Lil Wayne ignores Baby Daddy Rumors

24 Feb

Back in October 2008, Lil Wayne began delivering children the same way that he delivers mixtapes, once every month. With the birth of his first son that month, he announced that there were two more children on the way. The other three children were born last year, but Wayne only claimed two of them. Only months after the birth of his last child and Lil Wayne was rumored to have knocked up his Young Money artist, Shanell.

Because of his apparent fertility, Lil Wayne is often rumored to have fathered someone’s child. It has almost come to be expected that some random video chick would claim to be pregnant by Lil Wayne. Honestly, it comes with the territory. After years of being overlooked, Wayne emerged to become the most popular rapper in the game. Not only has he mastered the rap game, but he also owns his own label, which brings in more money.

With all of that money, everyone wants a piece. The thing is, Shanell already receives a portion of the profits. As a signed artist to Young Money Entertainment, there is nothing that she has to do besides continue to make music. There is no need for her to lie about having a baby with her boss, so she and Lil Wayne recently addressed the rumors. Instead of going on and on about how their relationship is not like that, they decided to laugh.

Lil Wayne already has a lot of children and he does not plan on having any more, for the time being.

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