Busta Rhymes is ready to Expand Flipmode Records

25 Feb

Much like other rappers in the game, Busta Rhymes not only raps, but he operates a record label on the side. At one point, that was unheard of, but now every rapper seems to have their own venture. Busta Rhymes is no different, but what separates him from the likes of Jay-Z is the fact that he never built a crew around him.

This is not to the fault of Busta Rhymes because he never had the success of Jay-Z. He has made some notable hits and sold records, but he was never able to take the time and sign other artists to the label. The fact that Jay-Z would do platinum, at worst, made him a top priority at Def Jam. But, the fact that Busta would do platinum, at best, made him just another artist on the label. He realized this when he moved his label away from J Records and over to Aftermath/Interscope.

It is safe to say that Busta Rhymes learned his lesson. He was able to get off of Interscope Records and release his album, Back On My B.S. The album was a moderate success and his label, Universal Motown, said that they were behind Busta Rhymes 100%. They are willing to give him the freedom to take time off and sign artists to Flipmode/Universal. Not only will these artists have deals, but they will also have secure release dates.

With this freedom, Busta Rhymes plans to take out some insurance on his own waning rap career. He hopes to sign new artists to the label and build another star so that he can slide into the executive role easier. Busta Rhymes is set to release The Chemo later this year.

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