Ludacris clowns Tiger Woods

24 Feb

Ludacris has made a name for himself by making jokes in his raps. Aside from Eminem, the funniest rapper of the 2000s probably was Ludacris. The difference between their styles of comedy is that Eminem makes fun of celebrities while Ludacris simply makes fun. But, for the past few years, Ludacris has been falling off. Maybe that is why he decided to take a page out of the playbook of Eminem.

In his latest single, “Sexting,” Ludacris channels Eminem as he parodies Tiger Woods’ infamous sex-filled text message. On the song, Luda raps about a man in sex rehab that is sending dirty text messages to various women. While he does not mention Tiger Woods directly, the only major celebrity to get caught in a sex scandal was Woods. Last November, the golf superstar was revealed to be a sex addict.

Because of the negative press that surrounded him, Tiger Woods decided to enter himself into sex rehab. Ludacris began recording the core of his album, Battle of the Sexes, in November, the month that Tiger Woods fell apart. It is only right that he release the song when Woods makes his first public appearance since the fallout. Some suggest that the song is not just aimed at Woods, as it is aimed at a number of people caught with their pants down.

Regardless, Ludacris was only playing and joking about the situation. He does not have any true intention of adding to the problems that Tiger Woods is facing. Ludacris plans to release his seventh studio album, Battle of the Sexes, next month. Recently, he released the long-awaited video for his first single, “How Low.”

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