DJ Khaled explains dropping Shyne from “Victory”

25 Feb

When the official track listing for the new DJ Khaled album, Victory, was released, a track featuring Shyne and Kanye West was notably missing. Some assumed that the controversy surrounding both rappers led to Khaled deciding against having them on his album. After all, Kanye West was rumored to have beaten up another person at the airport and Shyne was denied entry into England.

The music that DJ Khaled makes is drama free. Khaled often says that he represents unity and fun. One thing that he never represents is confusion, which is what their situations were. If that was truly the case of why they were removed from DJ Khaled’s album, he had cost himself a lot of fans. There are some people already tired of Khaled, so a backlash was building.

Just as things were starting to look bad for the Def Jam South CEO, he has come out to explain himself. DJ Khaled said that the reason that the track that featured Shyne and Kanye West was left off of the album was because it was leaked to the internet. He had wanted the track to be classic, so it could not be leaked ahead of schedule. But, the fact that it was ruined everything, so he left it off of the album. DJ Khaled says that he has no problems with either Shyne or Kanye West.

DJ Khaled is supposed to release Victory on March 2, 2010 on Terror Squad and E1 Music.

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