T.I. begins comeback

24 Feb

Last year, T.I. was out of commission for most of the year serving time in prison. He recently returned from prison and he is trying to make up for lost time. When he was first released from prison, T.I. invested a lot of his time with his family. After he was reacquainted with his family, Tip returned to the studio. He has worked with a few of the newer artists on Grand Hustle and he has begun working on his own solo album.

Despite all of the activity from T.I., he has not made his comeback known to the public. With his last album coming in 2008, T.I. has not publicly said that anything is in the works. All of the information surrounding the Southern rapper has come from the people around him. The last time that T.I. made a public appearance was with Ja Rule and Rev. Al Sharpton in May 2009, right before his prison sentence.

T.I. has been out for three months and he wants to return to business as usual. Two days ago, he made his official return to the public eye. Instead of sitting down for an interview, he was supporting his longtime girlfriend, Tiny, as she was holding a fundraiser. It happened to be a televised event and T.I. was caught on camera. Just like that, it became official, the king is back.

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