back came because DJ Drama took some time off. When Drama was back and ready to work, the Haiti earthquake happened and Fabolous did not feel right talking about a funeral during that time. Two weeks ago, Fab promised that the mixtape would definitely be coming, but then he pushed it back to include Jadakiss.

The delay with Jadakiss led to Nicki Minaj also dropping verses on the mixtapes. With all of the collaborations and the stellar production work, Fab has boasted that this mixtape could very well be an album. He said the work that he has put on this mixtape could make it a very good album. On top of everything else, it could very well end up being the best mixtape in history.

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