Asher Roth makes plans for Sophomore Album

24 Feb

Last year, Asher Roth made his big splash into the music industry. He came at a time when the white rapper was making a comeback in the rap game. For the first time in his career, Eminem had taken a hiatus and Paul Wall was trying to keep the white rapper alive. When Asher Roth entered the game, he was noted for sounding a lot like Eminem. Also, Eminem gave the rapper props.

His debut single, “I Love College,” prepared the world for his debut album, Asleep in the Bread Aisle. The album would not go platinum, but it did enough to solidify Asher Roth in the hip hop game. More recently, the Pennsylvania rapper has made more news for his comments about President Obama and rumors about his sexuality. When Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, he questioned why the award was given to a wartime president and he laid all of the gay rumors to rest.

With all of that behind him, Asher Roth revealed that he is already working on his sophomore album. The label, SRC, is behind him after the success that he had with his last album. But, because he is now a veteran in the game, Roth plans to go all out on this new release. He does plan to work with some of the same producers from his last album, but this time around, he wants to work with big names, such as The Neptunes.

Asher Roth announced that he and The Neptunes have come together for two tracks on the album, so far. He is very confident in the two songs that they have recorded together. Roth feels that if he chooses to release these singles off of the album, first, they will become hits. While he has yet to announce a release date for his sophomore album, Asher Roth does plan to release the album on August 11, 2010.

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