Joe Budden feels that Dipset can Bring NY Back

24 Feb

For the past five years, there has been a lot of talk about the death of New York hip hop. Outside of the names of Jay-Z, Fat Joe, and 50 Cent, it is hard for other rappers to break through and make hits. While those three rappers are the mainstays, others such as Cam’ron have also managed to score hits from time to time. Joe Budden has had issues with all of the rappers mentioned above at one point or another, but he is especially confident in one rapper mentioned.

Joe Budden is often mistaken for a New York rapper, but he is only a few minutes south of the New York hip hop scene. Instead, he represents northern New Jersey and its hip hop scene. But, because of its close proximity to New York, he does often work with New York rappers. He feels that this gives him some sort of right to speak on the state of their hip hop scene and it does, because some people consider New Jersey hip hop a part of New York hip hop.

Much like other rappers in the game, Joe Budden feels that every geographic region of the United States will have their time to shine. For the past ten years, the South has been enjoying its run at the top. While New York has not been on top, they have not been rock bottom, either. The top three artists from the West Coast are Game, Snoop Dogg, and Xzibit. Xzibit is only on the list because of “Pimp my Ride.”

But, Joe Budden feels that New York hip hop will never fall this low because of Cam’ron. Not only is he confident in Cam, but Budden also feels that Juelz Santana and Jim Jones can help to pull New York out of this rut. Perhaps, he, like many other Dipset fans, is trying to convince the three rappers to reunite. Both Jim Jones and Juelz Santana are interested in reuniting Dipset, but Cam’ron said that he is tired of trying to beat a dead horse.

Despite still being divided, Cam’ron, Jim Jones, and Juelz Santana are all hoping to release new albums before the end of this year.

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